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Title: World Politics and Political corruption

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Essay Instructions: World Politics and Political Corruption;
In broad terms, political corruption is the misuse by government officials of their governmental powers for illegitimate, usually secret, private gain.
According to the 2005 Corruption Perceptions Index: Singapore ranks among one of the top ten most corrupt nations while Norway ranks as one of the least corrupt nations.
Singapore — Population: 4,492,150
Norway — Population: 4,610,820
Explain what has made one country more corrupt than the other. How do the political forums in each of these countries differ, along with education, economics, and general standard of living.

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Title: Corruption

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Essay Instructions: The full title of my course is 'media culture and society' and this specific module is 'Corruption' The exact title of the essay is 'To what extent is corruption a problem in the modern world?'. The reference system is would like to be used is numerical: i.e. footnotes. and all quotes and references should be made clear. The essay should include a full bibliography siting all texts and websites used for research.
Some useful texts which iwould like to be used are: Harris.R 'Political corruption' (2003). Heidenheimer.A, Johnston.M 'Political corruption: concepts and contexts'. Rose-ackerman.S 'corruption and government: cambridge university press'.
I would also like the essay to be of a solid 2:1 standard (around 65%). The essay should focus mainly on the political side of corruption with reference to different case studies.

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Title: Why Mexico's economic and governmental situation is causing people to leave and relocate to the united states

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Essay Instructions: The purpose of this assignment is to write an analytical paper where you will use a major current topic connected to one of the countries discussed in class and explain the issue from various perspectives.
A good paper should follow the requirements below:

1. Substance of the Paper: Descriptive, background information or history necessary to understand the country under study, but this type of information should not dominate the paper. Remember this is a political science paper.
The paper then must offer an evaluation (not simply a description) of the selected topic. Moreover, be sure to present reasoned arguments based on logic, evidence, and examples rather than assertions of opinion.
For example, if the student selects “Political Corruption in Nigeria” as the paper topic, the paper should focus on current events that deal with Nigeria’s political institutions, its leaders, or its foreign policy, and evaluate not simply describe the event or events, using evidence drawn from bibliographical resources.

Quality Writing and Structure: The final paper should be well written in formal English.

a. Begin with a clear and coherent thesis statement or research question.
b. Include a roadmap paragraph that explains how the paper will be organized and presented.
c. Use subheadings and subsections to organize the paper.
d. Have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Be sure the body addresses the key features of the assignment discussed under “substance of the paper” (above).
e. Use persuasive, analytical, third person voice. Avoid the use of me, my, I, we, our, you, and your.
f. Avoid the use of contractions in formal papers such as it’s, don’t, can’t, and weren’t. Instead use it is, do not, cannot, and were not.

The criteria to be used in evaluating the paper will be the caliber of research, understanding of subject, quality of analysis, quality of writing and overall presentations, the degree of independent thinking, and the use of evidence and reasoning to reach meaningful conclusions. It goes without saying that the paper must meet the stated goals of the assignment and the guidelines (discussed above).

At least two, but more is good, hard book sources are required. Here is my list of possible sources, they don't have to be used.

Cowen, Tyler. "The Immigration Answer? It's in Mexico's Classrooms." New York Times 30 November 2006: C-3.

Dickerson, Carla. "Mexico's economy expands faster; The second-quarter rate is below expectations, but it snaps a streak of four quarters of decelerating growth." Los Angles Times 17 August 2007: C-3.

Durand, Jorge and Douglas S. Massey. Crossing The Border. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2004.

Reynolds, Maura and Sam Enriquez. "Calderon pressures Bush on immigration; The Mexican leader says the U.S. does too little to stem the flow. Drugs are also an issue." Los Angeles Times 14 March 2007: A-6.

Roig-Franzia, Manuel. "Mexico Tries a Slower Path To Changes on Immigration; Strategy Includes Strengthening Domestic Job Market." Washington Post 12 March 2007: A09.

Zuniga, Victor and Ruben Hernandez-Leon. New Destinations. New York: Russel Sage Foundation, 2005.

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Title: different essays

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Essay Instructions: this is what the teacher wants us to do:

I am posting the final exam a little early. Your final essay question is a doozy, and a very interesting concept as well. It is called the "cycles in American history." A historian decades ago realized there were continuing patterns evident in U.S. history. American political culture goes through periodic shifts from liberal to conservative, and I hope that everyone has some idea of what those terms mean. Everything runs in cycles, the solar system, or bodies, and it makes sense that history does as well.
The is a useful model to impose on the area of U.S. history that we have covered in this course and it does seem to fit. Let's look at a few examples...first we talked about Reconstruction. Liberal or conservative? Very liberal...the Federal government first freeing the slaves then bestowing legal and political rights upon them. Then, the nation slide down into a conservative era, the New South/Gilded Age period. Then it went back liberal again with the Progressive Era, then conservative again during the 1920s...see? It does work.
Your final exam essay question is to write a ten paragraph or so essay demonstrating this concept up to the present day. Be very specific about what makes each period either liberal or conservative. The amendments and such are what made Reconstruction liberal, the negative aspects of the New South and Gilded Age political corruption are what made that era conservative. Be creative and comb through your lecture notes to try to make this model work.
Here is an addition challenge! Let us look at economics and see if that plays a role in this. There was an economic boom during the Gilded Age, then a depression that helped to bring on the Progressive era. A boom followed in the 1920s, then another bad downturn that brought about FDR's New Deal. The 1950s saw another boom, as did the 1980s. Can anyone detect a pattern here? What affect does the economy have on national politics? Conclude your "cycles" essay with a postulation on this question. Once you get this idea, it becomes possible to not only better understand the past, but also to predict the future. Does this country need another Progressive era, a New Progressive Era, as I like to call it? You bet it does...corporate power and political corruption abound in our society where the little people have been forgotten while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What economic circumstances will have to occur before this comes about? Who will lead such a campaign? What economic class will they be from? What political party?

also he wants us to do all of these five short essays and they must be at least five paragraphs in lengh:

1)Describe "The Underside of Affluence."

2)Describe "The Kennedy Mystique."

3)Describe "Civil Rights, 1964-1965."

4)Describe "Suburban Independence: The Outer City."

5)Describe "Closeds and Failing Farms." Factorie

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