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Essay Instructions: Parents and Families as Partners

Using your text Chapter 17 (Parent, Family, and Community Involvement) and Table 17.1 (Research Support for Parent Involvement) submit a two page paper on how you will encourage parent/family involvement. In your paper, you must describe all six types listed below, give an example of each way to encourage involvement from a teacher or school?s perspective, and cite how research supports those ideas.

In your paper, describe the following and give examples how a teacher/school can encourage:

Parenting Knowledge and Skills
Communication Between the Home and School
Volunteering at the School and in the Community
Supporting Student Learning at Home
Involvement in Decision Making and Advocacy
Collaboration with the Community
Assignment Instructions:

Must be 2 double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style as outlined in your approved style guide.

Must include a cover page that includes:
Name of paper
Student's name
Course name and number
Instructor?s name
Date submitted
Must include at least one additional outside source.
Must use APA style as outlined in your approved style guide to document all sources.
Must include, on the final page, a Reference List that is completed according to APA style as outlined in your approved style guide.
Must be well organized and reflect college level writing.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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Essay Instructions: Writer?s Username: gainesarnold
Consider the effect of parenting styles on a child's development of self-understanding.

Outline the four major parenting styles
Explain how self-esteem relates to sense of self
Critique how each parenting style impacts a chlild's sense of self

Include information from text book (Development Across the Life Span, Fifth Edition) and three peer-reviewed references

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: 1) The topic of the paper is ?Parent Education?
2) The format of the paper must be a program for ?Parent Education.? The content of this paper should demonstrate a comprehensive program design. You will need to provide a description of program format such as target audience, length of entire program, frequency and location of meeting(s), session lengths and topics and other administrative components as desired (i.e. refreshments).
3) The content of this paper must also demonstrate an overview of the program content including a justification of why the topic was selected. It is recommended you break down the larger topic into an appropriate number of smaller subtopics/sessions identified by you as the author.
Take into consideration following subtopics: Ecological Perspective, Culturally Adaptation, Participant Characteristics and parenting styles and Parents of Adolescents.
4) The content of this paper should also include how you will deliver this information in the training program. Your paper should include at least 3 different teaching formats. It is not sufficient to indicate you will show a video/film or bring in a guest speaker.
5). The content of this paper should also include how you will address needs of the individuals served. In addition the paper should include content on how you will evaluate the program.
6) This paper should read as a proposal to a company or funding source. The reader should get both a general sense of the Family Life Education program and an idea of the specific implementation of the program.
NO direct quotation is acceptable for this paper.
Papers should include a minimum of 6 references from scholarly journals, US Government publications. Resources should be current; no older than 10 years.

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Title: Parenting education for Teen mom including a section for identifying Postpartum Depression

Total Pages: 20 Words: 6240 Bibliography: 20 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper


Overview of Paper:
The topic of the educational program for this Capstone project is Parenting Education for Teen Mothers. I would also like a section to be about identifying Postpartum Depression signs and symptoms, since this population has a high prevalence for depression. This assignment should be one that lends itself to an educational intervention with a particular population (The population that I am interested in is Hispanic Teen Mothers in Rio Grande Valley as this is the majority population in the area). Perform a thorough research of the topic and write a Literature Review. The Literature Review should consists of scholarly sources and contain the latest research on the topic. Through critical analysis of the literature, the student will identify key concepts that should be included in an educational intervention. The student will then develop a teaching plan/curriculum based on his or her research. This will be a very thorough plan, including a plan for evaluation.

Papers should be in APA format. Final papers must, at a minimum, include the following headings and related content:

1. Title page
2. Abstract?this should be on a separate page and follow APA guidelines for an abstract. The abstract is generally written last as it provides a synopsis of the entire paper.
3. Introduction?Introduce the reader to the topic you will be addressing. Include the rationale for an educational intervention with the target population.
4. Literature Review (see ?Literature Review Guidelines? for specific details)
5. Description of Education Project (see ?Education Project Guidelines? for specific details).
6. Conclusion/Closing Thoughts?Summarize how this intervention will benefit the identified population and the potential benefit to them as well as the field of health/wellness. This is the one section of the paper where you can provide some personal thoughts.
7. References
8. Tables (if applicable)
9. Appendices (if applicable)?this is a good place to put teaching materials or handouts to be used in the intervention. If you will use materials that you did not develop, be sure to provide full credit to the source. If you develop materials, be sure to provide a full reference list within handouts or other materials.


The Literature Review is an important first step in planning any health promotion program. Research related to health is constantly changing and health related interventions should be based on the most recent information. Health promotion interventions should also be based on fact and consider characteristics of the population being addressed.

Please use the following steps in completing the Literature Review:
1. Review all materials in the course addressing how to write a Literature Review
2. Use Liberty University?s research portal to find pertinent journal articles related to your topic and potential teaching project.
3. Obtain and review at least 20 articles based on the above search. At least 1 of the articles should come from a Christian- or Biblically-oriented journal.
4. Through a review of the literature, important themes or ideas should start to emerge. For example, if you research obesity, you?ll find that diet and exercise are key components of weight control. If you are addressing obesity in a certain population, you may find that issues of body image or cultural food preferences are also important themes to address. The identified themes can serve as headings in your paper. You may also choose to have sub-headings as well if you identify broad themes.
5. Identify key points from the literature and write your review based on these. Rather than reviewing each article one at a time, write based on topics or themes and integrate information from each source as needed.
6. Summarize what you?ve learned from the literature and how you will use it in developing a teaching project.

The Literature Review should be written in APA format and will be graded on the following elements:

1. Use of current, peer reviewed journals (published within the last 7 years)
2. Depth of analysis and identification of key elements of the literature
3. Quality and depth of writing
4. Grammar and Format
5. Application to teaching project
6. Application of a Christian worldview to the topic


Education is an important part of the health/wellness field. The Literature Review you?ve already written should serve as the foundation for an Education Program. Based on your identified topic and population to be educated, an Education Program should be developed. It should contain the following elements:

1. Rationale for education?why is it needed?
2. Target population characteristics
3. Program objectives?what do you want the students to know at the end of the educational intervention? Make them specific enough to measure. Your objectives can be knowledge or behavioral.
4. Number of sessions and timeline?how many weeks or months will the education last? How many times a week will you meet with participants?
5. Lesson plan and agenda for each session?Lessons should include specific elements you learned about in the Literature Review. You may want to utilize information from previous coursework, particularly health promotion models, as part of planning lessons. Be sure to address any cultural or developmental considerations (such as with children) in creating lessons plans and/or activities. Address how you would integrate a Biblical worldview into the lessons or activities.
6. Evaluation of learning?Describe how you will evaluate if participants have gained knowledge and/or modified behavior. You may describe short as well as long term evaluation methods, depending on your program.
7. Follow-up?Describe if there will be follow-up after the completion of the education and what it will entail.
8. Handouts?Include copies of handouts you will use if applicable. These should be placed in an appendix. Be sure to give credit if the handouts are obtained from a source such as the American Heart Association. You can reference the appendix when describing how and when handouts will be used.
9. References?provide a complete list of references used in planning the program utilizing APA format.

Have fun in creating your Education Plan. You are planning the education but can bring in guest speakers, plan group activities, field trips, multi-media presentations, or assign homework.

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