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Title: one flew over the cuckoos nest

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Essay Instructions: My book report is on ken keseys one flew over the cuckoos nest. i do have to send this into a plagerism check.

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Title: Essay on what made a certain teacher great and the effect on me

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Explain what a teacher did that made her a great teacher. Also, the effect this teacher had on you. After writing reasons this teacher was great, analyze teacher's behaviour in these areas.
Acceptance and encouragement of students
Teaching skills
Content and Information presented
Teaching learning skills to students

Scecific examples of teachers behaviour:
Mary Rita Feudenthal was my freshman psychology teacher in 1982.
I went on to take a total of 5 psychology classes from her, including Abnormal, Social Learning, Lifespan and Human Potential, psychology of Learning.
She was always exhuberent. It was apparent she loved what she did and passed that on to her students. Her classes were always difficult to get a seat in as they filled quickly.
She used several mediums to present material. It wasn't all book learning. One example was using movies. IE: As Good As It Gets and One Flew over The Cuckoos Nest. Leo Buscaglia and Joseph Campbell writings were also shared.
The effect this teacher had on my learning was I became a Mental Health Nurse. I use some of the interviewing skills with my patients' today.
What did she recieve in turn for her commitment to teaching?
The love and respect of both students and peers.
She was always having old students stop by. She never seemed to forget a face. She got notes, cards, flowers... I received a card from her I have to this day ( She signed it" You are a joy". It meant so much to me and still does.

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