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Essay Instructions: Policy networks are a prevalent feature of democratic governance. The policy network approach requires collaboration among interested parties in order to make progress in forming public policy. The various actors in a policy network organize, form coalitions, communicate, coordinate, and compete around policy issues of interest to them. Policy networks are organic entities that may change over time. Depending on the policy issue, today?s allies in a policy network may be tomorrow?s enemies. For example, conservative and libertarian groups may work together to defeat a new tax proposal but may quickly part ways over the legalization of medical marijuana. The operation of policy networks is shaped by the political, social, and economic climate in which they operate.

To prepare for this assignment:

?Review the articles ?Analyzing and Managing Policy Processes in Complex Networks: A Theoretical Examination of the Concept Policy Network and Its Problems? and ? Sub-Governments, Policy Communities and Networks: Refilling the Old Bottles?? in this week's Learning Resources. Consider the definitions of policy network presented and the evolving structures and processes associated with the term policy network.
?Review the article ?The Development of Policy Network Analyses: From Modest Origins to Overarching Frameworks? in this week's Learning Resources. Consider whether basic concepts of democratic governance play a role in policy networks.
?Review the article ?Using the Advocacy Coalition Framework to Understand Freight Transportation Policy Change? in this week's Learning Resources. Think about how the advocacy coalition framework is used to advance policy change.
?Reflect on the elements of the policy network approach present in the advocacy coalition framework.
?Recall the issue you selected for this week's Discussion and think about which actors and organizations might be part of the policy network related to the issue.
?Pay particular attention to how actors in a policy network might communicate and coordinate.
?Consider how democratic governance might influence the operation of policy networks.
The assignment (2?3 pages):

?Briefly describe the issue you selected.
?Describe the actors and organizations in the policy network related to your chosen issue.
?Evaluate how democratic governance influences the operation of policy networks, specifically the one(s) related to your issue.
?Based on your evaluation, draw conclusions and share insights about the relationship between democratic governance and policy networks.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: policy reform memo

Total Pages: 3 Words: 795 References: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Policy Memo Assignment Government and the Economy

President Obama and his top economic advisors are proposing reforms for Wall Street firms to ensure that another economic meltdown does not happen. They have received resistance and criticism from Wall Street insiders.

You are an advisor to Senator Charles Schumer. He would like you draft a 3- 5 page memo regarding President Obama’s recent proposals to regulate Wall Street. Read the background documents posted on Blackboard and advise Sen. Schumer about the two or three most important components of regulatory reform.

Some things to think about when writing your memos:

1. Be clear about the types of systemic reforms you are proposing; i.e., do you want to keep our current healthcare system/current financial regulatory system as is or are you proposing reforms?
2. If you’re not proposing reforms, why not? What works about the current system or what would be a mistake about the proposed reforms?
3. Make sure to explore both the positive and negative aspects of your proposed reforms.
4. Assume that the Senators have a basic understanding of the issue – you don’t need a very detailed introduction – just briefly introduce the issue, get to your recommendations, and focus the bulk of the memo on analysis.
5. Focus on the one or two reforms that you think will be most effective.
6. You may also want to consider the political implications of your proposed reforms. Wall Street is resisting regulation, and is a big contributor to Congress and Obama; there are strong interests aligned against healthcare reform, and constituents (although largely supportive of a public option) are concerned about the costs of reform. Further, there is concern among progressives that the administration has promised “sweetheart deals” with Big Pharma and physicians’ groups.

The format of your memo should be as follows:


To: Senator XXXX

From: Your Name


Re: Policy Recommendations for Wall Street Reform

Introduction – a brief paragraph outlining the problem. Your recommendations should come early in the memo – in the first or second paragraph

Body – this should focus on analysis of your recommendation(s). Make sure to address any negative aspects of your recommendations, but then be able to dismiss those and explain why your point of view is the correct one.

Conclusion – a brief paragraph just summing-up the key points of your argument and/or proposals.

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Title: PolicyandStrategy

Total Pages: 1 Words: 317 Works Cited: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Policy & Strategy

Compare and contrast the competitive advantages and startegic choices for emerging industries, growing industries, mature industries, and declining industries. As a business startegist for JetBlue, which business strategy would you find the most challenging to implement? Why?

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Policy: health care in the U.S today under Obama's term

Write a social policy paper to inform the policy makers about how well government's role in health care is working right now and how it may be improved. Make the proposal for the issue the first page. Evaluate the current policy in America and state how it could be improved to please the public and government.
1. a description of the current policies on abortion and a brief history of abortion (and its laws), a description of the problem the policy was aimed at resolving, including an estimate of its extent and importance
2. a description of the social and physical factors affection the origins, development, and implementation of the policy
3. a description of the economic factors affecting the origin, development and implementation of the policy.
4. a description of the political factors affecting the origin, developmentm and implementation of the policy.
5. how well the existing policy does what it was initially designed to do
6. possible alterations of the current policy to better fit the original design of the policy.

Excerpt From Essay:

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