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Title: Physical Geography

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Essay Instructions: Referance Site:

Physical Geography covers many particular fields such as Geomorphology, Pedology, Biogeography, Hydrology, Geology, Meteorology, Climatology, Ecology, Oceanography, Cartography, and Astronomy. Discuss one of the fields mentioned above, and present:
- The main area it focuses on
- The businesses/agencies/companies that it could benefit
- The Spatiality of the field (how is a particular location on earth important for that field?)

List all of your sources.

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Title: Dental School Admissions Essay

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Essay Instructions: Topic: The essay is where you can tell your compelling story of why you want to be a dentist, brag about the wonderful things you have done or shed light on some unique personal characteristics. The key is to be unique, write something that the commitee will remember. Basically tell a story about yourself while portraying to the commitee the reasons they should accept you.

**** The key is to be unique, write something that the commitee will remember. ******

The essay should be 1000 words maximum!!!
Please try to make the essay flow in a professional manner
I will include ALOT of facts just use what you think is good to put something together. Thanks!


hard worker ? currently I am getting two Bachelors degrees. One is in Biochemistry and the other in Psychology. Also I graduated high school at the age of 16 by taking the GED and then attending community college for 2 years before transferring to University of California, San Diego where I am currently. Nothing has ever stopped me from succeding .

helping others ? SOME OF THESE MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE ESSAY! you have to say this in different words though, this is what another member from the club wrote.

My most meaningful realization from volunteering was that simple oral hygiene could help children avoid complex problems as adults. Unfortunately, children living in areas with poor general health care do not receive this type of education. Thus, I integrated health education into ?For Los Angelitos,? the club I am a active member of and serve as secretary for at my university. We take frequent trips down to an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico and spend time with the children. On one of our trips, we packed small bags with toothbrushes, floss, dental care gum, and a list of healthy foods for the orphans. We demonstrated the proper way to brush teeth with a big cardboard set depicting teeth and a toothbrush. Our club was pleased to see that the children were equally excited with the dental exhibition as they were with a comic book another group had brought earlier that day.

Some other volunteer experience includes:

**CEO of ?New Age Tutoring? a business founded to teach children in various subjects after school. The program was founded and ran by me for 1 year. Many childrens test scores increased and many children who were frustrated with school now love it.

"*Valencia Library Reading Mentor", Valencia, CA, 5 times during 01

Teaching Assistant for a Molecular Biology class at University of California , San Diego. This consisted of running sections to help over 40 students with weekly material and also prepare for exams. Also graded homework and exams.


Research experience - Important


Alfred E. Mann Foundation, Valencia, CA. , December 01 - July 01.

Design and implementation of the BION. The BION is an injectable RF powered single-channel ceramic-cased implantable stimulator that can be implanted via a novel trocar-based implant tool or via surgical opening, near a nerve or into a muscle. The BION produces asymmetric biphasic constant-current pulses. Studies included:

- Basic neurological and physiological studies to determine the effects of stimulation
- Animal research either at the peripheral or central level
- Development of peripheral devices to be used in conjunction with BION. For example devices that interact with, control, monitor or log the activities of a BION network

Scripps Institute of Oceanography, April 03- Current

Assist in the design, fabrication, and calibration of laboratory and field instruments, oceanographic research devices, and engineering projects which utilize the Laboratory?s unique suite of facilities. Projects include ocean atmosphere testing, wind channels, wave basins, and many other oceanographic devices that are needed by the government and private institutions.


Unique activities ?these will relate to MANUAL DEXTERITY and are pretty IMPORTANT to becoming a dentist. Here are a few:

Rock Climbing: Intense concentration and focus, intellectual and physical problem solving, education and practice in rope handling techniques and knots, and varying degrees of challenge.

Bhangra dance team (acrobatics): Traditional punjabi dance. These are partner dances that include balance and tempo. The balance part focusing on agility, flexibility, plus balancing skills performed on a partner. The tempo part focuses on synchronous and dynamic performances by partners, one enabling the other to perform stunts and twists while being tossed into the air.

Machine assembly: to assist in the design, fabrication, and calibration of laboratory and field instruments, oceanographic research devices, and engineering projects at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

-Musical instrument (tabla): The tabla is a two-piece percussion instrument, is the principal rhythmic accompaniment to most North Indian classical (namely khyal) and light music. I have been playing the tabla for several years now and have performed at 3 concerts and taken many classes.


Artistry (IMPORTANT) - Great passion for Pointilism: Painted various paintings using the technique of pointillism. Learned from a friend it has become a passionate hobby of mine. Using this technique I have created vibrant paintings.


