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Title: Plastic Surgery

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Essay Instructions: I need to write my research paper on the topic of Plastic Surgery. I am arguing FOR plastic surgery, saying that i think that its beneficial to women and it needs to be stated why, by not using too many statistics. I mainly want to focus on breast implants and facelifts and why its beneficial to women now-a-days. I want to explain the history of it, but i dont want this paper to be just informative i need it to be interesting... i DONT need more then 2 pages on the history of breast implants and facelifts. I also want to mention its current techniques and possible side effects that might occur. All information quoted or phrased must be cited using paranthesis. My thesis is that i want to explain the effects on breast implants, facelifts, and women?s perspective on surgery in today?s society, but i want it to blend in on why plastic surgery is beneficial. Please do not use any big words that i would need to re-phrase, i really want this paper to be more realistic rather than just stating information. Cannot cite more than 3 INTERNET sources on my works cited page..... Paper must be written MLA style.

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Title: plastic surgery

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Essay Instructions: what is plastic surgery, its history, effects, etc. Use quotes sparingly, and please use a lot of facts.

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Essay Instructions: This essay is an argumentative research paper. Topic may be historical, current or past events, scientific, or a sociological concern. Essentially for a topic that may be presented with a definite pro or con point of view.

In this case , the topic is about:
Plastic surgeries: a way to become more beautiful, or someone?s unhealthy idea.&With the addiction and deaths attributed to a gross fixation on plastic surgery procedures, many people attribute the rise of prescription medicine addiction and deaths to plastic surgery. Should people commit themselves to the risk of dying or something of the matter to be accepted in other people eyes and themselves.
And in this case, I think they should not.

The paper should include an introduction with a strong thesis. A body that includes 3 argumentations(on why people should not undergo the process of cosmic surgery without having an abnormal defect) and 3 refutations(on why people should undergo plastic surgery). And a conclusion.

There should be at least 6-7 sources, in which two must be hard copy sources: magazines, books, newspapers, reports. therefore the rest may comes rom an electrical source such as the internet. they must be credible sources the ned .edu, .org, .gov, not .com.

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Title: plastic sursery

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Essay Instructions:
Many women want plastic surgery. Some people against the plastic surgery, but I agree with that. Some people may think that plastic surgery is waste of money; however, these days many people think of plastic surgery as a trend as if redesigning their faces.

-This is my thesis, and I need three specific reason why I agree with plastic surgery in my thesis. And, this paper is just first draft so you don't need to write well.
***important thing!!!! I'm a international student so please just write very easily and choose easy words. I need it untill at 11:00pm today because this is for tomorrow moning class. Thank you.^___^

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