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Title: Philosophy of Life

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Essay Instructions: 1. Write a philosophy of life, utilizing as many of the historic philosophies and/or standards. This philosophy might include; purpose in life, philosophy of religion, ethical standards, what gives you identity.

2. List at least six philosophers/philosophies and their views of life.

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Essay Instructions: summarize the Philosophy of Life - Describe your own beliefs for each of the topics listed below. Identify and cite at least four key ideas from Web research with which you relate. If appropriate, share part of your moral or faith about (catholic) development (particularly the role of crisis). Feel free to include any additional outside books..

compare/contrast your philosophy with( Hindu and catholic)
Discuss the following:

a. Nature of humankind
b. Diagnosis of what is wrong with humankind
c. Prescription for putting it right
d. Intellectual difficulties or remaining unresolved issues

(wife, Mother) roles you can share, and describe the goals for each. What insights did you gain
from this activity?
Your personal mission statement or vision as a mother, and a wife.

Organizational Values and Business Ethics - Provide a description and analysis for each of the following. Again, relate and cite at least four key ideas from the Ferrell textbook in this module.

summarize(VA hospital)workplace values and mission statement. pick an organization to analyze here. the relevant information on in order to do the analysis)
Va organization hospital and ethical program - strengths and weaknesses OR the social responsibilities of your organization and your appraisal of how it meets those responsibilities.
The moral philosophy(ies) and ethical principle(s) that characterize how you make ethical decisions as a (coordinator). Give specific, detailed examples of circumstances and contexts.

Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.
The body of the paper must include the assigned content listed above including personal reflection and critical analysis in each area.
The paper must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.

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Title: Philosophy of Life

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Essay Instructions: This is all my professor gave me.
Philosophy of Life
One definition of "Philosophy" is "a theory or attidude that guides one's behavior."(Oxford English Dicionary 10th ed. revised, 2002). With this in mind, examine the theories or attitudes that govern your life and in a well-developed essay, define your philosophy of life. You may want to consider that your beliefs are probably influenced by your gender, race,ethnic background, religion, politics, profession, and education, so explore the ways some o these may or may not have molded the way you live. Although the essay is personal, create formality by writing this in third person.
Again this is all she gave me. If you have any questions please get back to me ASAP
Thank You

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Title: thinking

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Essay Instructions: I would like to request Freelance writer only....he needs to go off of the previous paper he did for me

Paper Assignment #2

Paper is due at the end of the last week of the semester (Sunday, December 20th, at midnight)

Paper must be word processed and submitted in a file format that is commonly readable (RTF files are the best)

Paper should be a minimum of 5 pages when double-spaced and using a 12 point font.

Anything in the paper that came from other sources besides your own thoughts must be cited (must have an end note or a foot note) and the source included in a bibliography. The format of the citations and bibliography must be of a nationally accepted formatting system such as the MLA or APA.

The paper should choose one of your answers to the questions about your philosophy of life described in the first paper and expand on it based on what you have learned about philosophy. For example, you may have changed your mind or you may still believe what you did before but either way you should have arguments and ideas to support yourself from all you have read. This paper is your chance to describe what they are and how they support your decision.

Remember that you are expected to “do philosophy” here and think critically and rationally. You have to give reasons and be consistent. Spelling, grammar, proper formatting and writing will all be part of the grade.

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