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Title: Piaget's stages

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Essay Instructions: My assignment is to observe children of 2 different age groups in a structures or unstructured setting (approximately a half hour for each child). Some possible observations methods include a group of children playing at the park, attending a day - care center, or engaged in some activities in their home. Describe the types of activities the children engage in, the children's behavior during these activities and excerpts from their conversations. Look for information that will tell you about their level cognitive development (Piaget's stages). I need to write a summary of my observations and include the following:
1) identify the level of Piaget's cognitive development displayed by each child
2) give a summary of Piaget's level of cognitive development being displayed ( be sure to identify key accomplishments for each stage you identify.
3) use examples of the children's behavior to support your statements about their level of cognitive development
4) compare the children on their cognitive skills and developmental levels (if they are in the same stage - what similarities did you see in the children, if they are in different stages - what differences did you see in the children)

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Title: Piaget Cognitive Development

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Essay Instructions: There are two parts to this paper. Part one focusing on application and part two being a traditional research paper for a total of three pages.

Here are the professor's instructions:

(Section 1 ??" Application Paper) Analyze a person’s cognitive development, from birth to full cognitive maturity, from Piaget’s view. This person can be yourself, someone else, or someone imaginary. Address at least 10 concepts associated with Piaget’s theory. Include an example of each concept within your text. Please highlight these 10 concepts in Bold. Write this section in the form a biography (example given below.)

Example of the format I’d like for the first section:
Calvin Broadus was born October 20, 1971 to Beverly Tate and Vernell Varnado in Long Beach, California. His parents described him as a happy, outgoing infant who responded with glee when his father would sing Al Green to him. Calvin’s first example of a secondary circular reaction occurred at just three months of age, when he accidentally banged a wooden block (G, if you must know) against an empty tea kettle, resulting in a satisfying bass tone. Over the next several days Calvin practiced this again and again, perfecting this new skill, perhaps setting the table for greatness to come....

(Section 2 ??" Research Paper)Discuss follow-up research on Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Be sure to include and explain at least three valid criticisms based on this more recent research.

The paper must be typed, double-spaced, with twelve-point non-bolded Times New Roman font, spell checked, and grammatically correct. Papers must be a minimum of three pages in length, but can be as long as you feel necessary. Refer to the rubric for additional information about the paper.

You may use sources on the internet, but be sure to by attaching a reference page for any and all sources. If you do use the internet, make sure the site is reputable, and scientific. You will have to use internal citations if you quote directly from a source. However, because of the style of writing I am asking you to do, you should only need internal citations in the 2nd part of the paper. Copying text directly from the internet, or the book, without sourcing is plagiarism and will result in a grade of zero and possible expulsion from the course.

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contract piaget's and burners theories for cognitive development.
Include in this essay on what evidence the above theories are based and use information from other theorists to evaulate paigets and bruners work.

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Title: Compaired Piaget and Vygotsky

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast the conclusions Piaget and Vygotsky came to about the role of language in cognitive development. should involve analyses of readings, comparing and contrasting the views of authors, and critique of arguments presented

Use MS Word 7 or better reference tab and select manage sources to insert citations and build works cited page. Complete all fields applicable from type of source, URL link and pg numbers.

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