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Title: The Roman Empire

Total Pages: 3 Words: 912 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The subject of the paper has to fall under the time periods beginning with Prehistoric Art to Pre-Renaissance .

Written in MLA style

Three or more double spaced 12 pt. Font typed content pages

1. Content- the subject of the paper needs to fall under the time periods beginning with the Pre-historic (Ch.1) to early Renaissance (Ch. 19.)

2. Compare the similarities and differences between two different cultures. Then relate how these cultures have influenced our cultures today.

3. You may use artists and /or works of art to represent each time periods.

4. Content Pages layout:

1. Introduction

a. Three or more full sentences

b. Overview of what will be discussed in paper

2. Body

a. Part one- first culture

b. Part two- second culture

c. Part three- similarities

d. Part four- differences

e. Relate cultures with ours today

3. Conclusion

a. Three or more full sentences

b. Overview of what was discussed in paper

Work-sited page (bibliography page)

1. Use three or more references to complete your paper (You may use books, periodicals and the Internet. Use scholarly resources. Do not use your textbook or an earlier edition of your textbook, encyclopedia, Wikipedia, or non-scholarly resources. Make sure you document within your content pages as well as the work-sited page.) (Preferred-Use at least one periodical, one book, and one internet source.
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