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Title: Week 5 Topic 1 and 2

Total Pages: 2 Words: 680 Sources: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Week 5 Discussion Topics 1& 2
Please answer the following questions. Please write a well-developed answer for each question.

Topic # 1 What are the differences between hypoventilation and hyperventilation? What happens to oxygen and carbon dioxide levels and blood pH?

Topic #2 The death of a few airline passengers have led to worry about economy-class syndrome. The theory is that sitting motionless for long periods on flights allows blood to pool and clots to form in the legs. Low oxygen levels in airline cabins may increase clotting. If a clot becomes large enough to block blood flow or breaks free and is carried to the lungs or the brain, the outcome can be deadly.

Given what you know about blood flow in the veins, explain why periodically getting up and moving around in the airplane's cabin during a long flight may lower your risk of clot formation.

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Title: Oxygen use in hospital setting

Total Pages: 14 Words: 6426 References: 20 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Below are the instructions for this literature review assignment. This topic may be used on my Master Dissertation/thesis.

Proposed Topic: “Oxygen Use in ward (non-ICU) settings” (the idea is most hospitals do not have protocols to consume oxygen. No oxygen prescriptions are usually issued, so patients may receive less or extra oxygen. Also, that will increase the cost.

Word Count: 4000, Double Spacing
Font/size: Times New Roman, 12 (headings bold), Include Table of content
Referencing : Harvard
References: Not less than 5 years old (2005-2010)
Appendix: include the literature review Grid (please advice me how to send you the template of it)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will be able to: (the below points should be reached throughout the literature review)

1. Conduct a critical review of the evidence based literature.
2. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of evidence based literature.
3. Discuss methodological issues of studies reviewed.
4. Demonstrate the ability to apply evidence based findings to their organization and/or area practice.


Conduct a review of the evidence based literature on a topic (ideally that which will inform your project/dissertation). The review should focus on the findings of the studies and analyze the methodologies used. Include the Literature Review grid in an appendix.

The following structure should be used as a guide for the review. Use only these headings (Sub-headings can be used for one or two of the below). Write as a third person (The writer suggest, the writer institute, etc..)

• Introduction (300 -500 words)
What is the topic? Why is it important? Describe how the flow of this lit.Review will be.

• Search Strategy (300 -500 words)
What database used? How? Key words/phrases? Do NOT include Systemic Reviews such as Cochrane . describe/how many…etc..

• Overview of the literature (1200 -1500 words)
This is the bulk of this assignment along with the Methods. Following the literature review Grid, create 3 or 4 themes that need to be analyzed or discussed (I attached a critique framework that may help). Identifying strengths, weaknesses, validity, reliability, sampling ,,,etc

• Methods and methodologies (approx. 1000 words)
This is self-explanatory. Discuss/critique the methods used.

• Application of findings to your organization. (300 -500 words)
How these findings are are important in health care institute? The writer (my self) hospital is not applying any protocol to use oxygen in wards.

• Conclusion (300 -500 words)
Emphases what is the introduction. Suggest following steps and/or recommendation

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Title: ROS and free radicals

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2327 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radical biochemistry is studied to discover how aging in cells can be decelerated or prevented. This paper will explore the evidence that ROS/ free radicals are an excellent model for aging studies and cures. This paper will also provide evidence of the faults ROS/ free radical studies; how these findings are not adequate for studying aging.

Do not use wikipedia as a resource.

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I have to use turnitin in this assignment, and only allowed 10%.
Discribe patient with multiple pathology, but choose one which I have chosen COPD and one aspect which is oxygen therapy.
The essay will be divided into three sections:
Accessment of the patient part 2 explanation of underlying pathophysiology of the selcted aspect of care
part 3 the provide evendent base anlaysis of the nursing interventions for selected aspects of care

Part 1: The candidate should provide rationale to justify his/her choice of the aspect of care. Giving reasons why this is a priority. This will be approximately 10% of the essay.
Part 2: The candidate should provide an explanation of underlying pathophysiology of the selected aspect of care. This will be approximately 20% of the essay.
Part 3: The candidate will provide an evidence based analysis of the nursing interventions for the selected aspect of care. This will be approximately 70% of the essay.
Safe Practice
Students are reminded that safe practice must be thoroughly demonstrated in assignments and examinations. Assessments with evidence of unsafe practice will normally be referred.
Students are advised to undertake wide reading and during this the following areas should be covered:
1. Possible aetiology of the medical condition they have been admitted with, whilst recognising the issues related to multi-pathology.
2. Anatomy and physiology
3. Pathophysiology/ signs and symptoms
4. Common tests and investigations
5. Principles of the nursing care and medical/surgical management
6. Psychological and sociocultural factors eg body image
7. Law and ethics
8. Relevant drugs/pharmacology
9. Involvement of other members of the multidisciplinary team
10. Appropriate health promotion/patient teaching
11. Discharge planning.
Time will be allowed during the unit to discuss and prepare for the assignment.

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