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Title: flow the instructions

Total Pages: 2 Words: 556 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 1. Go to the following website, , click on English and take a look around at the ways sound is classified and talk about. Write 1 page of what you liked and learned from this website.

2. Find five artifacts/pictures/posters (online) of U.S. culture that send messages about gender and/or gender inequality (include a picture of each artifact found). Then, write a paragraph about each one discussing how the artifact reinforces gender inequality or traditional views about the appropriate behavior of men and women OR how the artifact challenges the status quo regarding gender and gender inequality. P.S. include the website in which you found the pictures.

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Title: jazz pedagogy

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3544 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: please include the following topics;
*jazz ensemble rehearsal techniques
*jazz pedagogical resources
*fundamentals of jazz rhythms:Swing, funk, ballads, & latin styles
* fundamental & techniques of rhythm sections: piano, bass, drum set,& guitar
*jazz articulations, dynamics and phonetics
*jazz arranging, harmony & form
*fundamentals in improvisation (solo & group)
*jazz repertoire for big bands
*jazz ensemble concert techniques:amplification, seating, traditions
* specialized stylistic techniques: pitch , timbre, scoops, doits, falls, shakes or trills, brass plungers

please no footnotes, 3 or 4 quotations.
also add the following cited sources to the bibliography so the total of cited sources will be 20 (twenty)

1- The Jazz Ensemble Directors Manual by Richard Lawn
C.L. Barnhouse Company Music Publishing 1995
2- Jazz Education Journal for the International Assoc. for
Jazz Education
volume 36 no.6 2004
3- Jazz Education Journal for the International Assoc. for
Jazz Education
volume 37 no.2 2004
4- Le Roi Jones (Amiri Baraka) 1963 Blues People
New York: Morrow Quill Paperbacks
5- Journal of the Society of Ethnomusicology Fall 2002
Jazz (Ken Burns) by Steven F. Pond volume 46 no.3
6- Jazz Education Journal for the International Assoc. for
Jazz Education
volume 36 no.5 2004
7- Down Beat Magazine Sept. 2004
volume 71 no. 9 (article) "Sound of Oneness"
by John Janowiak
8- (book)
Swing by Scott Yanow
Miller Freeman Books, San Francisco 2000
9- Live Sound for Musicians
by Rudy Trubitt published by Hal Leonard Corp.
10-Improvising Jazz
by Jerry Coker Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1964
11- Jazz for Dummies
by Dirk Sutro published by IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.
An International Data Group Company 1998
12- Jazz From it's Orgins to the Present
by Lewis Porter and Michael Ullman with Ed Hazell
published by Prentice-Hall Inc.
A Simon and Schuster Company 1993
13- The Art of Jazz Trumpet
by John McNeil
Gerad and Sarzin Publishing Company
Brooklyn, New York 1999
14- A Manual For The Stage or Dance Band Trumpet Player
by Frank "Porky" Panico and
Rev. George Wiskerchen, C.S.C.
Berklee Press Publications 1964

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Total Pages: 2 Words: 583 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I am doing a MASTERS in TESOL at the moment and this subject is killing me, I just don't get phonetics.

This is the question I need to write about:



Most of my reading have been from FROMKIN, CRYSTAL AND HALLIDAY


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Title: Tagalog Charts

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1011 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Non Native Speaker Project
What do I turn in?
A three ring notebook
1-2 page 500 to 1,000 word essay on ?What did I learn.?
1-2 page 500 to 1,000 essay on the informants story
2-3 Page 4-6 Maps, charts, reports (***CITE ALL CHARTS& History sources&Maps)
Professional quality?No mistakes, no plagiarism, complete sentences, footnoted?APA.

What Did I Learn:Effective and engaging prose, 500 words
From the interviewee
About the Language
About English
About Education
Life and stuff
Talk too much

**In this piece include touch on all the topics in the powerpoint (I will upload to you, It is also what is written below, scattered throughout is an interview with my mother.)
Read everything first she gave me her information in backwards order. She is from luzon and speaks ilocano-- I wanted to research that language first but there is a lot more to find on Tagalog. SO Tagalog is what this whole project will be about. Her interview is the only source i am providing :( I think you will have better luck finding sources.

APA Style
At least 6 sources
Internet Sources are acceptable
Book Sources
Newspaper Sources
Personal interviews
Language Associations

The Interviewee:Human Interest story format for newspaper 500 words
Name significance and family story
Immigration information
Schooling background
Expectations and First impressions of US

Verb, noun,
Adjective verb noun
Verb for questions
It has the past tense added to the word
ort length words
------- that is one section

