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Essay Instructions: this is a graduate nursing course that requires Margaret Newman's health as Expanding Consciousness and Paterson and Zderad's Humanstic theory. Discuss their similarities (3.5points)and dissimilarities(3.5). Present the philosophical similarities (7 points). Describe 2 other theories related to the comparison of those discussed(4 points) Follow 6th edition APA formatting (2.25)and follow approprate spelling and grammar. Refernces within 5 yrs but 10 is ok. utilize 5 appropriate scholarly sources (peer reviewed journals and articles) ---(2.25 points)- textbook use can also be a source --Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice 3rd editioin by Marilyn Parker and Marlaine Smith

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Essay Instructions: 1. Select one nursing theory that is useful to your practice setting. ( I chose Myra Levine?s Conservation Model for this paper)

2. Research the literature for referred journal articles that discuss the use of the theory in practice. NRSG 653 2012

3. Critically review the theory and develop a plan for how you would utilize this theory in your practice drawing on holistic spiritual nursing.

4. In a 6-8 page 6th edition APA paper:

a. Provide an overview of the theory

b. Discuss the rationale for selection of this theory

c. Develop a plan to implement the theory

d. Describe barriers and challenges

e. Present the critique

f. Provide examples from theorist?s work that are relevant.

Please incoorporate below textbooks in reference

Chinn, P. L., & Kramer, M. K. (2011). Integrated knowledge development in nursing (8
th ed.).
St. Louis: Mosby.

O?Brien, M. E. (2011). Servant leadership in nursing: Spirituality and practice in contemporary
healthcare Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Parker, M. & Smith, M. (2010) Nursing theories and nursing practice (3rd ed.). Philadelphia: F.
A. Davis Company.

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Essay Instructions: Use the following websites and book to answer the following questions in essay format.
Books: Advanced Practice nursing: Evolution Roles for the Transformation of the Profession, isbn# 5067
Theoretical Basis for Nursing isbn# 3239

1 Discuss several aspects of professional communication as it relates to the use of language in terms of form (e.g., clarity, accuracy) and content (culture and/or ethics). Cite the references you used to compose your response (from required reading), PUT YOUR REFERENCE BELOW YOUR RESPONSE.
2 what is the role of the Advanced Professional Nurse in creating an ethical practice environment? Being a Nurse Educator, Respond to this question based on my Advance Professional Nurse.
3 Discuss the value of nursing theory to the profession of nursing. Identify one way in which you could use nursing theory to improve your practice (present or future role). PROVIDE A REFERENCE FOR YOUR RESPONSE.
4 Read the AACN documents for essentials of baccalaureate versus master's education and identify the competencies that reflect use of theory and knowledge. Compare and contrast the competences for baccalaureate and master's level.
5 Explain in your own words, the difference between the three paradigms: human needs, interactive, and unitary process. Which of these best fits your philosophy of nursing?
6 Select one of the grand or middle-range nursing theories. How does the theory demonstrate evidence of the utilization of social, behavioral, or bioscience theories?
7All nursing theories are developed in space and time, and are not value free. Select one nursing theorist and explain the factors that influenced development of the theory (history, scientific paradigm, and personal experiences--mentoring, education, practice, other). PROVIDE REFERNCE(S) FOR YOUR RESPONSE.
8select 3 theorist and compare the definition of person/human being. comment regarding which definition best fits with your own thinking.
9 choose one of the middle-range theories. How could you use this theory to direct care in a nursing unit if you were the manager? Share your results
10choose one of the middle-range theories, What impact this theory most likely have on your individual practice? (a Nurse Educator I am pursuing), Give specific examples.
11 which among the learning theories provided you with new information? How would you apply this in your practice?
12comment on the usefulness of Benner's work in your present or future role (Nurse Educator, my future role). Provide several examples
13the influence of consequential ethics as an ethical framework (the greatest good for the greatest number) opposes the ethical principle of deontology (i.e., the rightness of an act itself determines what is right). Both of these impact the nursing profession. Modern social exchange theories are based on the principle of utility. Read the assumptions of social exchange theory and consider how these would affect the nurse-patient relationship, compared to how these impact the nurse within the health care environment. To what extent are all theories ethical? is social exchange theory compatible with the values of the nursing profession?
14comment on at least three reports posted by other CLC teams. Provide substantive comments that include a focus on the application of the theory as a framework for practice (general or specific, basic or advanced)

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Essay Instructions: Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories Paper

?Write a 1,400 word paper on a core concept across nursing theories.
?Select a core concept that is common to two or more contemporary nursing theories.
?Compare and analyze the concept definitions among the selected theories.
?Choose one theory and discuss where and how it may be best applied to nursing practice.
?Include, as applicable to your selected theory, the following:

o Concept statement
o Metaparadigms
o Philosophies
o Conceptual model

? Include nursing theorist websites in your resources.
? Include nursing knowledge resources such as the Johanna Briggs Institute and Sigma Theta Tau International in your resources.
? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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