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Title: book summary

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Essay Instructions: I need a book summery of "The Play That Changed My Life (America's foremost Playwrights on the plays the influenced them) edited by Ben Hodges (Applause Theater and Cinema Books)

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Title: play

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Essay Instructions: I'm going to send the file via email.

Essay topic: Bernard Shaw is a playwright who very specifically uses his plays to promote specific ideas. In Mrs. Warren's Profession, he "discusses' the "modern woman". The role of women in society, the role society plays in forming a person's character.

I need an essay that is very precise,clear and organized. In the introduction, the essay must contain the clear thesis statement with a very interesting opening. I also need at least three points of arguements in the body paragraphs. Each body paragraphs must contain mininum of 3 quotes with precise explanation. The length of the introduction and conclusion should be about the same. Please do use the same sentences used in the introduction for conclusion.
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Title: The Dutchman

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Essay Instructions: Dutchman Guidelines

Most of us at one time or another have experienced stereotyping on some level ??" whether it was directed at us or we witnessed someone else being placed into a “category” based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or even just by the way we were dressed. Whether the claims that were made were true or not, we likely felt upset about the experience, even angry enough to want to react. In the 1960s, the civil rights movement for African Americans had reached a peak when Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Black Americans were angry and frustrated by how they were treated by the White majority. Leroi Jones, a middle class African American from New Jersey, was no exception, writing essays, poems and plays that addressed the rage Black Americans felt. “Dutchman” is one of his plays that strikes hard at the conflict, weaving metaphor with strong dialogue throughout each of the two scenes, to display a bleak image of how hate can taint what on the outset seems a harmless slice of life.
For this essay assignment, pretend that you are a critic seeing this play for the first time at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City. In a 3-5 page essay, provide a semiotic analysis of the play using various elements discussed in class. Construct a specific and argumentative thesis statement that makes an assertion about what the play tells the viewer about American culture and the race problems at the time. For example, you might assert that Clay just wants to blend into White American culture and hide his anger for the White majority throughout his adulthood. Then by analyzing the play, you will support your thesis statement by choosing moments in the dialogue that are related to your claims. Other support should include ideas and assertions from the reviews and biographical materials we have read for this unit as they relate to your argument. Remember, because you are a critic, you are allowed to discuss whether you would recommend the play and WHY. Your opinions are valuable, but you must support them with the text.
Objectives:  .
To provide a central thesis statement and to support that thesis with evidence from your analysis.
To think critically about the play and offer analysis of the dialogue as well as the author’s notes in italics beside the dialogue.
To utilize other writer’s theories to help support and/or articulate your own opinions.
To use five or more concessives in your essay
To practice how to put PIE in body paragraphs, as well as the “models” for writing analytically.

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Title: Feminism

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Essay Instructions: Heres the link to play Trifles by Susan Glaspell:

Im going to send you a photo copy of what needs to be in the play.

Any questions please let me know. Thank you.
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