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Title: I / O Psychology Office Space

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1620 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Office Space Paper Assignment

Paper Length: 6 pages

What is included in the paper?
Title Page in APA format (not included in 6-8 page length)
5 Topics
For each topic:
? Define the topic and explain what it is and how it relates to I/O
? Give an example from the movie that demonstrates this topic
? Determine whether the movie demonstrated the topic being utilized coectly or incoectly and explain why
? If done incoectly, explain how the characters in the movie could improve
Summary and Conclusion
*If you use information from any sources, you need to cite them appropriately and include a reference page. See WebCT for a PowerPoint about citations and references.

Due Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Total Points: 150

Possible Topics for Paper
I/O Psychology as a Profession
Research Methods in I/O Psychology
Job Analysis
Performance Appraisal
Employee Training
Employee Motivation
Goal Setting
Organizational Justice
Job Satisfaction
Organizational Commitment
Emotions at Work
Organizational Norms
Occupational Stress
Work-Family Conflict
Work Groups and teams
Leadership ? Sources of Power
Abuse of Power
Organizational Development
Organizational Change
Theory X/Theory Y

Please choose 5 easy topics and must be in simple words psychology is not my major but this is my last class I need to graduate on. thanks for your help. m

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Title: Organizational Behavior

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2425 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Each student will watch the movie Office Space (1999) directed by Mike Judge and write a summary paper: 8-10 pages, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins. You must reference all your research in the text. Please proof read your paper before submitting it. The paper must be free of spelling and grammar mistakes. It must be a logically written, coherent paper. It should include at least 5 references from 5 different sources, 1 reference can you the required text and the other 4 should be separate sources. Include a Reference page. Please note that there is some profanity and content that is not suitable for children.
The objective of watching the movie and writing a summary paper is to learn about the organizations in the movie and the following important areas of Organizational Behavior (Below are suggestions and topic to include in your paper, you are not limited to these, feel free to include any of the topics discussed in other chapters.)
1. Organizational Justice, Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility: Are the organizations in the film utilizing strategies to promote organizational justice? Chapter 2
2. Motivation: How are people motivated at work (and what de-motivates them)? Chapters 7
3. Group Dynamics: Successful and unsuccessful groups and teams and how the teams’ effectiveness (or lack thereof) impact organizational performance and productivity. Chapters 8
4. Organizational Structure and Culture:
• Appropriateness of structure to the environment, objectives, and strategy (how people are arranged into teams/departments on the organizational charts),
“Personality” of each organization, which includes: core values and beliefs
• rules for behavior
• language used
• important rituals
• important symbols and artifacts
• relationship with employees
• its appropriateness and relevance to organizational history and the culture
Chapters 14 and 15

Required Text
TITLE:Behavior in Organizations
PUBLISHER:Pearson Education

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Title: Research Paper on Manhattan Office Market

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2269 Sources: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Assignment:
"Research Paper on Manhattan Office Market: You will research and write on the Manhattan office market. The paper should cover: the metrics used to evaluate the prospective profitability and valuation of Manhattan office buildings; the changes in the market since 2008; and, the forecast for Manhattan office buildings going forward, among other topics. Citations are expected.
A Few Words on the New York Office Market: There is no commercial real estate market more closely researched, and, perhaps, more closely followed than the New York (Manhattan) office market. Unlike virtually every other commercial real estate market where occupancy rates, average rents, and the like are estimated based on a sampling, every square foot of Manhattan office space is accounted for in determining these values. And, because there are more than 300 million square feet of Class A office space in Manhattan, the market is divided into several submarkets - each containing more square feet of office space than most other cities in the US.
Geographically, the biggest difference in Manhattan is between those office buildings Downtown and those in Midtown. Downtown was the home to most financial firms prior to 9/11; however, the destruction of the World Trade Center and other office buildings (totaling more than 10 million square feet) caused a huge shift in the city. Numerous financial firms eventually relocated to Midtown, and most have stayed there. The redevelopment of the World Trade Center site (WTC 1 most notably) will be an important and integral part of your studies this year."

I have some sources that have been provided that I will send as soon as I have the option. None are required to be used, but are there as resources if they help at all. I said 7 for the # of bibliography sources but that number is not a set requirement, however many is needed is fine as long as there are a few.

The assignment is about the "New York Office Market" but the professor really only means Manhattan so the rest can be pretty much ignored. Also the assignment is really just on the present state of the market, this class rotates each year between 4 different markets and the last time they did NY was 2008, so the span of 2008-Present is the main focus (although anything from a historical standpoint that could be applicable or relevant is more than welcome).

I placed the entire assignment here as was given to me, so as you can see there isn't very much there about format or style or anything of that nature so it's pretty open to however you find best suits. If there are any other questions or anything else I can help with please let me know.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Philadelphia office market analysis

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1687 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: -Please write a breif anaylsis of the office market in dowtown philadelphia ("central business district" or "CBD"). The goal of this market analysis is extremely specific: Put together a breif report that will provide your company an overview of the market so that an intelligent decision can be made on whether or not you company should make this investment in downtown philadelphia.
-Please bote that there are no set rules on what should be included in a market analysis, However, in general, a market analysis should definitely include the following information:
1) Local economy--Does phily have a healthy economy, what does the future hold for the city?
2 )Competive suypply -- How large is the existing market, are there new projects either under construction or in he planning stages.
3) Competitive Demand -- What is the demand for office space, both now and in the near future.
4)Conclusion -- Based on your understaanding of the local economy, competitive supply, and competitive demand, what is the overall current and future market for Class B office space in Philadelphia?

If you need you can call me at (516)220-6103

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