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Essay Instructions: POLITICAL SCIENCE
(don't use complicated words, words that are easy to understand.)
(Language Use - be respectful. Stray away from using slang and other words or phrases that are hate based)

1. Vincent Hutchings ? Racial Coding in American Politics

Make a 525-575 word short essay response on the youtube video above. For the video please answer the following questions.
- What are three key points discussed by the scholar?
- How do these key points relate to the chapters assigned so far in the term? Give two concrete example.
- What are the scholars biggest critiques of the government and the American political system?
- How do you feel about their perspectives?

2. In 200-250 words describe two major themes in the reading (link below). Write how each theme relates to a current political issue happening somewhere in the world. How does power and powerlessness play a role in politics? Good luck

Poor People's Movement Link:

Suggested websites
Search, The Nation, International Socialist Review, American Prospect, The Huffington Post, Sf Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, Ny Times, Politico

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Political Science: International Relations: Arctic Soverignty

Use my essay (uploaded) and all references used there to redo with the following thesis and use the theory of liberal-pluralist.

Also search for articles by Gunitsky, Glandin, McRae and Kolodkin to help add to each point made.

Re-write my essay into the following layout with additional materials and support:

- context: Canadian and Russian dispute over Arctic soverignty
- thesis: Canadian and Russian behaviour is shaped by a rule set (under the liberalist theory)
- theory: liberalist theory: the role of international agreement is set by rules (endnote defintition of liberal-pluralist theory as it relates to Internaitonal Relations
- structure: A) UNCLOS
B) Climate change
C) Actions of other states (US, Norway, Denmark)
D) what Canada stands to gain or lose
E) what Russia stands to gain or lose
F) actions by Canada and Russia: in relation words, deeds, requests

A) UNCLOS: provide a reference for the legal framework, definition of claims, decision making

B) Climate change: issues with soverignty, natural resources, opening of sea lanes, environmental impact

C) actions of others: their economic gains, reources, US, Denmark, NOrway (be brief 1 paragraph only)

D) what Canada stands to gain/lose: increased interest in the area, is it a threat? opportunity? both?

E) what Russia stands to gain/lose: increased interest in the area, is it a threat? opportunity? both?

F) actions by Canada and Russia: requests made, military presence, military actions, legal claims made, diplomacy efforts (Canada and US together)

- summary of points A-F
- implications

* A lot of the information provided in my written essay will already be completed, you may just need to cut and paste it. Some research may need to be done to give evidence to points A-F. DO NOT use internet sources, unless it's a journal online. Use my 6 sources plus an additional 4 from authors mentioned above. Use Chicago formatting WITH Endnotes. You can start out with my essay and revise from there.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Political Science 1
National Advocacy Paper Instructions I prefer if you write about President?s Jobs Bill

The advocacy paper is a paper in which each student will find a contemporary (within the last 3 months) controversial issue in American politics. The paper will describe the issue, discuss both/all sides of the issues, and provide the student's opinion of the issue. The paper should be written as an advocacy paper, the student should support their stance--a good advocacy paper addresses the opposing side?s strongest arguments. A minimum of 3 sources is required for this paper.

Each paper should be roughly 5-7 pages in length. All papers must be written in a paragraph format, typed double spaced, with one inch margins, a 12 cpi font, using MLA style citations, including page numbers, a title page and works cited page. I do prefer two spaces after each period, long quotes 4+ lines should be indented and single spaced. Direct quotes should be kept to a minimum, on average a sentence or two or roughly three lines per page. No late papers will be accepted.

Paper Expectations:
1. The paper will thoroughly describe a contemporary controversial issue (in the last 3 months) in American national politics. If you are unsure of your topic please ask the professor. The paper will describe the facts related to the issue along with why the issue is important. This section should be 2 pages in length.
2. The paper will discuss both/all sides of the issue. Utilizing sources related to the issue,describe the controversy surrounding the issue. State what both sides determine is the issue and their arguments as to why their side is right. This section should be 2 pages in length.
3. Students opinion, provide an opinion on the issue that is related to the arguments
provided earlier in the paper. Students should write this section as an argumentative paper
arguing for your position. You must pick a side and defend that side. This section should be 2
pages in length. Students should avoid personal experience or observation in the opinion section instead relying upon the arguments presented in the paper.

The best source for this type of paper is magazine articles. Good magazines for this assignment would be
Time The Economist
Newsweek U.S. News and world report
Online sources are acceptable from a reputable news outlet:

Citation and works cited:
Students should use in text citation following the MLA format; you can find more information at Each paper must have a work cited page using MLA citation standards for more information see

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Political Science

Position Paper about Health Reform ( ask questions and answer yourself )

Must demostrate command of the topic, argue the pros and cons, and chose a side based on the strength of arguments. the paper should be written in a persuasive manner to convince the reader of the author's conclusions. should include a bibliography and appropriate notations.

Excerpt From Essay:

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