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Title: Political Cartoons

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Essay Instructions: Instructions
1) Visit the following political cartoon website.
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists' Index
2) Select a political cartoon (about a political/governmental issue) that presents an
opinion different than your own. Right-click the cartoon image, and click “Save
Image As” to your desktop. Then, drag the image from your desktop to your Word
Document. In the Word document, below the pasted image, explain what the cartoon
is saying and why its opinion is different than your own (1-2 paragraphs). Please
reflect college-level work ??" your assignment should be typed and care should be taken
in your writing, spelling and grammar.
3) Next, develop your own cartoon as a response to the one you have chosen.
Make use of the techniques of symbolism, exaggeration, labeling, analogy and
irony in creating your cartoon! Write a caption (text) under the cartoon.
(While some of you may be proficient with software in which you could create a
drawing, most of you will have to draw your cartoon freehand. Please note that I will
be grading on the cartoon content, not the artistry! But keep in mind that neatness
does count….)
Please use black marker/color to enhance your cartoon. Pencil-drawn images are
difficult to view when scanned.
4) Write an explanation of your cartoon (using the analysis guide below) and place it in
your Word document after your drawn cartoon. Again, please take note of your
writing, spelling and grammar.
Political Cartoon Analysis Questions
A. What are the event(s) or issue(s) that inspired your cartoon?
B. Are there any real people in the cartoon? Who are these people?
C. Are there symbols in the cartoon? What are they and what do they
D. What cartooning techniques did you use to demonstrate your viewpoint?

First pick a cartoon you disagree with and what the cartoon is saying.
Write 1-2 paragraphs on why you disagree with that cartoon and then pick you own cartoon and what your cartoon is saying and the cartoon techniques you used.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Choose one comic strip or politica cartoon to analyze. Which techniques does the creator of the comic strips use? How does the creator make his/her point in the comic strip? What do we learn about the characters and/or ourselves from this comic strip or political cartoon? If colors are available, what do they tell us about this comic or cartoon? Wat symbols do you see, and what do they mean? What language is used, and how can that be interpreted?

Needs to be 2 pages and a mininum of 500 words

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Title: Political Cartoon Analysis

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Essay Instructions: I am requesting Writer’s Username: hophead

This is the political cartoon that needs to be analyzed with the Toulmin Model of Argument:

I've included an example of what needs to be done below.
Do not use any quotations, parenthetical citations, footnotes, etc.

Toulmin Model of Argument:

example of what needs to be done:

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: How Political Cartoons Helped Abraham Lincoln Win Elections

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Essay Instructions: The essay will examine the relationship between political cartoons and Abraham Lincoln's election campaigns. The focus is to analyse and to explain the significanse of the cartoons as part of Lincoln's effort to win over voters.

Excerpt From Essay:

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