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Essay Instructions: Person-in-crisis scenario

Marie is a 63 year old female who had a stroke. She is a school teacher. She has three daughters. Marie wants to go to back to her home after leaving the rehabilitation center. She will need help and does not want outside caregivers. The two older daughters want their mother in a nursing home as they have their own lives. The younger daughter wants her mom to be where she is happy and is willing to help with her care.
? Marie is in the middle to adulthood stage. She is successful; a leader; involved in lots of activities;
? Her role in the family is of dominance and authority (matriarch)
? The family is in the Launching children and moving on life cycle
? The changes: Marie cannot work, can no longer take care of self, no longer the dominant figure,
no longer has the authority, no longer sees value in herself
? The conflict is between the sisters as to what to do with their mom.

Create a ?Person-in-crisis? scenario that includes a conflict between the person and his or her family. Use the information found in the readings for Week One.

Develop a counselor analysis and intervention for the family system that will ultimately assist the person in crisis.
? Identify the developmental stage of the individual
? Describe the role of the individual within the family
? Explain where the family is in the developmental life cycle.
? What has changed for the person (needs values, etc.)?
? What is the conflict?
? What are the steps a counselor would use to help the person and the family move forward?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Include at least two references, both from peer-reviewed sources (journal article, scholarly articles, textbooks, videos from authentic resources in the counseling or psychology field).

I tried to give as much info as I could. Please email me if you have questions.

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Essay Instructions: Person-Centred Theory and Human Developement Essay.

2500 word essay- What is my understanding of Carl Rogers theory of personality compared with one of the other theoriesof development introduced in the module i.e. FRAUD, ERIKSON, PIAGET or VYGOTSKY. (You can use 1, 2,3 or all 4 incomparing and contrasting to Rogers personality theory)

OBJECTIVE- Describe the person-centred model of human i.e CARL ROGERS THEORY OF PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT and CHANGE in relation to other theories of human developement and CHANGE. It is important to note that you are focusing on Carl Rogers theory of personality development (1959) more than his theory to thearapy (1957) though you may introduce the theory of therapy to show how developmental and growth is seen to be the most healthy and best achieved in the person centred model. This is the same with the model/s you use to compare and contrast with person-centred approach; focus on the developmental part of the models but also refer to how the models influence change in the person.

How to present: This is personal choice. However, it is important to present all basic features of the person centred model clearly and also to do this with the model/s you use to compare and contrast with the person centred approach. SHOW SIGNIFICANT SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE PERSON CENTRED APPROACH AND THE OTHER MODELS YOU USE AND RELATE TO HISTORICAL CONTEXT OF THE MODELS AND HOW THEY ARE INFLUENTIAL IN THE PRESENT TIME IN A COUNSELLING CONTEXT. You must include: your own life experiance and knowledge to highlight and show YOUR understanding of any theoretical topic. Also, highlight your understanding of the person centred theory of development and the other models of human development and compare and contrast from your own life experiances and knowledge. All assignments should be double spaced with page numbers with atleast 4 references from published authors to support your essay and show in your bibliography all background reading you have done in relation to this essay. Include a word count with 10% either way of the 2500 word exspectation.

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Title: person centered theory cognitive behavioral theory

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1357 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: • Discussion of theories preferred person centered theory
• Discussion of theories not preferred cognitive- behavioral theory
• Concepts in one of the preferred theories for further exploration
• Microskills and techniques students expect would be effective with this theory

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Title: Person Centered Planning in People with Developmental Disabilities

Total Pages: 15 Words: 5015 Bibliography: 15 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I am unsure if this paper is considered a research paper or research proposal however this is what the paper should consist of:

This is a research assignment in the field of REHABILITATION COUNSELING. The Rehabilitation Counseling Research Topic is “Does person centered planning work with persons who have developmental disabilities”.

--Remember we are looking for researchable problems. For example you can research if there are benefits or if there are barriers in your research.

-First, Students will have a research statement ( introduction). Students will complete the literature review (Due March 10th)
-Second, Students will find research questions and submit a hypothesis (Due March 20th)
-Students will then have to collect data ( survey's, interviews, case documents...)
-Finally, Students will compile your data and present your findings in your research paper. (Due April 10th)

The final written project must be in correct APA style, and these must be followed in the final report:
Abstract; Problem Statement, Literature Review, Research Questions/Hypothesis, Data Collection, and Research Paper/findings

• Introductory paragraph/Problem Statement (25 points)
• Review of Literature (Heading) (25 points)
• Research Questions/Hypothesis ( 25 points)
• Data Collection ( 25 points)
• Research Paper (100 points)

-Minimum of 15 references from recently (2000+) published scholarly publications, such as peer reviewed journals, online journals,monographs, technical reports, books.

- Provide a typed reference page according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition)

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