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Essay Instructions: Vision of Shared Goverance in Nursing Homes
Develop an electronic presentation to analyze the factors that influence nursing and propose leadership strategies to operationalize your leadership vision for your practice area.
1. Introduce factors which influence nursing practice.
2. Propose leadership strategies which operationalize your leadership vision.
3. Provide supporting empirical evidence with a minimum of 5 sources.
4. Provide specific examples of the proposed leadership strategies.
5. Concluding statements summarize content.

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Title: Nursing home issues

Total Pages: 2 Words: 664 References: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Interview a staff member at three different nursing homes in your local area. According to them, what are the most pressing nursing home issues in your area? Discuss how you, as a community health care leader, would approach these issues. (You can do mock interview you make up)

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Title: lack of stimulation in the elderly

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Essay Instructions: I need a 5 page research paper (Not ncluding cover page or references) on lack of stimulation in the institutionalized elderly. It must say why I chose this and what I would do about it. It must be APA. I have references and will fax. I have worked in nursing homes since 1979 and have seen what the lack of stimulation does to the elderly. What I would do to solve it is open my own nursing homes, using, make it mandatory that previous interests of the individual are investigated and incorporated into the plan of care and obtain a grant from Areas on Aging to create a more mature and active activity plan for the aged.
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Essay Instructions: Discussion

TOPIC: Advocating for New Practice Approaches Through Policy

?I think one's feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.?
?Florence Nightingale

Through the policy process, nurses can put their feelings?as well as their experiences and expertise?into actions that create results. In this course, you have been honing your skills for critically assessing evidence with the purpose of improving practice and developing new practice approaches. As a DNP-prepared nurse, you can influence health care outcomes at the population or aggregate level. Leading policy development to address health care concerns is a vital way to achieve this.

For the past several weeks, you have been focusing on a health care issue of interest to you for your EBP Project. For this Discussion, consider how you could lead policy development in support of a proposed evidence-based practice approach that addresses that issue and is designed to promote quality.
Reference: Nursing Schools. (2012). 100 entertaining and inspiring quotes for nurses. Retrieved from

To prepare:
Select one of the new practice approaches you developed for the Week 6 Discussion.

Review the Ridenour and Trautman (2009) and Stokowski et al. (2010) articles . Assess the strategies for engaging in the policy process.

Consider the barriers to using evidence to affect changes in health care policy discussed in the course text.

Brainstorm ideas for leading policy development related to your suggested practice approach, as well as ideas for addressing those barriers.


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