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Title: Organizational Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Organizational Analysis

Select an organization for a case study and organizational analysis. Use the “Fourteen Forces of Magnetism*” as a guide to assess the organization. Determine if the organization has structures in place to for recruitment, retention, and support of a qualified workforce and to support the professional practice of nursing.

Content should:

1) Provide an overview of the organization:

a) Location - Charlotte, NC

b) Size - 173 inpatient beds

c) Age - 50 years

d) unusual history - none - we are part of a large healthcare system that provides acute rehabilitation services.

e) image - 2 story building on the same campus as the large acute care facility. Primarily semi-private rooms

f) sub-unit configuration - 5 nursing units divided primarily by patient diagnosis, brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, orthopedic, pediatrics

I provided information regarding the facility as a reference only - I will write this portion of the paper. Please begin writing with #2. Additional information regarding #1 should not be necessary to complete the remainder of the paper. If I am wrong please let me know.

2) Describe the consistencies and the inconsistencies between the intent of each force of the fourteen forces of magnetism and the current state of the organization.

3) Synthesize the assessment to identified strengths and weaknesses

4) Support conclusions based on the analysis of the organizations position to recruit, retain, and support a qualified workforce and to support the professional practice of nursing.

5) Reference:
1.Bliss-Holtz, J., Winter, N., Scherer, Elaine M. An invitation to Magnet accreditation. Nursing Management. 35(9):36-42, June 2004. If I need to fax this to you please let me know.

2. Fourteen forces of magnetism. I also already have a reference for this if you need it I can fax it to you.

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Essay Instructions: Organizational Analysis, Part 1

Select an organization:

1. Describe the nature of the organization, its size, and any specific human resource challenges it faces.
2. Describe the major legal concerns of the organization and recommend how those concerns should be addressed.
3. Determine how the organization should address current (or anticipated) human resource issues concerning expanding into international markets.
4. Make recommendations concerning how the organization can leverage its human resources to come out on top in a highly competitive environment.

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Title: New nurses and managers

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Identify the following components:

B-Describe the orientation and socialization of new nurses and managers.
C-Include the selection process for preceptors. Is there a formal educational program for them? If so describe.
D-Is mentoring used for managers or staff? If so how are they selected? Is there a formal educational program for them? If so describe.
E-Describe the continuing educational efforts provided for staff and mangers. (10) Include how Best Practice issues are shared with staff. Is there support for formal education? If so explain (tuition reimbursement, flexible scheduling etc)
?F-What type of development is afforded to the leadership staff in nursing?
(Leadership workshops, seminars etc)
How are the legal and ethical dimensions of nursing supported within the organization?
Describe the process used to manage an ethical dilemma identified by nursing. Give examples.
Format ? Typewritten, double spaced, APA format, grammar, spelling, organization and clarity of ideas.

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You need to identify a health care organization or part of one preferably a healthcare component. UnitedHealth care

Learn about the organization you have chosen; organization charts, annual reports, statements of corporate goals, and any other information which is relevant and accessible.

Your paper should include the following elements:

A brief description of the organization -- What business is the organization in? How is it structured? What is the organizational history? Important: When writing your paper, the organization and all individuals must remain anonymous. Structure, Mission, Vision, Centralization of decisions, strategic plan, SWOT, prostectors and analyzer, Differentiation, integration, alignment, information flow top down, employees professionals, mechanistic and organic organization. Closed system ? not much available from personnel except what is on the internet. Uses Six Sigma Quality.

a. A description of the issue or problem ? Who is involved? When did the problem begin? Is it a chronic problem? Is it a coordination issue? Ergonomics can be tied into high employee turnover or low productivity.
b. A clear analysis for the problem or issue - Why is it occurring? What factors are involved? Who is attending to the problem? How is it being dealt with? (charts or tables can be useful)
c. A detailed plan of action - What should be done? Who will benefit from the plan you suggest? Who will lose form the plan you suggest? Why will your plan solve the problem or address the issue? Important to answer each of the questions.
d. An analysis of the constraints you might encounter if you were to implement the changes - Where might such limitations come from? Who in the organization might resist your suggestions and why? What alternative would you propose to address these constraints?

Format: 15 pages typed, double-spaced, 1? margins on all sides, APA 5th or 6th version format.

Mission is to help people live their lives to the fullest
Vision is to be a constructive and transformational force in the health care system

Business locations and product exclusivity.
Attracts highly skilled staff by good pay and moderate benefits.
Patents of propriety goods
Established channel of distribution
Inability to retain highly skilled staff
Limited human resources and staff
Products or similar services of competitors
Growing consumer base d/t government regulations.
Development of new technology through its Ingenix
New substitute products emerging
Price competition
Economic pressure

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