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Title: parent interview

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Essay Instructions: Parent Interview.


Interview a parent of a child with special needs. The subject of your interview may be someone you know well or someone you have recently become familiar with. Be sure to remember the wide range of disabilities so that you consider all options.

Begin assignment with a brief history of the child. Ex: Name and age may be included.

Using the following the following questions

1. When was you child's disability initially suspected? Please discuss who brought it to parents attention. If it was the parent who first suspected it, what was the cause for the suspicion?
2. Please share with me your experience with the initial testing process? Also be sure to discuss the child's experience, as well as how it may have changed during additional testing over time.
3. What was your level of involvement during the IFSP development? Be sure to discuss thoughts on how the process could be changed (if applicable).
4. Please share with me the various forms of therapy, treatment, and support that you and your child have received over time. How would you describe the relationships with the various service providers. Be sure to include the ability to have your needs understood and met by service providers.
5. What are your dreams and goals for your child? Discuss both the joys and frustrations that you have experienced with your child.
6. How has the fact that your child has a disability affected others in your immediate family? Be sure to focus on the siblings, spouse, grandparents. Also include how this experience may have affected the friendships that the parents and child had over time. Include strengths.


The reflection section of this assignment will describe what you learned during this process. It should be in narrative form, describing the interview process including how this experience affected you as a teacher. How will you apply this to future collaborative/supportive partnerships? Make recommendations for actions or strategies for this family.

Paper will be 7 pages in length.
List each of the interview questions in the order they are asked. If the person you have interviewed shares additional information, include that as well.
Discuss with your subject, their level of comfort regarding using their full name, shortened name or complete name change to protect their privacy.
The same is true regarding the names of their children, schools, physicians, and any other specific details. The purpose of this assignment is to develop an understanding of the parent's and child's experience, as well as, improve your communication skills with parents with special needs.

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Title: Parent Resources

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Essay Instructions: Compose a list of 12-15 public/community agencies that you would recommend to parents to help them teach social, living, transition, and vocational skills to their children with ID. For each agency, briefly outline at least three strategies (social, living, transition, and/or vocational skills) that they use or recommend and evaluate their usefulness.

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Essay Instructions: 1) In this assignment, you will select a program, quality improvement initiative, or other project from your place of employment. Assume you are presenting this program to the Board for approval of funding. Write an executive summary (850-1,000 words) to present to the Board, from which they will make their decision to fund your program or project. The summary should include:

a) The purpose of the program or project

b) The target population or audience

c) The benefits of the program or project

d) The cost or budget justification

e) The basis upon which the program or project will be evaluated

2) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA

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Title: Parents and Education

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following question. I need this assignment done by 12 pm please. My class is at 1pm, wed. sept 19. Thanks.

1 Select three educational settings in your community. Contact members of
the program staff and interview them to determine the following:

a. How does their program de?ne parent involvement? Do they have a
policy statement or mission statement? What does their choice of
parent involvement activities reveal about their philosophy of parent

b. Describe activities and strategies used to involve parents. How do staff
members support these efforts?

c. What bene?ts do staff members perceive for children, families, and the

d. What challenges to participation do parents face that may prevent them
from becoming actively involved? What has been (or can be) done to
overcome these challenges?

2. In a small group, discuss the reasons to support parent involvement for
families, programs, and communities. By group consensus, list the three
most signi?cant reasons your community should promote family

3. In multiple studies, researchers have discovered differences in parent
involvement strategies used by programs and schools. Conduct your own community research, individually or within a team. Interview the parents
of children in preschool, kindergarten or primary grades, and middle or
upper grades. Ask them:

a. What opportunities are available for parents to be involved in your
child?s program/school?
 b. How does the teacher invite your support?
 c. What activities have you been involved in?
 d. What factors encouraged your participation?
 e. What may have discouraged you from participating?

Analyze the similarities and differences among the parents you
interviewed according to the program or school, ages of the children, and
your perception of the parental characteristics

4. Imagine yourself to be a parent, an educator, and an administrator. What
rewards and frustrations (or barriers) regarding parent involvement would
you expect to encounter? Support your answers.

5. Identify federal, state, and community initiatives utilized in your area to
promote family involvement. How long have the programs been in
existence? Are they selective or restrictive in determining who can
participate? What strategies or activities do they use that encourage
parent involvement? How does the community perceive the value and
effectiveness of the parent components? What criticisms have you heard?

6. What do Epstein?s Model Parent Involvement Components, the National
PTS Standards for Parent Involvement, and the National Association of
State School Boards of Education?s statement on parent involvement have
in common?

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