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Title: Obama's health care bill The assignment deals recent health care reform Washington The assignment discuss pros cons taking place 2011 2012 I a work cited page 4 reference reform APA style 12 font double space The issues discuss For 2011 pros cons 1 Medicare 10 bonus payments primary care physicians general surgeons

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Essay Instructions: Obama's new health care bill
The assignment deals with the recent health care reform changes in Washington. The assignment is to discuss the pros and cons of the changes taking place in 2011 and 2012. I needs a work cited page with at least 4 reference to each reform and in APA style, 12 font and double space The four issues that needs to be discuss are as followed:
For 2011: pros and cons
1) Medicare provides 10% bonus payments to primary care physicians and general surgeons.

2) An annual fee is imposed on pharmaceutical companies according to market shate. The fee does not apply to companies with sales of $% million or less.

For 2012
3) Physicaian payment reforms are implemented in Medicare to enhance primary care services and encourage doctors to form "accountable care organizations" to improve quality and efficiency of care.

4) The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees the government programs, begins tracking hospital redmission rates and puts in place financial incentives to reduce preventable readmission.

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Works Cited:

Works Cited

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Title: Analysis of President Obama and Governor Romney Approach to International Relations Issues

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Essay Instructions: Analyze whether President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney should be considered to be Realist or Liberal in their approcah to international relations issues. In the analysis identify at least five traits of both Realist and Liberal as they are found in chapter 1 of textbook "Essentials of International Relations 5th edition" by Karen Mingst and Ivan Arreguin-Toft.
For each of the candidates show how their positions reflects either set of said traits. Use appropriate sources (e.g. Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Indianapolis Star,etc). For each of the traits per candidate there should be at least one different source. In all that would represent about ten specific sources.
follow the format of Introduction, Body of content and conclusion.
Note to Writer: I am very confused by what are the specfic traits of Realist and Liberal, please put in bold type what these "traits" are specifically.

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Works Cited

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Title: Obama Health Care

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Essay Instructions: Summarize the most important provisions of the Obama Health Care
program (be certain to get your information on the provisions from a
site that is NOT critical of the bill). If you would change any portion
of this bill, describe what you would change and why you would
change it in making your proposals, be sure to respond to the
strongest arguments against your thesis.

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Abrams, M. et al. How the Affordable Care Act will Strengthen Primary Care and Benefit Patients, Providers, and Payers. The Commonwealth Fund, 2011.

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Robertson, R. And S.R. Collins. Women at Risk: Why Increasing Numbers of Women are Failing to Get the Health Care they Need and how the Affordable Care Act Will Help. The Commonwealth Fund, 2011.

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Title: Obama Care Act

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Essay Instructions: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Assignment:
On March 23, 2012, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act otherwise know as ‘Obamacare’. This law is one of the most substantial changes to government expansion and regulatory overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965.
For the assignment select one topic or a ‘piece’ of the legislation and examine its content based on questions given below. A copy of the ‘piece’ of legislation must be submitted with the assignment. Visit website: www.healthcare.gov and do other research for information on the Affordable Care Act.
Also give me well defined path- I will accept a well defined 'path' that will allow me to find the section you are reviewing. However, the documentation cannot be simple the web link. It must include the Title, Section and Line Numbers. For example, Title 1, Section 2, lines 40-65.
The assignment must be in narrative form. In other words means it should be in complete sentences.
The assignment should be in 12 point font, doubled spaced 2 pages.
Use APA Style for citations and references. It is MUST.
Clarity and grammatical soundness are also important.
The purpose of this assignment is to examine a portion of the legislation that has and will profoundly change the US healthcare landscape.
Answer the Assignment Questions given below:
1) Describe the three most important aspects (Concepts, issues, factual information, etc.) of the reading and justify these choices?
2) Identify two aspects of the reading you don’t understand and briefly discuss why these confusing aspects interfered with your general understanding of the reading?
3) If you could ask a question to the author(s) and/or legislator(s), what would it be?

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The Affordable Care Act is looking for to close the Donut Crack within the prescribed strategy. Deep within the act in Title III, Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Healthcare is where you can discover the Medicare Component D. modifications. The United States Division of Health and Human services carried out an analysis that reveals over the next 10 years an individual signed up in Medicare can conserve near to $3,500 on medicine expenses (Targeted News Services, 2011). "Without the Affordable Care Act, lots of senior citizens and individuals with impairments would pay two times as much for their prescribed medicines in the Donut Crack" (Targeted News Services, 2011, p. 1). The brand-new law will minimize the Donut Crack which will lower expense responsibility. "The accurate schedule of reduced out-of-wallet expenses hinges on whether the prescribed medicines possess trademark or band name or whether they are generic" (Kaplan, 2011, p. 25). Enhancing the accessibility of generics will yield considerable cost savings. The Donut Crack will not entirely close however a 25% gap is left for the enrollee.

To be able to obtain to this 25% space, closing portions of the space will be phased in over a 10-year duration. "For generic medicines, expenses lower by just 7% in 2011, and the enrollee carries on to pay most of the appropriate expenses till the year 2018" (Kaplan, 2011, p. 25). Up until the end of the stage in duration, common medicines will cost even more than branded ones. Reason being, the government desires both common and brand minimized up until both equal 25%. "The enrollee's portion responsibility for branded medicines is lesser than the similar portion for generic medicines till they both reach the 25% level in 2020" (Kaplan, 2011, p. 25).


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