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Title: Police Intelligence Rapidly changing the way police organizations fight crime

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Essay Instructions: Find at least three peer reviewed articles related to the topic you have chosen for your final paper. Describe the article, how it will help you with your research finding and what additional information might have been included in the articles. Each article should have about one page written for a total of three pages.

Below is the paper topic and abstract:

Police Intelligence: Rapidly changing the way police organizations fight crime.

Law enforcement utilizes criminal intelligence to track and predict crime in communities. Advancements in computer technology have allowed criminal intelligence to benefit law enforcement on a global scale. Criminal Intelligence allows information to be used in a proactive manner to assist law enforcement agencies in forming strategic and tactical responses to crime. This paper focuses on how the use of criminal intelligence and computer advancements has changed the way police organizations fight crime. It will show how intelligence is an effective and proactive approach to fighting crime.

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