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Title: Nursing Metaparadigm

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1252 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: As a unique perspective of inquiry, nursing has distinct concepts that are defined. As you begin your introspective analysis of your definition of nursing, define your interpretation of the following components of the nursing metaparadigm:

Person (client, patient)

-Use APA format

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Title: Nursing Philosophy and Metaparadigm The

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1054 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The academic level of writing should be Masters

Define: Philospophy, Nursing Philosophy, Metapapadigm and Nursing Metaparadigm.( need reference here)

Discuss how the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm (nursing, health, person, environment) have been described in common themes in most theoretic nursing literature. ( need a reference here!)

Then describe and explain your thoughts and beliefs about the four concepts of the nursing metaparagim (person, environment, health,and nurisng) and explain HOW they are all interrelated. (no reference required on this part)

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Title: Role of Advanced Practice Nurse

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3341 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Each Nurse Practitioner Student (NPS) will develop his/her own narrative description of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN - FNP-Fmily Nurse Practitioner) Clinical Practice Framework to guide the student’s clinical interactions with clients. The narrative description will address all components of the APN Clinical Practice Framework Schematic developed by Cook (2004). The Clinical Practice Framework of the Advanced Practice Nurse (Cook, 2004) should be identified as Appendix A when you address it in the introduction of the paper. A narrative description of the clinical practice framework will be developed and organized by the NP student in the following manner:

A. The major components in the narrative of the practice framework that will be presented, described and explained include: Introduction Person/Client/Client System
Environment Health Nursing - APN Interrelationship of Client System, environment, health, & nsg (APN)

B. Introduction should include: Definition and description of conceptual frameworks in general and then specifically related to clinical practice frameworks; the purpose and the use of a specific clinical practice framework in Advanced Practice Nursing includes a definition of Advanced Practice Nursing; state the purpose of this paper: to provide a narrative description of the application of the Clinical Practice Framework for the Advanced Practice Nurse (Cook, 2004) to my clinical practice as an (state your specific type of NP practice); identify that the primary theoretical source for the Framework is
provided by the Neuman Systems Model (Neuman , 2002 ??" cite chapter author), and that the Framework is organized and described according to the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm: Person/Client System, Environment, Health, and Nursing and the interrelationship of these four concepts to accomplish the goal of nursing. Provide a transition paragraph to the body of the paper and describe how the paper is organized and the content of the paper is presented.

C. The next major section of the paper is a description of the Framework that includes the nursing metaparadigm concepts. Provide an introduction to the section related to the content and organization. Then , as subsections, define and describe each of the major components above according to Neuman (2002) as the primary source. DO NOT use secondary sources ??" Use Neuman! The nursing component will include other concepts from other theoretical sources in addition to Neuman. NOTE: do not say, According to Neuman (2002) ??" just describe the concept and cite Neuman in parentheses using correct APA format. Esp. include:

1. Client System Define & describe all system elements according to Neuman - FLD, NLD, LOR, Basic Structure, the 5 system variables (in detail); Can also include description of the perinatal client; description of client system as family, including Neuman’s OR other family theorists.

2. Environment In detail according to Neuman, including the internal, external, and created environments, relating and describing type of environment to types of stressors, and the relationship of the 5 system variables to the intra-, inter- & extra-personal stressors.

3. Health In detail according to Neuman, including concept of health continuum from optimal wellness to illness/death; include
definitions of concepts of entropy & negentropy. Also include a description of health outcomes described by Dunphy & Windland-Brown (1998) in the Circle of Caring.

4. Nursing/APN Definition of APN in general, Nurse Practitioner, and your NP type specifically; identify the goal of nursing according to Neuman; define and describe the Nursing Process of the APN developed by Cook (2003).

You can insert the next 2 paragraphs verbatim into the paper under the description of the Nursing concept. The paragraphs below would come after the general definitions of APN, NP, and your specific type of NP. These paragraphs come directly from The Nursing Process of the Advanced Practice Nurse document.
The Nursing Process of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) (Cook, 2003) provides the mechanism of interaction between the APN, the client, environment, and health (see Appendix B). The Nursing Process of the APN is a care management process that guides the APN-Client interaction toward achievement of optimal client health outcomes via primary, secondary, and/or tertiary interventions in the client’s internal and external environment (see Appendix B). It is through the implementation of this care management process that the APN operationalizes the Clinical Practice Framework of the Advanced Practice Nurse (Cook, 2004) (see Appendix A). The Nursing Process of the APN represents an adaptation of the Nursing Process of the Master Clinician, originally developed by Moxley and Allen (1982), and the adaptation and synthesis of selected concepts from the Neuman Systems Model (Neuman, 1995) and the Circle of Caring (Dunphy & Winland-Brown, 1998), as they relate to the steps of the Nursing Process and the role and scope of practice of the APN (Cook, 2003).
All phases of the Nursing Process of the APN (Cook, 2003) are enacted within the context of a caring environment created by the APN. Within this caring environment, the APN demonstrates the characteristics of patience, advocacy, commitment, knowing, courage, authentic presence (Dunphy & Windland-Brown, 1998), empathy, and compassion (Cook, 2003). A complete description of The Nursing Process of the APN is provided in Appendix B.
Cook Reference Citations:
Cook, S.E. (2003). Nursing process of the advanced practice nurse. Unpublished manuscript, Northwestern State University of Louisiana at Shreveport.
Cook, S.E. (2004). Clinical practice framework for the advanced practice nurse.

D. Also, identify & describe the factors that influence the APN’s practice and implementation of the APN Nursing Process: Scope and Standards for specific NP practice and education (Appendix C in your paper); Level of attainment of APN role competencies (ID according to Hamric et al. text book); Personal & professional philosophy & ethics; Extent or level of personal & professional knowledge; NP’s critical thinking abilities; NP Practice environment (NAT. ,state; local)( include all factors identified on the schematic) (Do not need to go into a lot of detail here, except for scope & standards).

E. Then you need to summarize the interrelationship of the above 4 concepts - describe how they are linked to and influenced by one another, and for what purpose;

F. The narrative must be consistent with and reflect the schematic of the framework furnished to you -
G. Provide a complete reference list for the paper.

H. Use appropriate APA (6th ed.) citation format in the narrative and reference list. This is a formal paper and should reflect graduate level work. Use appropriate APA and MSN Guidelines for Formal Term Paper format. Include appropriate headings for the different sections (and within the sections) of this paper.
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Title: Postpartum Depression Theory

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1217 Sources: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Using the faxed information on the Postpartum Depression Theory by Cheryl T. Beck. write about the following ....being sure to answer each item listed.

Identify, describe, and discuss the basic considerations of the theory:
a. Conceptualization of nursing metaparadigm: client/person, environment, health, &
b. Major central concepts and definitions
c. Major assumptions
d. Theoretical assertions/propositions
e. Summary of the theory and the interrelationship of the basic concepts including the
goal of nursing.

Discuss the model/theory and its relationship to nursing research, nursing education, and
advanced nursing practice.

******Any journal article less than 5 years old WRITTEN BY Cheryl T. Beck on this topic may also be used as a reference...thanks,
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Excerpt From Essay:

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