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Title: nuclear power

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Essay Instructions: For this assignment you are asked to write a four-page report on the potential of nuclear
power as a solution to the fossil fuel shortfall, and the challenges and consequences of
expanding the use of nuclear power.
• In order to obtain a balanced overview of the situation, you are asked to refer to a
variety of different sources: Nirex and BNFL, the radiological protection institute of
Ireland, the Students Union of Ireland, and a variety of newspaper coverage
(business, science and technology, local/national/international news).
• A large number of sources are suggested to you, but you can use your own
sources as well. BBC news is a good online source, but The Independent and
The Guardian are also good sources. You will also be shown some promotional
• Topics you should include in your report are:
(1) Nuclear power and reprocessing defined.
(2) The energy gap and nuclear power.
(3) The financial cost of nuclear power.
(4) Nuclear safety.
(5) Radioactive contamination.
(6) A nuclear future?
Aid 1: Websites for your research

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Title: Nuclear Power for energy and its impact to the enviroment

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Essay Instructions: research paper :

10 pages
power point to present to class
10 resources
I have resources
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Nuclear Power and its effects on the Environment
Louis Daleandro

I have decided to focus my research paper on the effects of Nuclear power and its effects on the environment.. I have served on nuclear powered submarines and have done a great deal of training on the topic. Which has caused me to have to live in close proximity to a Nuclear Environment while many of my friends work in the industry today?
I plan to focus on:
-The history of Nuclear power
-Compare the different nuclear reactor types
-Compare the different sources of power generation other than nuclear
-The risks of Nuclear power compared to other natural power sources
-The effects and impacts on the environment
-The effects on the world

My question I plan on answering is:
Is Nuclear power when used as a fuel, is just as safe with minimal impacts to the environment as other natural fuel sources are?

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Essay Instructions: the topic of the essay is nuclear power. Need to write an assessment of the pros and cons of nuclear power to generate electricity, and give an opinion on whether we should increase or decrease our dependence on nuclear power.

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Essay Instructions: Should we develop PORTABLE nuclear power sources and is this the solution to our power crisis? Nuclear power source compared to other power sources (ie wind, water, coal, solar, fossil fuel)
As it is, we are spending too much money on power in our homes and businesses. What if we could cut that cost in half? What if we could also eliminate the possibility of a power outage? With portable nuclear power sources, we can make both of these things a reality. We could also save money on gas as well as saving money on batteries. Since nuclear power sources are safe as can be, we are able to use them to power our cameras, our cars and possibly, our computers. There are just so many practical applications for nuclear power so the possibilities are simply endless.

Can only have 3-4 website citations. The rest of the of the citations should be book or journal article based and within last 5 years.

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