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Title: The Case Open Heart Surgery Cabarrus Memorial Hospital Swayne Ginter I abstract introduction conclusion case I actual paper

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Essay Instructions: The Case for Open Heart Surgery at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital by Swayne/Ginter

I just need an abstract, introduction and conclusion for this case. I have the actual paper already.

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Title: What led you to choose academic area

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Essay Instructions: at the present time I am undecided about my area of interest
since I am interested in business and in medicine.
My sister, Cassie, has Down Syndrome and has influenced my life in many ways. I would like to help disabled people in some way in the future. In business, there are training opportunities, ways to advocate for the disabled, and problems with discrimination. The government sadly fails this group of people.
In medicine, I would like to provide assistance to those who are in need.
I am a very sensitive person because of my sister
Our family rejoices in all of her successes.
I am 17 - she is 24
She has had many medical problems (including open heart surgery, heart failure and several battles with pneumonia)
She is employed at McDonald part time.
I feel the need to protect her at times

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Title: comparison contrast

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Essay Instructions: How to write a comparison paper:

1. Choose two things as your subjects.

2. Make sure the things are fairly alike: obviously you're not going to compare riding a horse to riding a motorcycle, but you might compare riding a Tennessee Walking Horse to riding a cutting horse, or compare a Harley to a Honda.

3. Be sure to weigh things evenly and fairly. If you like the gaiting of a Tennessee Walker, you must mention what gaiting is like on a cutting horse, or some other distinctly gaited horse.

Make an outline, or freewrite, to jot down ideas.

Now, what topics can you NOT compare? They include any topic having to do with schools, such as comparing online classes to brick and mortar (regular) classes, or public vs private schools, daycare, anything in the field of schools.

Also avoid comparing Macs to PCs.

There are other topics I'll disallow as they come to mind when I write in the discussion area. I exclude topics based on years of experience with what students do well and not so well;

A note about ANALOGY, which is a special kind of comparison, like an elaborate metaphor: Analogies don't prove anything, but they can really clarify some points. Whenever I have to explain something, I find myself using analogies. An analogy compares two things on many close points, appealing to our sense of logic rather than to our emotions. They make things that are strange into things that are familiar and easier to understand.


"Life is like a pair of tennis shoes" (a simile, but now it develops further, into an analogy) "you get all knotted up, and trip over loose ends." "As it gets older, it starts to stink." "In order to be really good, it's very expensive."

Don't go overboard on analogies: a heart may be like a pump in many ways, using arteries like pipes to transport necessary fluids, but the analogy will break down if you call in a plumber to perform open heart surgery!

Compare and contrast things for a reason. Usually that reason is to evaluate. Sometimes it is to illuminate. Remember that the thesis statement is always the main idea of what the writer is trying to get across.

Yet another example:

What kinds of toys do little girls play with? What kinds of toys do little boys play with? Would you buy a bright red shiny fire engine for a little girl? If not, why not? Would you buy a Barbie for a boy? If not, why not?

A fire engine is a "thing" that involves action. A Barbie doll is a representation of a living creature, a "person" that involves interaction. What messages are you giving a child when you buy that child a gift?

Those are contrasts. How might you compare the two? Perhaps you could say that they are both miniature things that children will see in the adult world as full sized and thus out of their area of control. By making things smaller, we can give children practice in handling them. Is this a valid theory?

you should compare things FOR A REASON.

What reason would we have to give children toys that would shape their ideas about themselves and how they must behave in our society? This is how you come to conclusions.

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