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Title: National Security reasons for the U.S. involvement and political strategy in discouraging the implosion of a nuclear war with China

Total Pages: 19 Words: 5510 Works Cited: 110 Citation Style: Chicago Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Requirements for the Research Paper

You are asked to write a 20 page research paper. You are expected to show your ability both to organize and implement such a robust research agenda. This paper is designed to challenge you to apply relevant knowledge systems and theories of international relations and comparative political science that you have learned and synthesize them to produce new insights.

Attached is the MIT Dissertation model, which you must use to structure your critical arguments. Please use the Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press, 1969, 1982, 1990, 2003, and/or the latest edition) for your footnotes, bibliography, and the crafting of your paper. Please use the research libraries at CSULA, UCLA, UCR, USC, Occidental and their government repositories for both Congressional and Executive branch sources on the U.S. defense establishment, as well as defense and military science journals, books. You are also expected to access all available international and comparative politics and security journals, including International Security, World Politics, Survival and Aldephi Papers, Comparative Politics, Journal of Strategic Studies, Defense Monitor, Orbis, Strategic Review, Security Studies, the Washington Quarterly, Comparative Strategy, Nonproliferation Review, and Armed Forces Journal International.

Paper Topic

National Security reasons for the U.S. involvement and political strategy in discouraging the implosion of a nuclear war with China.


What am I trying to explain to the reader, and how can I construct a good argument to explain this analysis.

Important Notes (All must be followed precisely)

- Separate 110 source annotated bibliography comprised of: 70% Reference Journals, 20% Newspaper Articles, and 10% Books. Use Sources from 2006-2012 only.
-New section starts on a new page(Sec 1,2,3, Endnotes)
-Double spaced
-3rd person active tense only, no “I” no 1st person
-Number pages starting on 2nd page. (No need to number annotated bibliography)
-12 ft text
-No indentions
-Use footnotes in text. (60-70 should be included). You can use each source twice.
footnotes will go like this: come to end of sentence. (then footnote) Use numbered subscripts
-Endnotes will go at back in 14 ft

-This paper must be formatted me for me to revise, as instructor wants revisions, no hardcopy only. This professor has multiple PHD’s and is pretty serious about getting Ivy League Paper quality and will use multiple plagiarism checkers and expel students caught cheating. I know of someone personally who he did this to, so if it can’t be done legit, please just let me know and not ruin my life:)

-Instructor said a good point to emphasize would be that with the navy, air force, and army all growing, what are the nuclear capabilities of China. US methods of deterrence, effective or not?

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY (110 sources) (New page) (14 FT ALL CAPS)

Use Chicago Manual of style (No variations from format.)



Notes- Should be 4 paragraphs of at least 2 sentences (No footnotes in introduction).
Intro page has no arguments. It is a 1-2 pg. general problem statement.

-What is the general (theoretical) problem that you see out there? Write exactly as follows: “The debate on the effectiveness of the hedgemon’s foreign security diplomacy policy in convincing a rising hedgemon to reduce its strategic nuclear weapons is a matter of much concern.”
-What is the research question? (universal that arises from the general problem.) Immediately follows problem statement. Thesis- How effective has US foreign policy been?
-Why is this research question important to address? and/or why does it arise? Why should the reader read your work? “This question is important because it helps us understand...”)
-What is your preliminary answer to the research question that you raised?
-Tell your reader how you are going to organize your paper. “Section 1 will be the literature review....Section 2 will be the case study...and finally section 3 will summarize the issues involved in the conclusion.


Notes -Theory only, no case study. No indention, very clear, use footnotes. 15 sources on realism, 15 sources on idealism. No definition needed. 3 pages on realism, 3 pages on idealism.
A) Repeat/restate the general problem statement from the introduction.
B) Tell the reader how you are going to organize your literature review. Include the various sub-headings. (Should only be two things here, problem statement and the following in exact words... “By way of organization, Part 1 examines realism. Part 2 reviews idealism. Part 3 summarizes the findings.”)

PART 1-REALISM (3pgs) (12ft ALL CAPS)

Present both sides of the theoretical arguments. (Realism argues that....Some experts argue that...Others believe that...) In the text you will mention which side/theory you are going to use to defend your argument and why. Use national security as a basis.

PART 2-IDEALISM (3pgs) (12ft ALL CAPS)


Should only be a couple sentences. The literature review has examined idealism/realism. Tell the reader what case you are going to use in your research, in order to illustrate the theoretical ideas in the literature review.

SECTION 2 CASE STUDY (12pgs) (14 FT ALL CAPS) (New page) (use 30-40 sources)

Repeat the research question raised by the general problem. Do this verbatim.

