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Essay Instructions: personal statement

basic information:
my major is HR and monir is information systerm. I apply for master degree of Master of Science in Information Systems. I deem only one major is not enough competitive advantage for me to competive with others. However, combining HR and information systerm knowledge can improve my current situation and enhance the solid knowledge of information systerm. Last semester, I have taken the class of Programming, which make me deeply love information systerm. At that time, I know how to use visual basic software to create customer order such as coffee shop order and how to track the day to day revenue.

experience: I had work at KFC at China, where I learn how to use the KFC order systerm to create order fr customer. That experience convinced me to learn more information systerm knowledge to imporve my further career.

the above information I provide is my basic information, I will upload another example other 's personal statement to help you. Avoding plagiarism.

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Title: Personal Statement

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Essay Instructions: Personal Statement-Anwser the question- To what extent has your background prepared you for the professional education you now seek?
This is a personal statement for an application for a Master's of Real Estate. I am traveling and do not have a spare moment. Here is my background. Please let me know if you need anything else.
Thanks, Dave

J&T Development, Denver, Colorado
Analyst ?V Acquisitions July 2001 ?V February 2004

J&T is a privately held Real Estate Investment Trust specializing in property management and investment services. J&T has established itself as an industry leader through an impressive array of products and services including community management, and a network of financing partnerships.

Acquisitions Experience

?? Participant in placing over $65 million in assets under contract and closing $40 million in assets over a 30 month period.
?? Performed in-depth research and evaluation of housing markets through identification of employment and economic conditions, trend analysis and trade profiling.
?? Researched projected tax implications, zoning compliance issues, and environmental risk.
?? Assisted with contract negotiations and coordinated the due diligence process.
?? Maintained relationships with owners, brokers, and developers.

Valuation Experience

?? Prepared extensive financial valuations for potential acquisitions including 4-year proformas, capital expenditure summaries and capitalization rate analyses.
?? Evaluated potential acquisitions of distressed platforms through financial statement analysis and restructuring scenarios.

Operations Experience

?? Senior Analyst in J&T??s $100 million recapitalization transaction.
?? Developed and implement ancillary revenue initiatives to increase overall funds from operations.
?? Participant in the acquisition of $30 million of distressed inventory to bolster J&T??s occupancy and increase revenue.

Chateau Communities, Denver, Colorado
Acquisitions/New Business Ventures Fall 2000

?? Assisted in the creation of a disposition decision matrix to identify under performing assets for potential sale.
?? Conducted resident profile research to develop a resident retention program.

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Title: Dentistry

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Essay Instructions: Personal Statement
Begin writing your Personal Statement. You may want to organize your thoughts about why you are seeking a dental education. You will be required to submit a one-page personal statement on this topic.
Words of Advice
a personal essay on why you wish to pursue a dental education. Where do you start? Admission committees are looking for individuals who are motivated, academically prepared, articulate, socially conscious, and knowledgeable about the profession. What can you tell admissions committees about yourself that will make you stand out?
Here are some tips:
Be honest about how you became interested in studying dentistry. If becoming a dentist wasn't a childhood dream, that's fine, but explain how you discovered dentistry as a career possibility and what you have done to research the career.
Have you observed or worked in dental offices? Explain what you've done to demonstrate your interest in dentistry. Talk to practicing dentists to increase your understanding of general dental practices.
Do you have any special talents or leadership skills that could be transferable to the practice of dentistry?
Express your commitment to helping others and mention any efforts made that enforce that commitment.
Did you have to work to pay for your education? How has that made you a stronger applicant?
To get where you are today, have you had to overcome hardships or obstacles? If so, how has this influenced your motivation for advanced education?

I am REGISTERED DENTAL HYGIENIST, so could you include this in the essay too please. Thank You.

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Essay Instructions: Personal Statement:
Main points that I would like you to put through the personal statement, of course in w nicest way:
- I have always wanted to study law, since little age, as i am very creative person i have been always solving problems , ambitious, paying huge attention to the details, Working as a waitress i express the ability to communicate with peoe (costumers) at all levels, i understand the importance of good costumer service, - ease add how this is related to the law thing.
Love to travel - already been in Egypt, Turkey, Crete. Love other languages too; fluent polish, fluent english, good understanding of german and russian. Greatness of law for me ; Being educated in logical thinking, the articulate expression of comex ideas, the composition and art of argument, and how to use evidence and rules... , during this year I have been already taught about English legal system , the differences about Civil and Criminal law- im looking forward to get more knowlegde ... also ease add something that I was not able to go to university at normal age 18/19 because of the language barrier that I had to overcome. I also like to read psychological and law books. Thank you. ease contact me in any questions as this is very very important essay for me. my email ; wisnia,

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