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Essay Instructions: For this assignment, you will be answering the question below. You can use information from your book and the lecture. Just know you will be required to use two other sources; other than your text book and your instructor. The paper must be at least 4 pages in length but no more than 6 pages in length double-spaced using 12 font and Times New Roman; and printed single sided.
The World has become a very intense user of energy with globalization. Petroleum has been at the forefront in energy use, and the competition for petroleum reserves is very intense. 1. What are other two sources of energy that we can use instead? (2) 2. How can these other sources be used for power and transportation? (2 for both) 3. What are two advantages of each source? 4. What are the two disadvantages of each source?
You can receive a maximum of 50 points if you follow the rubric below as follows:
5 points- Assignment is stabled with a cover page-this includes your name, the date, and is printed single sided.
5 points- There are minimal spelling errors present.
5 points- For answering question 1; What are other two sources of energy we can use instead? (2)
5 points- For answering question 2; How can these two other sources be used for power and transportation? (2 for both)
5 points- For answering question 3; What are two advantages of each source?
5 points- For answering question 4; What are two disadvantages of each source?
5 points- Using at least 2 sources for your paper other than your text book and your instructor
5 points- Proper usage of APA citation format
5 points- Work cited page is present
5 points-Paper is at least 4 pages in length but no more than 6 double spaced using 12 Font New Times Roman

The below books are recommended as part of the sources

Getis, A., Getis, J. & Fellmann, J.D. 2011 Introduction to Geography. 13th Edition. New York: McGraw Hill.

2008 The Nystrom Desk Atlas. Indianapolis: Nystrom Herff Jones Education Division.

Excerpt From Essay:


The study objective: to evaluate three main local petroleum companies from their agility factors and come up with a conclusion that state which of the studied companies is more agile than the others.

The Abstract and Literature Review chapters are completed!

My request is to write me the Research Methodology chapter.
1. In the attachment is my draft (attempt) of how I & my prof think that the research methodology should be! Please follow the same structure and edit where appropriate.

2. Also, as you will notice, a questionnaire should be build throughout the research methodology and from that questionnaire the local petroleum companies can be analysed.

3. The location of the questionnaire is followed each section.

4. The research methodology for measuring the petroleum firms? agility is containing four main area (factors):
a. Production strategy.
b. Technology.
c. Human resource.
d. Organization structure.

5. Each section should start with introductory paragraphs describing the importance and the relation of that factor to the agility measurement. And also, stated how the agility can be derived from the requested information by the questionnaire.

6. The subsections of each factor are still under discussion and you may come up with other main factors that should be studied instead so that the agility of each firm is studied thoroughly.

7. The questionnaire is advised to be in a systematic manner started from an overview to the company and goes to more detailed about the agility practices and recommended to be in Likert scale (i.e. scale from 1 to 5 and N/A)

8. References should be attached in the email when completed.

I will be glad if you supply me with references as they are always requested when submitting the work.
I am not sure how you will calculate the number of pages that you will add in top of my draft and I am trust you and your justified system.
I am expecting from you basically a well written chapter (same style to my draft in the attachments!) and a questionnaire for each section that I can take it straight away to assess the local companies and come up with a good/clear results of their agility index which I will included in next chapter, Results and Discussion chapter.
Please don?t hesitate to contact me for further clarification if required and I suggest that first section is submitted to me to review before proceeding to next section to come up with best closest to my expectations.
Regards; Fahad

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The marketing strategy of BP ( British Petroleum) in Caucasus region.

Please write only Introduction part of the essay which contains: Actuality of the topic, research methology, novelty and practical importance of the research.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: What are the effects and Implications of Petroleum Subsidies in Ghana

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3017 Bibliography: 45 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: the below format is the front page of the research paper and the format for writing the abstract is very important.

.D. STUDENT: _____________________________________________
PROGRAMME: _____________________________________________

Name _____________________________________

RESEARCH PAPER: _____________________________________________

ABSTRACT: Between 120 and 250 words. This is an important part of a paper, since it gives the reader enough information to decide if it is worthwhile to read it.
? General background
? The purpose of the study
? Methodology
? Results/ findings
Suggested font for the abstract: 10pt.

WORD COUNT: In accordance with instructions provided for each course. Footnotes must be included in the word count.

PRESENTED TO: Prof./Dr/ Mr/Mrs DIRECTOR OF THE MODULE ____________________


I have read the Code of Practice regarding plagiarism contained in the Students' Introductory Handbook. I realise that this Code governs the way in which the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy regards and treats the issue of plagiarism. I have understood the Code and in particular I am aware of the consequences, which may follow if I breach that code. I also authorise the centre to scan the e-copy of my research paper through the Plagiarism Detection Software to detect plagiarism

SIGNED: ____________________________
Date: Day ??" Month - Year

every sentenced phased used in writing this paper should be footnoted or referenced since plagiarism is an important issue in my institution.

the minimum number of footnote per page is three {3}

and the referencing should be done in this formate




and OTHER SOURCES - internet sources

Excerpt From Essay:

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