Perserverance - VERY IMPORTANT! This should be included in the essay some how.
On September 22nd of 2001 I was the passenger of a tragic accident. Immediatly after the accident when the ambulance arrived I was paralyzed from my waist down. The cause of this parlysis is not known, even to this day. I was diagnosed with severe cuts around my body, extreme whiplash, and possible spinal damage. The doctor has reccomended for me to take a few quarters off so that I could fully recover by attending numerous doctor/ physical therapy appointments. Being a stubborn guy, I decided to work extra hard and make it through the school year without dropping out. The coming months were difficult, not being able to read or write without severe pain, and balancing a life of full time classes and appointments every other day. Gradually, the pain became so unbearable that my studying was affected. As presented in my transcripts, from September 2001- June 2002 marked a year of difficulty in my academic career. As the months went by my pain improved which is obvious also on my transcripts. It was not until the summer of 2002 that I was able to perform at my potential. Even to this day I am attending my last phases of my physical therapy treatment. I am glad that I did not drop out for a year, because through this experience I realized that I can make it through anything as long as I put my mind and body into it. This experience taught me that there is nothing that I cannot overcome

Volunteer DENTAL work ? VERY IMPORTANT! Voluntered at Dr. Nyguens office various times in the year. Put the following paragraph into your own words and also make it sound more proffessional.

At his office I:

further reassured myself that I wanted to become a dentist by volunteering at a general dentisty office and later at an orthodontic office. I immediately noticed the relaxed environment in each office and more importantly, witnessed that both doctors formed trusting and meaningful relationships with their patients. A particular experience at the dentistry office evincing such a rapport was when Dr. Nyguen allowed me to assist him in the removal of a nerve during a root canal. Dr. Nyguen cared more for his patient?s comfort than convenience. I learned that developing a personal connection with patients is a very important part of the job and feel that I am someone that can and will develop such relationships as a dentist. At the orthodontic office, I was responsible for maintaining equipment and keeping materials ready for upcoming appointments. The office moved like clockwork without a single bit of hesitation. I now understood the amount of organization, preparation, and cleanliness required to run a successful healthcare practice.

** Try to make the conclusion strong!....

Extra Facts

Awards received:

- PFE Mathematics & Science/Transfer Student Scholarship
- Graduation with honors, A.A. Math and Science
- UCSD Provost''s Honors, Winter 2003
- College of the Canyons "3.50+" outstanding student award.
- Phi Theta Kappa Scholastic Achievment award
- High-Intensity Transfer Enrichment (HITE) Scholastic award. (3.5 +)

Clubsactivities other than school

- UCSD intramural basketball league
- "Da Real Punjabiz", Bhangra Dance Team
- New Age Tutoring, founder
- Sangam: South Asian club, (active member)
- Sikh Student Association: Publicity manager
- Saheli: South Asian Women''s rights foundation
- UCSD Dental Club
- numerous sports/weight lifting classes taken

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Guano The Rise and Fall of an Industry

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2319 Works Cited: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic:
"Guano, The Rise and Fall of an Industry"

7 to 10 pages

subheadings, 12pt. font, regular margins, standard citations. Figures/tables can be used in the text or at the end.

9 to 15, Half must be from published printed material or PDF's that have regular authorship and publishers.

Required Documentation:
Appendix with COPIES OF THE TITLE PAGE OF ALL PUBLICATIONS, PDFs, and the main pages of each web site.

Blatant copy pasting or minor paraphrasing of other people's material will be severely penalized. Minor rewording of sentences from other authors is also plagiarism.

The goal is a concise up to date review of the main topic within the broad scope of oceanography. You need to present a background review, both sides of issues (if applicable), and your own conclusions or recommendations.

Citations, Appendix, and Bibliography:
Typically 7 to 10 references should be directly used for the paper, not counting the use of general sources such as encyclopedias or class notes. All references used in writing must be cited within the paper, but you may include an additional list of "other references consulted". Each web site, not component pages, is a single source. Non-electronic articles by different articles within a book are separate sources. For citing references use standard scientific style: Within the text, reference the important factual information, or key sources for descriptions by using (Author, Year, + page). These articles and books are listed alphabetically by author at the end of the paper. Footnotes are not to be used.

At the end of the paper, list references alphabetically by author (author, year, article title, journal, volume or date, pages; or, Authors, year, book, title, publisher, total pages), but the exact form is up to you. However, WEB PAGES (or other computer accessed files) must include the main organization responsible for the pages used in the report and the date that these pages were originally posted. Each reference should include a brief (one sentence) annotation that describes the article and how it was used in the paper.

Grading of Review papers:
A total of 250 points will be allotted as follows;

Topic focused and specific: 20 points

Depth of Research; Reference citation, Documentation appendix: 120 points

Up to date; use of varied sources: 40 points

Own words, Organization/readability; Concise summary: 50 points

Polished paper; Grammar/Spelling/Neatness: 20 points

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Title: Hydraulic Conductivity

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1587 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: "What is Hydraulic Conductivity, how is it measured and why is it important for transient storage??

You are expected to investigate the topic and provide a summary of the current state of knowledge regarding the topic. You must use at least four (4) articles from peer-reviewed journals. A list of all of you references, properly cited, must be included at the end of the paper.

Text (3 pages, 12 point, or smaller font)
References (Properly cited, single spaced within reference, double spaced between references)

Research Hints:

Water Resources Research
Limnology and Oceanography
Journal of the North American Benthological Society
Advances in water research
Journal of Hydrology
Freshwater Biology
The Science of total environment
Canadian Journal fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Hydrological processes
Journal of the American Water Resources Association

U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS)
U.S. Dept. of Aqriculture, Forest Service www.

Excerpt From Essay:

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