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Title: personal narrative essay write a profound experience effect changed outlooked altered a person

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Essay Instructions: personal narrative essay,write about a profound experience that had an effect on you,changed your outlooked or altered you as a person

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Title: Personal Narrative

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Essay Instructions: write a personal narrative. Your narrative should depict the continuity within discontinuity and demonstrate shifting or evolving identities. Remember, one goal of Integrative Studies is to help you find the common threads of your life and weave them together.

The goals of your personal narrative are to assess the effect of past experiences on your life’s current trajectory, explore those life episodes that have shaped your value systems, and identify specific steps you must take to reach your professional goals.

Your paper should be 5-6 pages.It should be in APA 6th edition format. And remember Past experiences that have made you stronger and better.

~Things to possibly use
parents divorcing/ families health issues
playing Sports
moving to college
These are some topics you can use, everything must be written on your own. No cites or references of any kind.

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Title: Higher Education and a Personal Narrative

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Essay Instructions: This needs to be a personal narrative and research!
What is a university? What are we doing here? Is so-called ?higher education? somehow at odds with the so-called ?real world?? Draw on your own experience as a scholar, and on current and historical opinions about universities, to explain the ?idea? of the university. How does it differ from a community college or a trade school?or does it? Why do university educations seem to be privileged over college educations?or are they? In a time when universities are increasingly encouraged to behave like corporations rather than facilities, see if you can figure out what role, if any, universities ideally play in the modern world.
Please include these kinds of work cited.
- at least two books
- at least two articles from academic journals
- one digital resource (ie. the internet)

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Title: Aftermath of Iraq war The effects of Iraq war

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Essay Instructions: Request for C.R or any professional writer in his lever(if not better)

I explained all the detailed things that I needed, each part that I explained is very important make sure you read the whole thing and do as follows.? Also If your have any questions please contact me. And I need this by Sunday. Please make sure there is no dely in the order.

The topic for this Research Essay is The effects of War on Iraq , and also on United States.
The essay will be organized along the following guidelines:

?The paper must start with a short personal narrative story to make the paper interesting, not just a normal introductory? that explains what led you to the project, what your goals were, what is your personal connection to the topic.
*this should be about 200 words*
Note: You May Use this narrative story for the introduction part.but remember you should summerize it,it's too long, the whole introduction needs to be no more than 200 words.and also find a smooth connection between this narrative story and the topic of the research paper.

The drums of war are once again echoing in my ears. I am disgusted at seeing Donald Rumsfelf defending why the US needs to invade another country. Interestingly CNN keeps showing and old footage of him shaking Saddam Hussein?s hand. That must have been in the late eighties when the US was providing the know how for building chemical weapons as well as strategic intelligence on where to use them against our young men defending our country against Saddam Hussein.
I turned the TV off, put on a Persian singer?s (Ebi) ? Kee ashkato pak mekoneh? ( Who wipes your tears off?), turn on my computer started thinking about the story of my own battle from Iran Iraq war. I have one very clear memory of the war. Just one, because I was very young when we left the country. I was at my grandmother?s large house in Esfahan, with my mother and my grandfather. We were sitting in the front room, while my mom cleaned up the dinner she had laid out on the floor.
The dinner was light as usual: hard-boiled eggs, cut in half, red ripe tomato slices, plenty of fresh basil, feta cheese and bread. The eggs looked like daisies, the tomatoes were like roses, and the basil were the leaves. We ate flowers that night.
My grandfather had already pulled back and was paying full attention to the radio. A man in a booming voice was reporting on the state of our army. Or many young brave volunteers who were out fighting the evil Saddam Hussein and his evil army in the name of Islam. My grandfather reported the news back to us as if we didn?t hear it along with him. I did not fully understand the man with the booming voice but my grandfather?s commentary was helpful.
Grandfather turns down the radio, and faces us. Grandfather and my mother look at each other, transfixed for a second, as if making sure the other one is hearing it too, hoping that they are not. Grandfather reaches for the volume and tunes it up. There is no denying it: its? a red alarm, code for a bombing raid. The sound engulfs the whole room, cutting the heat like a blade. ?Lets go,? Grandfather says. He puts his hand on his knee and stands up just as my mother rises, and grabs my hand. Suddenly the lights go out. It is pitch black, but I have my mother?s hand around mine. ?Come on Samira, ? My mother pulls me. I feel my blankie getting caught and then the sound of glass falling on the tray, and the crisp smell of my tea. The jingle makes my mother start. I feel her hand tighten around mine.
The Sound coming out of the radio is more piercing, more urgent in the dark. The three of us walk quickly out of the house, go down the steps into the yard. Mother and I follow Grandfather to the basement. As we go down the steps of the basement I hear engines roaring, distant, but roaring. Grandfather opens the door and ushers us in, Inside it is cold and even darker. We are assailed by the pungent odor of vinegar and salt from many many bottles of pickled things my grand mother has made, all neatly displayed on the shelves. Pickled eggplants, cauliflower, carrots, celery, garlic, all swimming in vinegar, sitting in still jars. We work our way through the clutter of the basement and get as far away from the windows that border the ceiling on one side. During the day that is the only source of light for the basement and it is plenty. Now they hardly let any light in , in the pitch dark of night and blackout.
Grandfather sits down on a box. The muscles in his face look clenched. My mother sits down too and then draws me into her lap, presses me to her bosom. I squeeze my blankie to my chest; its corner feels wt and warm. It is the tea.
The raring gets louder. It means they are closer. Closer to the ground, closer to us? La ella ha ela Allah? my mother prays.
My mother puts her hands over my eyes and my ears but I move them away. I want to watch. Falling , boom , boom , and light at the window. ? Don?t be scared,? my mother says. I should have been scared. I should have been frightened and clinging to my mother?s bosom. But I wasn?t. The pounding in my chest was not fear. Then the roars take their anger somewhere else. They become faint again. Mother?s hand rest around my torso. She pulls me in, her face in my neck. ?See, that was nothing, it?s over?
?I should have brought the radio? Grandpa?s voice says in the dark.? To know where we got hit.? I feel my mother breathe out. ?its? over.?

