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Title: The Odyssey

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1692 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The assignment PDF resource file give me three choices of topics to discuss (below), just choose the one you writer feel comfortable to write.

1. We've spent a lot of time discussing the women in The Odyssey. Female
characters play an undeniably powerful role in the plot of The Odyssey, yet the sexual double standard of which Aphrodite complains in Demodocus' song applies to women in both the divine and the human realm, as evidenced by the summary execution of Penelope's maids. Are women ultimately powerful or powerless in The Odyssey?

2. The code of hospitality is central to The Odyssey. How does the issue of hospitality serve to organize the events and characters of The Odyssey and what thematic purpose does this fulfill?

3. Success in The Odyssey is often the product of a character's ability to suspect that things in reality are not the way they appear on the surface. To what thematic end is the tension between sight and insight employed throughout The Odyssey?

The essay is a discussion based on the book "The Odyssey" (Harper Perennial) Translation by Richard Lattimore, ISBN: 4186

The book has to be one or possibly the only one of the source to based on.

Its ok to include only the book as the source.

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Essay Instructions: I must talk about Odysseus in The Odyssey. I must prove that The Odyssey is the journet cycle of epic form and follow the epic form format. My essay have to include an introduction with a thesis statement in it, three bodies, and a conclusion. I can't retell or plot the poem over, it's almost like an analysis of Odysseus and his journey, obstacles, and challenges he had to go through to get back home to Ithaca. I must include quotations from the poem to back up the examples in each paragraph along with the book chapter and page number. This is an literary essay that must follow the journey cycle of epic form for the Hero Odysseus.

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Title: Odyssey

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1605 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please write a five-page "thought" paper on the following topic from Homer's "Odyssey" (Robert Fagles translation): It is often said that good fiction is false and fabricated in its specific details or at a superficial level but that it contains a deeper more transcendant truth in its depiction of human emotions, suffering and life. In the last half of the "Odyssey," the disguised Odysseus tells false tales about himself to Eumaeus, Penelope, and Laertes. To what degree are these autobiographical stories good fiction in the sense that they reveal some deeper truths about Odysseus beneath the obvious deception? Be sure to discuss the motivation, audience, and effect of each story in detail. How do they differ from one another? How are they the same? Do his stories change between the first (told to Eumaeus in Book 13) and the last (to Laertes in Book 24)? To what degree do you think that such stories also reveal to Odysseus some deeper truths about himself?

Please use Robert Fagles' translation of Homer's "Odyssey." The evidence to support the argument must be drawn from the text of Homer's "Odyssey." Cite in parentheses by book and line number, not in footnotes. Briefly paraphrase and cite a text rather than quote it directly, and never quote more than 2 or 3 lines of it. Lastly, avoid giving summaries of the plot.

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Title: Odyssey and Ancient Greeks

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1437 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: We will pay $125.00 for the completion of this order.

This is the exact assignment given by the teacher:

The tale of Odysseus’s travels and travail has become one of the enduring classics of the Western tradition as well as an endearing symbol of the achievements of the ancient Greeks. Using at least two different primary source selections from Classics of Western Thought, discuss how the themes and events of the Odyssey reflect and highlight the spirit of ancient Greek society. Your discussion should reference some relevant aspects of Greek customary beliefs, social forms, and or material traits as developed in class and in the reading. Be sure to identify and discuss specific examples from the source material to support your analysis. Also, the use of one research book, not including the textbook, must be used to complete this critical analysis assignment.

I have the Classic of Western thoughts book and all it is is a collection of classics from Greek history such as the Iliad, Oedipus the King, The Laws and Customs of the Spartans,stories by Plato and Aristotle, and stuff from the Bible new and old testament. So if you could use any 2 examples from any of those Greek works to tie in together themes from the Odyssey that would be great.

Also, we don't need a works cited page, I just need one other source that was used besides for the book that I have and I dont need any quotes or footnotes just two examples from the book maybe cited so I can tell that they are from the book.

If you have any further questions please e-mail me but this paper is due tomorrow and I am freaking out because I have no idea what to write. Thank You
Heres some notes from class that will help: (they might not make sense but it will give u an idea of what we learned in class because he wants us to apply it in the essay)

Greek Colonization
The golden mean-temperance-everything in moderation (within reason)

Customary Beliefs of the Greeks (This is important)-liberty,rationalism,wisdom,motivation,naturalism, optimism, civic duty, contest and competition, personal excellence.

Wisdom-"The good life is one governed by logic and reason"-aristotle

Material Traits-rocky terrain,hills and valleys, peninsula,small isolated plains, fun natural resources, grapes, olives, goat

Social forms-democratic polis, citizen phalanx, peninsula, small isolated plains, theater, agora (marketplace)

Also according to Herodotus what seperated the Greeks from the Persians and ultimately gave them victory was:
"our common knowledge (i.e. material traits)
The altars and sacrifices in which we all partake (i.e. social forms)
The common character that we bear (i.e. customary beliefs"- Herodotus

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