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Title: positive reinforcement

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Essay Instructions: The question is : What are the similarities and differences between Learned Helplessness Theory and Response Contingent Positive Reinforcement Theory as explanations of the cause of depression? These theories do not include cognitive processes. How successful are these explanations of depression?

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Essay Instructions: It needs to discuss Reninforcement Therapies: positive reinforcers, negatiave reinforcers, shaping, the Premack Principle. Consequential Deceleration Therapies: extinction, time out from positive reinforcement, response cost, overcorrection, and physically aversive consequences. Aversive Therapy: basic procedures, covert sensitization. Token Economy and Contingency Contract. Also, the history of it can be discussed as well. You don't have to go into a whole lot of detail, just plain enough so that someone who doesn't know anything about Behavior Therapy will be able to understand it. It has to be APA format, 3 references, double spaced, title and citation page. The instructor said the citation page does count toward the 8 pages. I would like to get somewhere in the range of B- to a C if possible.

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Title: operant conditioning

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Essay Instructions: 1.) I need to provide a specific example of how I have used positive reinforcement strategies to increase the likelihood of a desired behavior in a toddler.

2.) I need to provide an example of negative reinforcement and explain why it increases the probability that a behavior will be repeated. I need an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. (The example given in class was that buckling my seatbelt to make an annoying sound stop is an example of negative reinforcement (the behavior of buckling up results in the removal of an annoying sound and the use of the seatbelt is therfore likely to be repeated.)

3.) I need specific examples that justify punishment by application (also known as positive punishment and might include spanking, restraining, etc.) when rasing a child. Provide specific examples of your arguments.

4.) Give an example of how children are punished by removal ( also known as negative punishment and might include timeouts removal of privileges, etc.) when raising a child. Explain what happened.

Please provide an introduction and a conclusion for the above paper.

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Title: personality paper

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Essay Instructions: For definitions, you must try to put the definition in your own words??"NO copying directly from the book or from any other source.

When I ask for an example, you must make up your own example??"NO examples may be used from the book or from any other source.

1) Describe the difference between respondent behavior and operant behavior, and give a real-life example of each.

2) Distinguish between positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment and give an example of each. According to Skinner, how effective is each technique in modifying behavior?

3) How are Skinner's Learning Theory and Bandura's Social-Cognitive Theory the same? How are they different? Some have said that Bandura's theory is more useful than Skinner's when looking at human behavior across the lifespan. Do you agree? Why or why not?

4) Define Bandura's concept of self-efficacy. Think about all of the children failing in school, relationships, and (eventually) life because they feel inadequate, ineffective, and incompetent. How do we reverse this? What things does society need to do to increase children's experiences of self-efficacy?

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