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Title: Othello

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Essay Instructions: Othello by William Shakespeare. Discuss the heroic qualities in the character of Othello. Describe the "transformation" in the play. How do his insecurities "play" into his transformation? this is an analysis not a summary. use internet sources only. must have well defined introduction with thesis statement: paragraphs that start with definable topic sentences: a definable conclusion. all claims must be supported by with text quotes.

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Title: Othello

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Essay Instructions: Othello, Shakespeare:

I need a one page paper on this drama.
*Remember this is all your opinion.

Ok answer this question
Using language used in this drama briefly discuss any "Thread" of thought which occurs to you in connection with the term. That is, in what ways does the term suggest interpretations of the play's events and charactors? What issues does the term raise? Fell free to explore your thoughts in any direction.Thier is no particular answer. However, your essay must convince me that your argument is meaningful, appropriate, and logical extra consideration for originality!

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Title: Othello

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Essay Instructions: OTHELLO ESSAY
Write a five-paragraph, 750-word character analysis of Iago. Select three primary character traits that enable Iago to manipulate Othello.
Write a five-paragraph, 750-word explanation of what makes Othello a tragic figure. Is his tragedy self-inflicted or is it beyond his control? What is his tragic flaw?

1. Introduce the name of the play, its author, genre, and subject of the play in the first sentence. Next, include any background information that will be of value in preparing your reader for your thesis statement. Your thesis statement must be the last sentence in your introductory paragraph and it must respond to one of the prompts above.
2. Put quotation marks around all quotations from the play; in parentheses right after the quotation, indicate the page number of the quotation. Do not use any quotation longer the 15 words. Introduce all quotations with a complete sentence and a colon.
3. Provide a suitable title for your paper. Use a title that describes the main focus of your essay. Do not use only the title of the play.
4. Make sure that your sentences say clearly what you intend for them to say. Avoid comma splices, fused sentences, and fragments. Make sure that your subjects and verbs agree; make sure that your pronouns and antecedents agree. Do not use pronouns which have no antecedent.
5. Remember to write in present tense when you are writing about literature, and remember to write in third person.

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Title: Othello

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Essay Instructions: Othello, the Moor of Venice Edited by David Bevington
In an essay of two pages, answer the following prompt. This essay should be written and turned in as a Word document and should follow MLA guidelines. You do not have to include a works cited page, but please do include a line number when you quote directly from the text.

Here is the prompt:
"In the introduction to his edition of the play in The Complete Signet Classic Shakespeare, Alvin Kernan remarks:
Othello is probably the most neatly, the most formally constructed of Shakespeare's plays. Every character is, for example, balanced by another similar or contrasting character. Desdemona is balanced by her opposite, Iago; love and concern for others at one end of the scale, hatred and concern for self at the other.
Besides Desdemona and Iago, what other pair of characters strikes a balance in the play?"

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