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Title: Novel The Grapes of Wrath

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Essay Instructions: Novel: The Grapes of Wrath
Author: John Steinbeck

Write an essay, which demonstrates how the novel follows the steps of narrative structure (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution/denouement). Include an outline.

Denouement/resolution/complication: The final stage of plot development, in which mysteries are explained, characters find their destines, lovers are united, sanity is restored, and the work is completed.

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Essay Instructions: Novel Analysis (4-5 pages)

This paper combines the exercises from the first two papers, as you will write a review of Nathanial Hawthorne?s novel The Scarlett Letter.

1st paragraph ? introduction
As always, the introduction that summarizes the paper. This one will be a little longer than that in the previous papers, as this paper is longer. Begin with some brief biographical information on Hawthorne and the importance of his novel in American literary history. Then, (1) provide a one-sentence plot summary (TV Guide sentence); (2) name the main point about each of the two interpretive/literary elements you will discuss; (3) write one sentence on your own evaluation. As always, this preview (items 1-3) should correspond to your topic sentences in the body of the paper.
This introduction may take two paragraphs instead of one.

2nd paragraph ? plot summary
Begin with a topic sentence that restates your one-sentence (TV Guide) plot summary from the intro. Then summarize the novel?s plot. This paragraph should be approximately ? page all together, and while you may write more, do not write a one and a half or two page plot summary. Instead, condense.

3rd and 4th paragraphs ? interpret two literary elements
These paragraphs consist of your two main points of literary analysis (irony, symbol, theme, etc.) with supporting examples. In addition to grammar, your grade here depends on: 1. Effective topic sentences. 2. Sufficient, specific examples from the novel to support the claims in those topic sentences. When you give those specific examples, quote some and paraphrase some.

5th paragraph ? conclusion/evaluation
Begin with a topic sentence (the last main idea stated in the introduction) that summarizes your opinion of the novel. Then in 4-5 sentences, justify your opinion.

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: Book review/ critical analysis of Ian Watts "the rise of the novel"

explain and evaluate watts arguments of the book. Refute any ideas that you do not agree with

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Title: america

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Essay Instructions: Book name -America by John Debrizzi

In the paper you are expected to show how some of theories and concepts that we studied during the semester may help to understand or explain the personal troubles and conflicts presented I the novel. America. I class I will explain the manner in which this may be done by discussing C. Wright Mills. The Sociological Imagination (it permits us to understand the lives of individuals with the larger contexts of history and social structure) I also will illustrate this with reference to the novel.

Analytic papers should begin with a presentation of the theories or concepts that will be used to explain/understand the troubles and conflicts encountered in the novel. You are expected to elaborate the theories and concepts to make plain their meaning (e.g. just what is contained in Marx’s concepts of alienated labor). Only subsequent to this can you apply to concept to the situations contained in the novel (e.g. Spencer’s idea on “Survival of the fittest” as they relate to the treatment of immigrants of the early 20th century United State.

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