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Title: Epistolary novels

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Essay Instructions: 1)use a psychoanalyst(ie- Wolfgang Pauli) to describe how the use of letters is a form of psycho therapy. It allows one to access their innermost thoughts and emotions. Letter writing creates a sense of catharsis- explain how this happens according to a prominent psychoanalysist(like pauli or jung-anyone who has said something significant about letter writing!)
2) Explain how this process occurs in goethe's sorrows of young werther. Use direct citations from the novel. Letter writing leads to a sense of finality, and can lead to a recognition of ones own thoughts. In this case, they are emotions of frustration, suicide and solitude. Explain how these emotions are progressively expressed.
2) Compare it to one other epistolary novel(any novel of relevance. books studied included rilke-letters to a young poet or dangerous liasons-laclos. However, any other epistolary novel of writers choice can be used as a second text)which also uses letters as a form of therapy.Perhaps in a more positive way, where the protagonist does not kill himself as he does in Goethe's text, but blossoms in love, happiness etc.
note: explain why the two novels being compared have been same time period
3) conclusion- individuals can use letter writing as a means of self-purification. It allows one to develop an intimate relatioship with another being(when comparing it to a diary form) and with ones own self. It can lead to a clearing of ones thoughts. Eventually can foster emotions of happiness,delusion, psychosis or death.

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Title: Compare Contrast Essay of 2 Peter Lovesey novels

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Essay Instructions: Assignment: Write a comparison/contrast essay using Peter Lovesey''s "The Vault "and another novel by Lovesey (I chose "On the Edge"). Research the genre of detective literature and apply those characteristics in a discussion of similarities and differences existing between the two selected novels. It is your responsibility to develop a specific topic.

Format: 5-7 page, typed./double spaced
standard 12 font/Times New Roman
cover sheet, outline,research paper

Requirements: 2 Internet references/ 3 books
MLA format for Works Cited and in-text documentation
Proper format for outline and comparison paper

My initial idea was to compare the different approaches to solving the murders and the different motivations for the murder in both novels. ( I wrote some opening ideas to myself :
At the core of good crime fiction is the journey taken by the reader to uncover clues leading not only to the murderer, but the motivation for the murder. The whodunit novelist Peter Lovesey uses two different approaches to unveil the killers and their motivations in "The Vault" and "On the Edge")

Re: different methods of solving a murder
could compare/contrast:
Main characters ( detective vs 2 women)
How suspense is created
Details of murders & identity of murderer

Re: motivation- crimes of passion (getting rid of husbands) vs crime of greed

There may be better ideas than these to use instead-
feel free to be creative!!

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Title: Virginia Woolf

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Essay Instructions: I am interested in Virginia Woolf's discussion of war in her novels, and in analyzing the social and psychological implications of war in the context of gender relations. (One possible conclusion is that Woolf, in her own way, used the war between nations to examine the nature of war between the sexes, a war which endorses gender polarization with direct consequences for both women and men.)

The research proposal should:
--> Describe the project;
--> Enumerate some of the questions that will drive the research and writing;
--> List several sources (5-10) that may be helpful during the research.

Woolf novels we're reading in this class include:
* A Writer's Diary
* Jacob's Room
* Mrs. Dalloway
* To The Lighthouse
* A Room of One's Own
* The Waves

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Title: Doppelganger in Harry Potter Novels

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Essay Instructions: writing about the doubling in Harry Potter( J.K. Rowling's Novels)

Doppelganger: between Voltmort and Harry

how they are similar and different???

need some example specific( in the Novels!!)

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