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Title: Peru's economy

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2640 Works Cited: 12 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I'd like writer usename: Leannot to complete the formal proposal for order ID 105089 using the Critical Analysis approach, but with a better defined, more focused, and balanced presentation as the formal Research Proposal is developed. Much of the proposal (order ID 105089) is generic, non specific.
I proposed to determined the current status of the economic of Peru. For this it will be necessary to provide clear and objective definitions of status. For cited reference, include official statistics from Peru, goverment sources, corporate reports/documents, or academic studies.

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Title: Peru

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2281 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Term Paper: Pick a developing country (Peru) and identify three FUNDAMENTAL problems (such as population, poverty, social=health care, inequality, economy, illicit drugs etc.)and explain why you think they are problems in Peru by comparing it with AT LEAST THREE other countries (these countries should also be lesser developed countries for example, Brazil, India, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bosnia etc.)
A works Cited / Bibliography page should be attached.
As a guide, use comparative political analysis and the comparative method. You may refer to Carroll, Terrance, 1995 "Comparative Political Analysis and the Comparative Method" also Sartori, Giovanni, 1991: "Comparing and Miscomparing" Journal of Theoretical Politics, vol.3, No.3 Pp,243-225. The book Comparative Nations Concepts, Strategies, Substance edited by Mattei Dogan and Ali Kazancigil (1994)is also useful.
Please include Work Cited as follows:
Appears at the END of the research paper and lists all sources consulted to write the paper including books, articles, academic journals, etc. arranged alphabetically by author's surname or by title if no author exists. Second and subsequent lines of each entry indented five spaces. Double space entire list, both between and within entries.
There should be at least 12-15 work cited entries (may be more) and no less than five quotes throughout the paper.
Make sure the paper proves the thesis. Use statistics when comparing. (Stats should most likely be cited)
Example format which may be used as a guide to write the paper:
First two or so pages- Identify Peru and three problems and why you think they are problems. Say why you chose Peru
Next two or so pages - Describe Peru geography, history etc.
Next pages - describe problems one by one ie. Problem 1. environment- deforestation 80% in (country of Study =Peru) compared to country (B) is 10% and country (C) is 20% and country (d) is 50%. Then explain what the countries being compared to Peru have done and how Peru compares.
Talk about identical problems
Last page - draw conclusions

CIA-The World Fact Book is an excellent resource for statistical information.
Another source that may be of use is "The Challenge of Third World Development (3rd ed) by Howard Handleman

All research should be as current and accurate as possible.

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Title: Economic Conditions of Peru dealing with Starbucks

Total Pages: 2 Words: 760 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I'm in a group project, and my section of the research paper must have two pages.

Here is the scenario: The corporation for whom you work has assigned you to a team to investigate whether to conduct business in a developing country. The team is to research different aspects of the country they find relevant in making their recommendation.
Country chosen: Peru
Company chosen: Starbucks
Sources for my section: Two (2) references cited

My section of the research paper is two pages on the Economic conditons. If you would like the whole assignment details I can send it to you. For the economics, maybe coffee beans? Peru already has a Starbucks, so I cannot look into opening one there, but I must look into the economic conditions. South America is a continent rich with the commodity and is a leader in coffee bean exports. Since Peru is a country that exports coffee beans, maybe that may be a factor in price??

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Economics of Peru

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2862 References: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Project Objective: Joining interests and expertise, the ECLAC and the World Bank have designated their "best economists" to work on a tas force initiative with the objective of analyzing each of the Latin American Countries under the perspective of the emerging global financial and economic order. The task force is required to present an "economic report" which will provide details on the actual economic situation of each country, and will identify the conflicts, coincidences, strengths and weaknesses of these economies in facing future current global economics and financial challenges. The report should provide economic policy guidelines or suggestions to each nation.

Project Final Report: This report should be a document that is useful to economic professionals in the selected nation (i.e. to those developing, implementing or evaluating economic policy). The final report does not need to provide "the" solution to identified problems, rather it should point out the implications of any proposed alternative actions. Basic aspects to be included in the report are the following:

1. Abstract (1 paragraph).

2. Executive Summary (1 page).

3. Country Background: Describe political and social characteristics of the country. Identify and be specific about significant issues regarding these aspects. Include any historical events of relevance.

4. Describe the economic characteristics of the country including: output, unemployment, inflation, exchange rate, and trade. Provide the country risk level and discuss its relationship to foreign investment(you will need to indicate level of foreign investment in the country). You need to include data to support your description. The website of each countries central bank usually has meaningful data. Given the previously described economic situation, identify conflicts, coincidences, strengths and weaknesses of the country's economy. What makes this country different from an economic perspective comparing to other within or outside of Latin America?

5(a) A:Describe the current economic issues of relevance in the country from the list below
Natural Resources: Is the country resource abundant?
Who owns the resources?

Land: How is land distributed?
Who decides who owns the land?

Labor: How abundant is labor?
What is the skill level of workers?

Financial Capital: Do domestic investors find better
returns at home or abroad?

Technology: What is the technological base of
the nation?
Who controls access to technology?

Policy Environment: Is the driving force behind growth
the market or the state?
Is the policy inwardly oriented or
open to international?

5(b): Describe how the current global economic-financial situation may impact the economy(depending no the country is may or may not have an effect so this is why you will consider parts 5a and/or 5b.

(I understand section 5 has a lot of questions. These were just some general guidelines given as this is one of the most comprehensive projects I've ever had to do. I would say what I outlined in 3 and 4 is most important which is more of a broad economic overview of Peru as opposed to where 5 goes into more detail. I'll let you guys use your discretion but to me 3 and 4 seem to be the most relevant)

6. Concluding observations: Describe alternative actions, solutions, suggestions.

7. Include Bibliography(all websits and sources of information)

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. Some possible sources I was given to use are below. I'll let you guys decide what is best though as there are no specific sources required. Thanks for the help.
The CIA world fact book
Peru's central bank website

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