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Essay Instructions: I am a student from Mumbai, India studying in an International Baccalaureate School. For my English Higher Level class, I have a world literature assignment where I need to write an imaginative or creative essay based on the book "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind.

The Essay should have complex language and should be written around the topic:
"An editorial objecting to censorship or exclusion of the book from a school syllabus."

The essay must comply with the topic.

Thank you.

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Essay Instructions: You are required to write a creative brief for Chanel Coco mademoiselle perfume, using the
templates/outlines; Target Audience; Brand Position; Brand Imperatives; Communication Objectives (using FACETS model); Consumer Insight; Proposition or Selling Idea; Support). The creative brief should be a maximum of 2 pages.

The first target audiences of the project are 20-28 years old young lady.
a. 20-24 years old women, just start working
b. 25-28 years old women, more mature and love fashion
The second target audience are men aged 20-30 years old who want to please their girlfriend by purchasing the perfume as a gift.

What consumers need or problem do we address?
-to use perfume for differentiate the style/image

What is the brand imperative?
A symbol of growing up lady

What are the program?s communication objectives?
What can we tell them that will make them believe this?

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Title: Wearing Too Much Perfume May Indicate Depression

Total Pages: 1 Words: 370 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions:
• find a story in the news that you feel relates to Psychology

=> I found the story about ‘Wearing Too Much Perfume May Indicate Depression’

• briefly explain the story
• discuss your thoughts on the story
• Specifically make sure you discuss why you think the story relates to Psychology

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Title: Marketing Communications Management for a new brand of perfume

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3207 Bibliography: 12 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This proposal requires approximately 3000 words. The objective of this proposal want to assess the market place for my new brand identifying two major competitors. Describe communication strategies including, segmentation, targeting and positioning, making reference to specific communications material (for example, advertising, web sites etc) (35 marks). Also Produce a marketing communications plan for the launch of your new brand locally. This should include objectives, strategy, a time plan to launch both above-the-line and below the line activities, including advertising, PR, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling and web-based material. You may also recommend other promotional activities ( 50 marks).In context, outline factors to consider when launching your new brand internationally. For example; differences in objectives, segmentation, positioning, media, culture etc (15 marks). UK must be included either as the local launch or the international launch.

I would like it be in the following format (if possible);
1.situation analysis
1.1 external factors
1.2 company analysis
1.3 market analysis
2. first competitor analysis (DKNY perfume)
2.1 overview
2.2 segmentation
2.3 targeting
2.4 positioning
2.5 communication strategies
3. second competitor analysis (CK calvin klein perfume)
3.1 overview
3.2 segmentation
3.3 targeting
3.4 positioning
3.5 communication strategies
4. paradise perfume (my company) communication plan
4.1 context analysis
4.1.1 maketing objective
4.2 communication objectives
4.3 communication strategies
4.3.1 target Audience primary target
Demographic for Paradise Perfume:
-Age jobber, teenager
-Income between £250-£500 approximately 12,500-25,000 baht per month
-white collar jobber
-minimum high school diploma
Psychographics for
-price sensitive
-driven by promotion
-adventurer secondary target
-business women
-age between 35-45
-price sensitive
4.3.2 pull, push and profile communication strategies
4.4 Integrated communication plan
4.4.1 above the line
- television
- magazine
- product placement
4.4.2 below the line
- exhibition
4.4.3 new media
- web site/ blog
- search engine
- time plan
- estimated budget
4.5 International Launches
5 conclusion
6 references
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Marketing Communications Management for a new brand of perfume

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