Is a paragraph offering a formal definition of key terms . This section should be 100 to 120 words. Also it should be Cited( where you got them and got the meaning from).

A transition paragraph outlining the scope and the direction your research took and containing the Clear and professional thesis Statment, 150 to 200 words.

Next :

The Body of the paper consists of different reviewing from different creditable Sources " note that this sources should be not only online sources but also from Custom Newspaper or . magazine, or book ( if any available), or Lexis Nexis Academic Universe , or New York Times. Note that the total number of sources listed on your bibliography page must include at least three different areas ( books, News papers, periodicals, online sources or reference books) not only online source.

Make sure to include at least seven different critical sources within the body of the essay. Each body paragraph should start with an opinion about the article( source), weather you agree with the author or disagree, and give supporting reason to back it up. This should be no more than 3 to 4 lines. And then start summarizing the article using quotations . Quotations are very important. You must have a reason to incorporate quotations. Do not use a quotation to reconstruct someone else?s argument. If your quotation is very long, you might be marking this error? either paraphrasing or summarizing is more effective. Use short quotation; all irrelevant parts should be edited out. Also when using quotations, integrate them smoothly into your sentence. And Cite the author?s name and the title of the work when you introduce a quotations helps crate context. The actual number of quotations doesn?t matter ( as long as you use one or two quotations in each body paragraph from each source). But collectively, the quotations can be no more than 25 percent of the paper.

This whole BODY part should be about 1500 to 2000 words.
Remember there should be a smooth connection between each of these body paragraph and each of them should review different points, or different facts. I don?t want repeated reasons or information in the body paragraphs.

Finally there should be a conclusion paragraph, restarting the main ideas, offering the personal feelings about the work, and smoothly bringing the paper to a close, approximately 150 words.

I also found some sites, which can be helpful , if it goes with the paper you may want to use them.

Beyer, L. " Inside the Kingdom." Time September 15, 2003: 22_27.

Bonner, R. "Guerillas in Iraq tap unsecured arms caches, officials say." October 13,2003

Johnson, S. "Inside an enemy cell.? Newsweek Magazine August 18, 2003:12_15

Knowlton, B. "US Inspector sees much to pursue in Iraqi weapons search." 5 October
2003. The New York Times Online edition.

If your have any questions please contact me. And I need this by wendsday. Please make sure there is no dely in the order.

?Long Road for US Iraq Proposal.? September 8, 2003. CNN International Online

Treaster, J. "Powell tells Arab-Americans of Hopes to Develop Mideast." 30 September
2003. The New York Times.

Make sure you avoid using the articles that repeat the same information.and have same point.
Make sure There's a smooth Coherence between each part of the paper.

If you have any questions about any parts contact me.

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