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Title: Concept Synthesis Paper on Personal Nursing Philosophy

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1948 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Concept Synthesis Paper on Personal Nursing Philosophy

Submit your scholarly paper, in which you have identified, described, researched and applied the concepts that underlie your personal philosophy for professional nursing practice.
Your paper should include:
• The Four Metaparadigms: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on the basic four metaparadigms/concepts of patient, nurse, health, and environment.
• Two Practice-Specific Concepts: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on at least two concepts specific nursing case management.
• List of Propositions: A numbered list of at least five propositions or assumption statements that clearly connect the concepts described.
Your paper should integrate these discrete elements and reflect your personal nursing philosophy.
The paper should be thoroughly researched and well documented, with relevant material from the nursing theorists Nola Pender and the Health Promotion Model. The current APA Manual is to be used throughout the paper. Sources should focus on references from nursing theory but may also include conceptual and theoretical material from other professional domains. The paper, excluding references or appendices, is to be limited to 6-10 pages. Writing should be succinct and well organized, as it is impossible for the facilitator to evaluate form and content separately.
Your philosophy/framework is to be given a title that is appropriate to its content and emphasis.

Grading Criteria: Maximum Points
Nursing Autobiography
The nursing autobiography included personal experiences in the field of nursing. 8
Provided an account of the current professional role of the student. 8
Included factors that guided decision making. 8
Quality of Essay
Enlisted the four metaparadigms. 8
The essay included a definition of the four metaparadigms of nursing with reference to professional practice. 8
The essay mentioned how the metapardigms were employed in nursing practice. 8
The essay enlisted two practice-specific concepts. 8
The essay included a numbered list of at least 5 propositions or assumptions. 8
The assumptions illustrated the concepts in a manner, which further clarified the students' use of the conceptual material. 8
The essay demonstrated consistency between concepts and assumptions. 8
The concepts were connected and integrated to reveal a meaningful sequence. 8
The essay included a numbered list of at least 5 propositions or assumptions. 8
The concepts were connected and integrated to reveal a meaningful sequence. 8
The essay demonstrated clarification and organization of the students' professional foundation. 8
The essay demonstrated evidence of critical thinking in analysis and response. 8
The essay demonstrated understanding and integration of lecture material, reading assignments, and sources consulted. 8
Essay was well written, well organized, and articulate. 8
Presentation Criteria
The paper clearly demonstrated understanding of theoretical principles (i.e., concept development, definitions, etc.) 5
The paper revealed clarity, organization, and articulation of ideas. 5
The paper showed that ideas were well documented. 5
The paper revealed the breadth of research effort. 5
Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Citations and references are included and written in the correct APA Style. 10
Total 150

Please use the below for some of the references:

Whitlock, E. P., Orleans, C. T., Pender, N., & Allan, J. (2002). Evaluating primary care behavioral counseling interventions: an evidence-based approach. Retrieved from
Janie B. Butts, Karen L. Rich. Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice, 2010. South University. Web. 16 October 2013

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: My nursing philosophy

I am not yet working as a nurse, however, when I enter the nursing field this is the my personal philosophy that I intend to practice. I would like it to be based on caring, knowledge, critical thinking, and being culturally compentent.

I also want to express how nurses are regarded as and esteemed profession, nurses are honest, caring, and are admired .

This paper should be 2 pages in lenght plus citation page

Cannot cite anything older than 3 yrs

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Essay is about [my] philosophy of nursing. Must be typed in 12 font, Times New Roman and double spaced. Must be 2 (two) well written paragraphs. Each paragraph must be a minimum of 7-10 sentences.
Essay must include answers to the following 2 questions (1) specifically explain in what ways [my] nursing philosophy was influenced during the "Management of Care and Professional Issues" [capstone nursing] course and (2) How will I live by my nursing philosophy as I enter the workforce?
Each question must be answered in 2-3 sentences. Please incorporate something about the education of patients to position them for future improvement of health and status.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Philosophy of Nursing

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1233 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write a philosophy of nursing unique to yourown current practice of nursing (dialysis).
address the following:
1 Key concepts of your philosophy/theory
2 4 Metaparadigms of nursing as you view them and how they apply in your own practice area. (person, environment, health, nursing as a discipline).
3 Describe how your philosophy could be applied to your present nursing practice, research, administration and/or education
4 Identify and elaborate upon yhou philosophy's strengths and limitation
5 no more than 4 pages, double spaced, APA style (introduction, body, and conclusion).

An idea:

It is not possible to practice nursing using one philosophy, nor is there such thing as an incorrect nursing philosophy. Philosophy is a set of beliefs and values. In a nursing philosophy, these beliefs and values are used as tools to guide thinking, observations, interpretations, and practices. As nurses we become more than caregivers. Nursing assimilates many aspects producing various roles. We become advocates, teachers, advisors, support systems, emotional punching bags, social workers, confidants, and friends. We are strangers engulfing ourselves in a patient’s world at their time of need asking them to trust us with their life. No matter a patient’s race, culture, beliefs, or values, it is our duty as nurses to put aside what we believe in, treating them with respect and dignity, providing the safest and best care possible. My nursing philosophy would indicate that each patient along with family members should be provided individualized nursing care providing respect and preserving dignity in accordance to their cultural and ethnic diversity. These beliefs and values interrelate to form a relationship between the person, health, environment, and nursing as a scientific discipline.

Excerpt From Essay:

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