Who I interviewed, please research name
, Pangasinan,
San Quintin Luzon
Beverly Santa Maria

her parents
Teodora Casa Yuran- San Quintin
Eufronio Santa Maria- San Quintin
Arraned marriage 16 years old
Father 21
They came from Spain. Great grandparents of my mother from Domingo. They carried that last name.
tHEY WENT TO THE PHILLIPINES TO BECOME Farmers AND Supposed to make hacienda
Casa Yuran- Mixture of Japanese ancestors
Immigration- 20 years old, my family is already all their to join her family in America, for a better future, greener pasture
K-6 and first year to fourth year to highschool. Done with college by highschool. Baguio- city
America has lots of jobs
If you work hard you can get a job
She expected a lot of filipinos in Virginia
But CA has a lot of filipino
Expected to have similar food in America or the same availability of food
Fruits and vegetables is very fresh in [hillipines because it comes straght from the tree
Very big and lots of opportunity
The First Language LinguisticsIn a legible chart
vowels and consonants
plurals and past tense
Syntax issues
questioning methods
noun phrases
----First chart
my mother's response:
Verb, noun,
Adjective verb noun
Verb for questions
It has the past tense added to the word
ort length words
, Pangasinan,
Verb, noun,
Adjective verb noun
Verb for questions
It has the past tense added to the word

ort length words
, Pangasinan,
The First Language Graphics
Vowel Chart
Consonant Chart
Writing System
Maps or Charts of the country
Extent of the language
2-3 charts and map
The First Language Good Sources
Comrie, Bernard.The World?s Major Languages. New York: Oxford University Press. 1987 R409.w927
Berlitz, Charles. Native Tongues. New York: Perigree Press. 1984. 400 b51
Encyclopedia Britannica online
The First Language Semantics
Semantic features
Speaking distance
Kinship Patterns and names
Young and old
Non-verbal features
Gender issues
They do not see he or she

No word for it.

Her middle name is her moms maiden
My mom was named after Beverly Hills
Last name from dad
Everyone in her family is a very strong person or famous
Use their hands to speak and use their eyes to speak ? trait from the phillipines
2 feet speaking distance is normal
sPEAK WITH OLD- Manong daisy
Called by their name and they wil respond with manong
Manang- female
Disrespectful to them when there is no title

Male only talks to male
Female only talks to female
Married male doesn?t talk to a female alone
Ask the parent or older people in the room to talk to the female

First Language History
Short history of the country and language
Politics of the language
Most famous writers and their works
Early language experts
Cultural Issues surrounding language
Status of English in the country

First Language History
Especially important is proverbial knowledge as captured in stories, fables and proverbs. Your informant will know and I expect at least five such items in your project. Explain them as best you can.
Proverbs Proverbial Wisdon
Ti t?o nga mannar?ta, aw?n ti ania nga magapu?nanna. ?A man that talks too much accomplishes little.
Aw?n kas iti surs?ro a saniku?, ta dayt? aw?n makat?kaw kenk?. ?Knowledge is wealth that can't be stolen.
Ti nalak? ti pannakas?pulna, nalak? met ti pannakap?kawna. ?What is easily acquired is easily lost.
Uray kuku? a taw?den, no add? la ket naimb?g a n?kem. ?One need not inherit wealth if he inherits good manners.
Ani?nto pay serb? diay r?ot no nat?yto met diay kab?lion? ?Of what use is grass when the horse is dead? (said to misers)
Stingy people- what is the use of your wealth when you are dead and did not give it away.
Ti kam?tis, di agb?nga ti mangg?. ?The tomato plant doesn't grow mangos. (A good person doesn't come from a bad family)
Ti ?tang mabay?dan, ngem ti naimb?g a n?kem sa?n. ?A debt can be paid, but a kind act cannot.
Ti nap?li makap?li ti kuggang?. ?He who is choosy often picks the worst. By the time you choose you pick the worst
Ti mad? a pagbagbaga?n agtur?ng it? pagrig?tan. ?He who refuses advice will end up in hardship.
No aw?n ti ?nus, aw?n ti l?mot. ?If there is no patience, there will be no food.
No s?an nga makaamm? nga nangtali?w ti naggapu?nna, sa?n a makad?non ti papan?nna. ?He who does not look back to his origins will not reach his destination.
Always know where you came from

Ti ubing nga matungpal amin a kayatna, awan ti nasayaat a banagna. ?A child that is given everything will rarely succeed in life.

First LanguageWriting System **more charts
Alphabet or writing system
History or writing system
Computer keyboard
Newspapers, internet, media

Coulmas, Florian. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Writing Systems. Oxford :Blackwell Publishers. 1996
Daniels, Peter T., and William Bright, eds. 1996. The World's Writing Systems. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-507993-0.

Language Conflicts
Sound differences between English and the first language. Contrastive Analysis
Word formation patterns
Sentence patterns
Questions and noun phrases
What is difficult in English for such a speaker

Cultural differences:Geert Hofstede?s Cultural Dimensions
Power Distance
Time Orientation
Risk Aversion
Masculinity/ Femininity
Collective culture- grandma/grapndpa, married, no one gets aksked to leave
Girls are supposed to behave modestly
Males are gentlemen
Decisions go to the elders
Filipinos up to an hour late? talk to much and you arae already late
Not late to work
Socially late
Teacher has a dictatorship leader has full authority
Older people and teachers even if they are wrong

Education 7;30 TO 1130 and then 1-4
Not everyone goes to college like SAT farmers do not send kids to college
Lots of markets and malls
Things are cheaper and they take the quality inspection but arestill good

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