An example would be “By way of organization, Part 1 provides a historical overview of Ethiopia's approaches to democratic governance and economic development in the cold war environment between 1958-1989.


Paraphrasing, no quotes. This will be pre 2007-2012. Background of problem. Don’t go too far back. You can include time, place, policies. Extra information goes here.


Answer the research question. Present evidence for your argument. Bring in your specific findings. It is a good idea to include in your case study third party sources: what a country thinks about the former.

SECTION 3-SUMMARY (1pg) (14 FT ALL CAPS) (New page)

Repeat the research question. Restate central findings in the case study. What were the central findings in your case study related to the research question? Your informed analysis of part 2 of your case study.

ENDNOTES (60-70) (New page) (14 FT ALL CAPS)

***I will attach all the handouts provided from the class with examples of how the paper is to be written. Please do not deviate from the format. The format for font, spacing, new title sections, ect, all must be followed precisely. A large part, including cover page and lines of text are already filled out. Letters such as (A, B, C, D, E) I’ve included as sub headings need not be repeated in text.

There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: 1 Research the situation in 2009 regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons program. (A recommended resource would be the Council of Foreign Relations: Iran Nuclear Program Background is found at

a. From a liberalism ? a pluralist perspective analyze the Iranian nuclear program.

b. Discuss the different tools the United States has at its disposal to persuade the Iranians to abandon nuclear weapons development
c. Write a persuasive paper discussing the tools available to the West and what you believe are the best tools and strategies to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
Use at least three scholarly resources

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Nuclear weapons and physicists moral choices

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3229 Sources: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Physicists ran the Manhattan Project and helped the U.S. government to build the first atomic bomb is well known. During World War II, most American physicists and their immigrated European colleagues supported the making of the nuclear weapon. After the war, however, their positions diversified. While some continued to support the development of more powerful nuclear bombs, others were adamantly against the further exploitation of nuclear physics for military purposes and advocated its peaceful use. What brought physicists to these opposite positions? What were the distinct moral concerns underlying physicists’ attitudes toward nuclear weapons? Discuss American physicists’ moral choices in the issue of nuclear weapons during the Cold War. Use concrete historical examples such as Oppenheimer, Teller, Einstein, and Wilson.

The references should include academic books and/or periodicals. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to use “primary sources” such as nineteenth-and twentieth-century physicists’ writings and government reports during the historical period of your concern. These documents can be from the reading materials of the class. The online versions of these documents are also acceptable. Yet informational websites (such as Wikipedia) and lecture notes are not allowed.

Suggested Sources:
* Physics and Beyond: Encounters and Conversations / Werner Heisenberg
* ESSAYS ON SCIENCE AND SOCIETY: Science and Morality, Edward Teller
* The ruin of J. Robert Oppenheimer : and the birth of the modern arms race / Priscilla J. McMillan.
* J. Robert Oppenheimer and the American century / David C. Cassidy.
* American Prometheus : the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer / Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin.
* 109 East Palace : Robert Oppenheimer and the secret city of Los Alamos / Jennet Conant.
* Brotherhood of the bomb : the tangled lives and loyalties of Robert Oppenheimer, Ernest Lawrence, and Edward Teller / Gregg Herkan.
* In the shadow of the bomb : Bethe, Oppenheimer, and the moral responsibility of the scientist / S.S. Schweber.
* Kragh, Helge, Quantum Generations: A History of Physics in the Twentieth Century, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1999 (ISBN: 7).
* Physicists, Kevles

The moral issues surrounding the nuclear bomb were more complicated than just a binary picture of support vs rejection. The reasons also varied for those who supported or disapproved. How did these attitudes reflect their belief of human nature and values?

Please use footnotes in conjunction with the MLA format.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Nuclear

Total Pages: 3 Words: 911 References: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: *****I choose Nuclear Weapons*******

Select one area from the below list of Soviet issues. Write an analysis of the Intelligence Community?s efforts against this target during the Cold War. Make sure to include the strengths and weaknesses for both collection against and analysis of the given issue. Keep in mind that some of these areas may be interlinked with others.
?Politics and Foreign Policy
?Science and Technology
?Military Intentions and Capabilities
?Nuclear Weapons

This section prepares you to complete this assignment successfully. Please follow these instructions to complete and submit this assignment:
1.You will create a document in .doc or .rtf formats to record and save your answers, unless otherwise specified. Write detailed answers to ensure that you cover the questions properly.
2.Review your answers thoroughly before you submit your assignment.

Excerpt From Essay:

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