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Title: Windows 7 and Windows Vista

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Essay Instructions: Operating Systems 1040 Research Assignment
Due: December 5, 2008 (11:59pm)
Instructions: You are to research information on the latest Windows operating system, Windows 7 and compare and contrast its features to Windows Vista. The document, not including the cover page, table of contents, and reference page is to be, five double spaced pages using Times New Roman Font Size 12. The paper can be e-mailed to me, but I want only one attachment with the correct formatting. This means the first page is the cover page, followed by the Table of Contents, followed by the body of the research paper, and finally the reference page. You are to have at least three (3) separate references.

PLEASE NOTE: Copying and pasting text without referencing will result in an automatic 0 for the paper and an Academic Offence will be written up.
Placing quotes at the beginning of the text and at the end, with references will result in 0% for the paper.
Finally, please do not string a bunch of cited quotes together that make no sense or do not relate to your summary or back up your summary. This will cost serious loss of marks.

How to report to me:
1) The document is to follow the APA format – “according to Gord”;
i) You are to have a title page which will have in the centre of the page, The title of your paper, your full name ( first & last), your student ID, course number, my full name and finally my position (Faculty).
ii) The second page is to have a table of contents that uses Word’s process of creating a table of contents. If you do not how to do this, look it up.
iii) The rest of the document will be divided into two main sections:
(1) The main topic of the paper. You should put headings according to what it is you are talking about.
(2) The final page with a heading called References.
Comment [ GLR1]: This will help with the Table of Contents
iv) You are to write a summary of what you found on the Internet, and if possible back up what you have summarized with some brief quotes. You can do this in two ways:
(1) (a) You summarize what you found and use a direct quote from the article you got it from (this is where copy and paste is okay) then;
(b) After the quote(s) you are to put in brackets the actual website you retrieved the information from. This process is called citing a reference. This will be the same cite that you will put in your references page at the end of the document.
(2) (a) Start with a quote, reference it and then discuss what material you researched about it. You would follow the same rules for citing the reference as above.
v) All pages are to be numbered, using MS Word’s method. IF you do not use Word 2007 or 2003, you can use Open Office, or Works. Just make sure all requirements have been met.
2) You will lose 25% of the mark for each day late, including weekends. This follows the policy as set out in your workplan.

NOTE: I prefer the paper to be written using Word 7 because this is the program that I use at home. Thank you.

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Title: Operating Systems

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3006 References: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of at least three different measures used to protect operating systems.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Write a 5 page essay explaining how a mainstream modern (Linux or Windows) Operating System is designed to integrate all components of the operating system. The following list of topics is a starting point for your essay. You may include other topics if you feel they are important.

Processes and threads

Memory management

Including deadlock prevention

File Management

Input and Output devices

Security issues
Discuss current malware threats and prevention techniques

Data protection

The Essay
Your paper should include at least five double-spaced pages of content.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Windows 7 operating systems paper:

Compare the Operating Systems. The operating Systems include Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux. Discuss the pros and cons, advantages/disadvantages, pricing, security, compare features, etc.
Each paper must consist of:
Introduction created at the beginning, Summary paragraph created at the end
Title page: Kevin Maurice Caple
Guide to Operating Systems
Professor Cann
April 10, 2012

Excerpt From Essay:

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