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Essay Instructions: This is a required culture project that you are assigned. Its purpose is to make you aware of Hispanic culture, traditions, and history. This is a research paper so you will need to cite. The assignment is to write a reaserch paper about Pablo Picasso. Write about Picasso's life, about his involveent with Spanish culture/tradition/history. Make sure to incorrporate any spanish influences in his life or in his art work. Make sure to write about his art work and him as an artist

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Title: Pablo Picasso

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Essay Instructions: Research on one of the following:
Henry Moore
Pablo Picasso

Write a paper on your findings. Include atleast 4 works cited.


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Title: Pablo Picasso's Girl with Mandolin

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Essay Instructions: i need a 2 page analysis on Pablo Picasso's painting "girl with mandolin" 1910. Mainly discussing style, composition, use of color, influences etc. and minimum of 3 cited quotes.

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Title: Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso

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Essay Instructions: I have to do a research paper for my Humanities class. The paper must be 1800-1900 words. The topic I have chosen is a comparison between two famous artists: Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. Matisse and Picasso were very similar in many ways and also very different. In their longtime artistic duel, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso frequently influenced each other, sometimes stole from each other, and always anticipated each other. They were only rivals because they were so much alike. We could not choose to broad of a topic, so I chose to do these two artists, but have a specific focus on their self portraits of 1906, Matisse?s Self Portrait in Striped Shirt and Picasso?s Self Portrait with Palette. It was not until after I chose these paintings to compare and contrast that I realized there is not much specific information, but maybe I just did not find good sources. Please do your best to compare and contrast these two portraits, but if it?s to monotonous or tedious, do whatever is necessary to make the paper good. The paper needs to include parenthetical citations, and for the amount of quotations, my teacher did not give a specific amount of how many we need, but I do know there needs to be quotations, so put in how many you feel is necessary. Matisse and Picasso made many references to each other in their artwork intentionally, and always strived to better than the other. Matisse and Picasso also were both preoccupied by a number of the same themes, especially images of woman. After the birth of Cubism, this style of painting dominated the dialogue between the two artists, so that has to be included too. One other thing that I learned while researching was that Matisse never fully recovered from his cancer surgery and needed to develop a technique of doing artwork while sitting. He began to make cutouts. This technique also should be included and how it evolved through Picasso. Be free with what you write, I am positive I left out many details. Overall the paper should compare and contrast Matisse and Picasso as artists and as human beings. Evaluate their lives as friends and as rivals. Thank you very much.
-Dustin Poh

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