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Essay Instructions: ?Persuasion.?

Aristotle defines ?persuading through personal character? as our belief that a person is unbiased and has nothing to gain by lying to us.
Describe a time when you chose to believe in ?the person? giving you some sort of information rather than in the situation which, at least on the surface, appeared to be much different from what the person you trusted was saying to you about the situation.
In the end, who did you choose to believe? The trusted person or the ?impersonal? situation?
If you had to do it over again, which one would you have trusted?

?Examining Tu Quoque Fallacies.?

Please respond to the following:
Describe a time when you were guilty of the fallacy of Tu Quoque. (If you have ever said, ?Yes, I did X but she did Y first,? then you have committed a Tu Quoque fallacy.)
Explain honestly whether you thought that justifying your behavior based on the behavior of someone else legitimized your own behavior in some way.
Explain whether you think that you will respond in the same way if a similar challenge is raised again.

: ?Share Survey Results.?

Share the results of your survey and your findings with the rest of the class. Please respond to the following:
Consider whether the survey responses were honest. Have you ever lied when taking a survey? Why might people lie on surveys?
Assess whether the results are similar to what you expected them to be. If not, why do you think they were different?
Describe what you did to minimize design flaws in the survey.
Identify any potential flaws you may have found in your survey study.
Evaluate whether any flaws affected the results of your survey. If so, how?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: What persuasion techniques does the Ku Klux Klan use to recruit and retain members

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1945 References: 9 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Persuasion Research Paper
Research question is due by October 15th
Paper - Due November 24th
6 to 8 pages

The student will write a formal research paper dealing with a personally or occupationally relevant aspect of persuasion. The student will develop a research question and submit that question to me and then logically develop an answer to that question through his/her research.

? This paper will be 6 to 8 pages in length, typed with one inch margins.
? The student should have no less than 9 reputable sources (no Wikipedia) for the paper.
? The paper must be in APA form.
o (For those who need help with APA style – see the button on Blackboard – The OWL at Purdue. This is an EXTENSIVE resource to help you with APA style! Be sure to investigate this thoroughly. I believe it will be helpful in all your courses that use APA style.)
o There is also links that will help with organization and writing style. Again – this is a great resource!
? There should be a cover page which includes: title, student’s name, class, and date.
? There should be ONE INCH MARGINS – top, bottom and sides.
? Please number your pages.

The paper will be graded on the following standards:
? Is this paper a thought-provoking thesis – a skillful analysis of some aspect of persuasion that demonstrates some thinking and imagination?
? Does the paper show adequate organization? A focused thesis that is developed throughout the essay, sentences that follow logically; coherent, focused paragraphs; a conclusion that does not simply restate the thesis but brings the parts of the essay together and provided closure?
? Does the work show the student can logically apply and analyze research and apply the research to describe, define, explain or resolve an issue?
? Does the paper adequately answer the student’s original research question?
? Is the paper clearly, correctly and coherently written? It is typed and double-spaced with ONE INCH MARGINS (no attempts to avoid space requirements by quadruple spacing, large fonts, large margins, starting the paper half-way down the page, etc.)?

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: " Persuasion". compare or contrast the uses of persuasion- the various forms of propaganda, intimidation, and violence- in Animal Farm and 1984. What are each regime's goals and methods in using persuasion? Are they the same in both works, or are there significant differences? is one regime more ambitious in its persuasion? more successful in making people believe and do what it wants? Explain.

please, i want you to use this two materials :
1. George Orwell. Animal Farm. Signet Classics.
2. George Orwell. 1984. Signet Classics.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Use of Life Support with individuals with ALS terminal illiness

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2142 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Persuasion Research Paper
Use of Life Supporting machines in ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease) Prolonging Life
--Describe in detail ALS and what this disease does to the body
--Discuss how affects body but not the mind so person knows what happening but can't communicate
--Persuade not to use machines but to let body deteriorate naturally because of cost financially and emotionally to family & friends
--Describe machine, how it is used and cost of what is typically used in ALS when this choice is made. 1) v-pap (forced air breathing) 2) cough-assist machine 3) diaphragm pacemaker 4)feeding tube 5) DynaVox (eye activated computer system that speaks for person)
--Also discuss power wheelchair and suction which are ok to use because make more comfortable but dont extend life.
--As disease progresses the need for round the clock caregiver in order to function. (expense)

I will send by fax personal experience information on individual who let disease progress naturally and one who didnt and how this affected both families in different ways.
There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

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