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Title: political parties and the electoral process

Total Pages: 9 Words: 3819 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This research paper should be written in the form of a report with subheadings-these are as follows:
- an outline of the ideological basis of the Republican Party
- an outline of the idelogical basis of the democratic party
- a description of the role of political parties in the legislative process
- a description of the electoral system
- a descrition of voting behaviour
- a personal reasoned conclusion stating whether or not you consider Vidal's observation (below) to be accurate in view of what has been written in points 1-5.

"There is only one party in the United states, the Property Party..... and it has two wings:Republican and Democrat"

Please use U.K accessable sources the minimum of sources being 5. ALAN GRANT'S MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS/BOOK RECOMMENDED

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Title: Political Parties

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1294 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: topic:
Political parties play an influential role in our political system today. In your paper, detail the development of today's major political parties and explain their stand on major issues, such as foreign policy, the economy, and balancing of the budget. Also discuss the role of third parties in the political system. Then provide an explanation of which party you would register for (if you were old enough to register to vote) and explain why you would choose this party over the others.
Length - Each paper must be at least 3 to 4 pages in length (double-spaced) in 12 point Times New Roman font. This does not include the bibliography, which should be on a separate page.
one print source textbook, one other than textbook, and 2 others of any form

How Your Paper will be Evaluated:

Introduction: 15 Points
Clear thesis statement that expresses the argument, goals, and/or main focus of the paper. Thesis statement should be easily recognizable.

Introduces topic with general background information and outlines a road-map with development of supporting ideas; provide an overview of what the reader can expect to learn.

Effectively grabs readers’ attention and makes them want to read on.


Body: 20 Points
Transitions effectively indicate relationships among supporting points, as well as relationship between supporting points and thesis.

Each paragraph focuses on one subject.

Presents both factual information AND original analysis, interpretation, and/or explanation by student.

Effective summarizing, paraphrasing, or quotation of source information.


Conclusion: 10 Points

Summarizes thesis and main supporting points logically.

Effective/motivational closing remark. Wraps the paper up nicely.


Mechanics: 10 Points

Proper mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation, complete sentences, agreement, etc).

Logical and clear organization of ideas from beginning to end; well written.


Specific to Assignment (American Government): 45 Points

Length: 3-4 pgs. = 10 pts., 2-3 pgs. = 5 pts, and less than 2 pgs. = 0 pts.

Parenthetical citations within text of paper crediting sources of information and/or quotation of sources in proper MLA format.

Variety of Sources ??" books, magazines, Internet.

Works Cited/Bibliography in proper MLA format.



Total Score on Paper


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Title: Policy Analysis

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Essay Instructions: My topic is Bilingual education.

You are a Policy analysist with x city for public policy. This is a non-partisan organization whose sole gole is to identify and support public policy initiatives that benefit the public at large regardless of the policy''s origin. You have been directed to prepare a paper comparing, contrasting and examining one critical public policy proposal from the standpoint of the five primary political partiess.(Democratic, Republican, Green,Reform,and libeterian)You are also charged with recommendation to the board of directors the policy initiative it should publicly endorsed next year''s election cycle. You are careful to examine the barriers to implimentation of your selected option.
(Please include an executive summary.You are requared to cite your allof your sources.The information(Numbers,statistics should be from professional sources.)

Think thanks:
-heritage Foundation
-Hoover institute
-American Enterprise institute
-CATO institute
-Pioneer Institute
-Brookings Institute
-Kenedy School
-American Political science Association
-Center for responsive Politics
-People for the American Way
-The policy action network
-Five primary political parties websites
-Political website(

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Essay Instructions: 1.Discuss the ways that political parties and candidates are able to gain contributions. Considering this, what are some of the debates over how it is obtained and if there should be stronger limitations. Make a case for one side or show the pros and cons of each.

2 Discuss the role of voting and the population trend. Mention some modern requirements keeping voters from the polls, and why some potential voters choose not to.

Excerpt From Essay:

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