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Title: Plants make life on earth possible

Total Pages: 2 Words: 642 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Two pages max. Double spaced, grammar and spelling checked.

1. Write an essay on “ Plants make life on earth possible” Be sure to include many ways (large and small) that plants support life on earth. Think of all the things you use that come from plants. Also think how the planet would be without plants and other autotrophic organisms (40 pts).

You should be able to think of different ways plant help us, without having to rely on external sources. However, you may do an internet search to get info, if you need to. But DO NOT copy from Websites. The sentences have to be your own sentences. Give a list of references at the end. (Some websites are known to contain incorrect information. Use a reliable sources). If you are found to have copied from web sites you will receive a 0 for this part of the writing assignment.

2. Your instructor wants to include a bit of humor into the lectures. Stories, parables and riddles are known to increase the attention span of the students. Write a funny story, parable, riddle or a joke related to the class material. This must be a decent one that could be told in class and be relevant to the biology lectures. (10 pts

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Title: Short answers on plant biology

Total Pages: 2 Words: 714 References: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: write 2 separate essay base on the following question and criteria.

Part 2: Short Answer: Each answer should be in complete sentences and no longer
than a few sentences each.

1. Plant Structure and Function: Natural selection has lead to changes in the
architecture of plants that enable them to photosynthesize more efficiently in
ecological niches they occupy. In a short essay (300 words), explain how shoot
architecture enhances photosynthesis.

2. Environmental Interactions: The soil in which plants grow teems with organisms
from every taxonomic kingdom. In a short essay (300words), discuss examples
of how the mutualistic interactions of plants with bacteria, fungi, and animals
improve plant nutrition.

Grading Rubric for Short-Answer Essays

Evidence of full and
complete understanding

Examples well chosen,
details accurate and
applied to theme

Accurate scientific
enhances the essay

Excellent organization,
sentence structure,
and grammar

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Title: Introduction to Management Science

Total Pages: 2 Words: 586 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Rachel Stateline is the manager of the South-Atlantic office of the Stateline Shipping and Transport Company. She is in the process of negotiating a new shipping contract with Polychem, a company that manufactures chemicals for industrial use. Polychem wants Stateline to pick up and transport waste products from its six plans to three waste disposal sites. Rachel is very concerned about this proposed arrangement. The chemical wastes that will be hauled can be hazardous to humans and the environment if they leak. In addition, a number of towns and communicates in the region where the plants are located prohibit hazardous materials from being shipped through their municipal limits. Thus, not only will the shipments have to be handled carefully and transported at reduced speed, they will also have to traverse circuitous routes in many cases.
Rachel has estimated the cost of shipping a barrel of waste from each of the six plants to each of the three waste disposal sites as shown in the following table:
Waste Disposal Site
Plant Whitewater Los Canos Duras
Kingsport $12 $15 $17
Danville 14 9 10
Macon 13 20 11
Selma 17 16 19
Columbus 7 14 12
Allentown 22 16 18

The plans generate the following amounts of waste products each week:
Plant Waste per Week (bbl)
Kingsport 35
Danville 26
Macon 42
Selma 53
Columbus 29
Allentown 38
The three waste disposal sites a Whitewater, Los Canos, and Duras can accommodate a maximum of 65, 80 and 105 barrels per week, respectively.
In addition to shipping directly from each of the six plans to one of the three waste disposal sites, Rachel is also considering using each of the plants and waste disposal sites as intermediate shipping points. Trucks would be able to drop a load at a plant or disposal site to be picked up and carried on to the final destination by another truck, and vice versa. Stateline would not incur any handling costs because Polychem has agreed to take care of all local handling of the waste materials at the plants and the waste disposal sites. In other words, the only cost Stateline incurs is the actual transportation cost. So Rachel wants to be able to consider the possibly that it may be cheaper to drop and pick up loads at intermediate points rather than ship them directly.
Rachel estimates the shipping costs per barrel between each of the six plants to be as follows:
Plant Kingsport Danville Macon Selma Columbia Allentown
Kingsport $-- $6 $4 $9 $7 $8
Danville 6 -- 11 10 12 7
Macon 5 11 -- 3 7 15
Selma 9 10 3 -- 3 16
Columbus 7 12 7 3 -- 14
Allentown 8 7 15 16 14 --
The estimated shipping cost per barrel between each of the three waste disposal sites is as follows.
Waste Disposal Site
Waste Disposal Site Whitewater Los Canos Duras
Whitewater $-- $12 $10
Los Canos 12 -- 15
Duras 10 15 --

Rachel wants to determine the shipping routes that will minimize Stateline’s total cost in order to develop a contract proposal to submit to Polychem for waste disposal. She particularly wants to know if it would be cheaper to ship directly from the plants to the waste sites or if should drop and pick up some loads at the various plants and waste sites. Develop a model to assist Rachel and solve the model to determine to optimal routes.

Answer these questions

1. In excel, or other suitable program, develop a model for shipping the waste directly from the 6 plants to the 3 waste disposal sites.

2. Solve the model you developed in #1 (above) and clearly describe the results

3. In Excel, or other suitable program, Develop a transshipment model in which each of the plants and disposal sites can be used as intermediated points.

4. Solve the model you developed in #3 (above) and clearly describe the results.

5. Interpret the results and draw conclusions that address the question posed in the case problem. What are the limits of the study? Write at least one paragraph.

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Title: Why There Would Be No People Without Plants

Total Pages: 2 Words: 656 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write an essay titled ?Why There Would Be No People Without Plants.? Your essay should be approximately 500 words in length and submitted as a Word doc to this Discussion Area Assignment 2 Grading Criteria:

Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using the correct APA style.

Used vocabulary relevant to the current and previous weeks? topics ? at least five terms.

Demonstrated understanding of key concepts.
? Adhesion and cohesion
? pH
? Acidic and alkaline
? Macromolecules
? Carbohydrates
? Lipids (saturated and unsaturated)
? Proteins
? Nucleic acids (DNA/RNA)
? Catalyst
? Endothermic and exothermic
? Latch/key model
? Cellular respiration
? Aerobic and anaerobic
? Homeostasis
? Negative and positive feedback
? Thermoregulation
? Osmoregulation

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