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Title: Peacekeeping in the Caucuses

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Essay Instructions: I would like to utilize mmorley.

How has peacekeeping in the causes worked? What conclusion can we come up with from their effectiveness and what does that mean for the future in the regian?

Much like the Balkans the Caucuses have been a area of terrible violence and aggression since the end of the Cold War. In Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and others ethnic strife and border conflicts have continued to this and are major matte of contention for the future. The tense, mountainous Georgia-Russia border is monitored by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation (OSCE), whose job it is to observe and record every movement through the mountain passes. Other peacekeeping operations from Russia are more of matter of contention than matter of support. My research will delve into these peacekeeping missions and ask what is needed for the future.

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Title: Peacekeeping Strategies

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Essay Instructions: Distinguish between the basic concepts of logistical support by identifying existing peacekeeping operations that utilize each of the four basic concepts: the self-reliance concept, lead member state concept, force logistic support group concept, civilian contract support concept.
Double spaced.

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Title: United Nations Peacekeeping missions

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Essay Instructions: The overall guidelines are to show two sides to the United Nations Peacekeeping missions: their successes and failures. *Their should be absolutely no opinions in this paper whatsoever, just pure facts. I am not sure exactly what constitutes a mission to fail, but for example there are many child sex scandals in the ranks of the UN and I would count this as a failure in any mission. I have no preferance if their are more successes than failures (or viceversa) mentioned in the paper. I do not expect an overview of all their missions, just the ones that can be rated as a 'mission accomplished', or not and the reasons why. *This paper should provide the reader with facts to later give an arguement as to whether or not the UN is effective in its efforts overseas............................questions? email me

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Title: Peacekeeping

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Essay Instructions: Limitations of UN Peacekeeping
Based on examples from the end of the Cold War this paper will attempt to review the limitations of peacekeeping missions in the last 20 years. The paper will analyze peacekeeping missions with US involvelment, as well as, without US involvement.

After the Korean War, Moscow barred Washington from directly participating in peace operations. With the end of the Cold War, the Armed Forces have been repeatedly called upon to support missions undertaken by the United Nations. Undoubtedly, the United States will continue to be drawn into such missions.

The evolution of UN peacekeeping: Case Studies and Comparative Analysis
By William J. Durch , Published by St. Martin&s Pr., 1993

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