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Title: plato

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Essay Instructions: PLATO REPUBLIC

Discuss THRASYMACHUS'S definition of JUSTICE, according to which justice is the interest of the stronger.

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Title: Plato Republic His Plan fo rthe Ideal Society on Education Government Ethics Justice and Human Knowledge

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Essay Instructions: Topic - Plato Republic- His Plan for the Ideal Society on Education, Government, Ethics, Justice and Human Knowledge”

I need a contemplative 1,500 word paper from chapter 2 from the Utopian Reader by Claeys, Gregory edition 1999, ISBN 0.

• Instructions- Must follow exactly – The paper must cover everything identified in the instructions.
• Please write a contemplative, thoughtful paper (1,500 words) – citations from 5 sources.
• I would fax my topics of chapter 2 from the text “Plato Republic). Because the paper should be only about 1,500 words, the paper should be focused. All of the ideas in the paper should be related. It would be better if the paper is organized by ideas, rather than readings. You could present a general idea as the thesis statement in the introduction, and then present more specific ideas (reflecting the general idea) in separate sections of the paper.
• Please be sure to conduct online research in a systematic way so that the sources support the arguments, and provide additional perspectives on the problem. You must use at least five sources. You must properly cite the source, even if it is within course material. Continue to use APA as your citation style . Use APA style for the citations. Be sure to use parenthetical citations not just when quoting a passage from one of your sources, but also when you are using the idea(s) of someone else.
• The ideal paper involves a focused presentation, a well-developed thesis, and a conclusion that integrates the ideas in the paper. Ideas would be supported by relevant examples and evidence. In order to accomplish this in a short paper, the paper would focus on a small set of related ideas presented in a succinct manner.
• The use of headings is important with the organization of the paper. You could have a heading for each section of the paper. In the first paragraph, you could have a specific statement about what you will cover in the paper. All the references in the paper should be in APA style. Each reference in the paper from The Utopia Reader should have the date of publication for The Utopia Reader and the original date of publication.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Plato Republic by C D C Reeve

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1927 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: write a paper explaining Socrates' argument defending a just life.In doing so, you will need to explain Socrates' definition of justice in the soul.Explain Socrates' argument for why we should want to be just.The best paper will include a consideration of a counter-argument; Briefly explain an argument someone else we have read would give for why we should not want to be just, and explain how Socrates' account offers a response to that counter-argument.Your goal in this paper is to EXPLAIN Socrates' argument.You should NOT try to evaluate that argument., nor to defend your own opinion about justice.The paper shoulld be based on Plato Republic by C.D.C. Reeve. The section is book two to four 439a-441c; 442d-445b.the paper should be on Socrates' account of justice in the soul, NOT justice in the city.Only discuss the just city where it is necessary for understanding the just SOUL.Provide textual support( direct Quotes, properly cited) for all claims about what the text says and explanations of all interpretations.Analyze Socrates' thought process by explaining the reasoning behind his claims and showing how some claims lead to others.Grammar counts.Begin with an introduction to give context for the paper.State the author and title of the text you are discussing; state Socrates' answer to that question(this will be the thesis statement).Please proof read the paper to eliminate grammatical errors.Please pay exclusive attention to the above mentioned text book Plato, Republic by C.D.C.Reeve only.126,129. 130, 131,134 pages.In explaining justice in the SOUL , include what Socrates says about how a just person will behave and an explanation of how this behavior is a result of justice as he explains it.You should include direct quotes, properly cited.

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Title: Plato Republic Inner and Outer Mortality

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1217 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Writer's Username: kiran1976

1 source: Plato Republic A new translation by Robin Waterfield
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0-19-283370-7

Paper is to be on Chapter 6: Inner and Outer Mortality (pps. 133-158)

1. Explain inner and outer morality.
2. Explain the Tri-Partite mind.
3. Offer your own intelligent thoughts on this topic.

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