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Title: Places for social use in Paris of Manet

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Essay Instructions: Places for social use in the paintings of Manet, for example the painting: A bar at the Folies-Bergere 1882, the cafe-concert 1878, Singer at a cafe 1878-79 . I would like examine the representation of the these places, the arrangement of the figures in the space, the psychology of these characters, the relation between the figures, their role in these pubblic spaces and in general I intent to analyse the social events in Paris from Manet's paintings. For this reason I consider necessary to compare con other Impressionist painters such as Degas with his many paintings with the ballerines and the dancer the same years 1870-1890. For example paintings: the dance class 1873-1876, the dance lesson 1879, dancers in blue, ballet dancers,dancer with the floweres and other similar paintings. So to compare Degas dancing paintings with Manet's cafe places, i n order to analyse the social events in Paris and the places used for these social events.
Please, I would like the proposal to include: the provisional title, the artists and objects and issues and istitutions on which I intent to focus, the approximate chronological scope, the methodologies, the questions necessary to lead the it possible to have this by tommorow in the morning?

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Title: Importance of quality management in organizations

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Essay Instructions: Place answer under each topic???? - Will attach reading/lectures for these assignments.

1 page-Discussion:
Visit ISO 9000 registered Company Database at and in your post, comment on 1) the number of registered companies.? 2) How widespread is ISO 9000 in the United States? 3) How widespread is ISO 9000 globally?

3 pages-Real World Assignment 1:
Design a questionnaire or survey instrument to determine the degree to which an organization is "Demingized." Explain how you developed the questions.
3 pages-Case Paper 1:
Complete the Case Problem, "Toyota Motor Corporation, LTD"

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Title: Culture and Management

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Essay Instructions: Place answers under each question.
Be sure to fully explain your answers to each of the following questions.
Chapter 3? Ethics and Social Responsibility
1.????? In the discussion of cultural forces, we identified 10 fundamental person values that are often listed by individuals as central to them and the American culture. How would you rank these values in terms of their relative importance to you? What was the basis for your selection of the top three ranked values?
2.????? Organizations communicate their ethical principles in a variety of ways: through the behavior of leaders, in writing, by offering training programs, through performance assessment methods, and so on. Visit two Websites of any major organizations of interest to you. Are the ethical principles of these organizations communicated to the people who visit their sites? How?? Be sure to specify which websites you visited and how the organizations communicated.
Chapter 4 ? Assessing the Environment
3.????? Identify three of the principal political strategies (e.g. negotiation, lobbying, alliance, etc.) that you have seen managers use to cope with external forces and give a concrete example of each of the three strategies describing the situation and the strategy.
As an alternative, locate three current news articles about companies that are examples of three different strategies (negotiation, lobbying, alliance, etc.) and write a brief summary of what you have read describing the situations and the strategies.
Using the material in Chapter 4 as a guide, identify three environmental forces that have a significant impact on your industry. Prepare a 2 ? 3 page paper (typed, 12-font, double-spaced) that summarizes these forces. Identify the environmental force (e.g. competitive, political-legal) and include an explanation of the ways in which your work place and the work that you do are affected. Be sure to incorporate concepts from the text as well as your own experience and insights.

As an alternative, if you are not currently employed, you may use a previous employer or the employer of a close friend or relative.
Chapter 5 ? Managing Globally
5.????? Describe three of the strategies for international business that organizations have used and give a concrete example of a company using that strategy. State the limitations and advantages of each strategy.

Discussion Board Activity : Based on the readings and your own experience decide which of the managerial competencies you think are the three most important and why. Post your list of the three most important competencies on the Discussion Board. Be sure to give detailed reasons why you think these competencies are the most important.

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Title: being sane in a insane place link labeling theory and medicalization theory to article

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Essay Instructions: The article I will be sending It is called "on being sane in insane places". I need to link Both Labeling theory and Mediclization theory to the article. Then I also need a reaction or mine. I am a guy.

Labeling theory=(becker,schur,lemeret)
1.)social groups creat deviance by making the rules that define deviance and applying them to particular people
2.)Deviance is not inherant in the act. Deviant behavior is behavior that is labeled deviant
3.)The deviant label can have profound consequences

Medicalization theory(conrad)-The process by which(non-medical)problems become defined and treated as medical problems.
1.)Domination by experts(Dr's)
2.)Individualization of a social problem(ADHD,depression,Body image)
3.)Dislocation of responsibility(Gambling problems, sexual addictions)
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