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Title: Pakistan ISI

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Essay Instructions: As stated in Sean Winchell?s article "Pakistan?s ISI: The Invisible Government," the ISI is often viewed as a "kingdom within a kingdom," answerable to neither the army nor Pakistan?s President." How did the ISI come to play such a critical role in within Pakistan and do you think a civilian (Pakistani) government will ever be able to effectively control the ISI?

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Title: Pakistan Economic System

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Essay Instructions: A paper/analysis on subjects relating to the Emerging Markets or the International Monetary System is a requirement for this paper. The paper will be 16 pages with FIRST TWO WILL BE AN OUTLINE OF THE PAPER, double spaced with sources credited at the back of the paper.

The topics will be those issues/companies/countries comprising what is considered to be either large emerging markets (issues/investments confronting Globalization and the International Monetary System), (Capital Adequacy, Free versus fixed currency systems, nationalization of natural resources, Foreign Direct Investments etc.)

The paper will include the threats/risks/opportunities that these countries or issues present to the industrialized world from a financial perspective and in particular the United States.

Country analysis will include but not be limited to:

Brief introduction (One Page only)

Geopolitical relevance

Internal budget issues


Monetary Policy

Exchange mechanisms (floating/pegged/rolling pegs etc)

Debt structure

Foreign Direct Investment Flows

Government Support Programs

External trade flows

Hard/soft currency trading partners

Infrastructure support

Investment in infrastructure and debt repayment load

Government interference

Legal structure

Formal/informal trade barriers

Some of the Sources to Reference from:

Pakistan Ministry of Finance:


State Bank of Pakistan Annual Report:

if you go to State Bank of Pakistan main page you will top left corner "Economic Data" it may have info to.

Pakistan has been working with IMF to help meet its monetary obligations. There should be loads of reference on that to.

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Title: questions

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1)Pakistan is critical to the U.S.’s antiterrorism efforts in Afghanistan. Have the internal political changes experienced by both countries changed the political dynamics in the search for peace?

2)This week's topic asks you to consider the relationship between Pakistan and India and the current situation relating to terrorism. Discuss Pakistan's role in the war on terror and contrast this position with its recent history with respect to terrorism.

3)The inability of the armed forces of Pakistani President Musharraf to control the border with Afghanistan has left this area open and undermined U.S. efforts against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. From what you have learned in this unit, what options do you think are available to the U.S. that will address the open border?

4)Discuss the role and impact of the Aum Shinrikyo in Japan.

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Title: Pakistan ISI and GWOT

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Essay Instructions: A two page paper (single space, 1" margins) answering the question: Do you think the U.S. will ever be able to count on Pakistan to be a reliable partner in the Global War on Terror or will latent support by the ISI create a political (or possibly military) rift between the U.S. and Pakistan?

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