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Title: movie review

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Essay Instructions: English 122

Final Exam - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

You are a teacher in the sociology department of your college, and you want to justify using the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame as a way of teaching about the concept of oppression, even though some other instructors say that because it is so old, it is not relevant to today's world. Write an essay in which you support your opinion, using examples from the film, and from what you know about oppression, to explain in detail why the film could be used. Avoid retelling the story, or plot, of the film. Instead, pick out the appropriate parts of the film which support your opinion. For further support of you point of view, choose one or two quotes from, or references to the readings of this semester which might help lend credibility to your argument. Make sure you cite them correctly and completely. But do not use any outside sources except for readings from our textbook. Also, when citing the name of a motion picture, you should use italics, just like a whole book work. Finally, be sure to use the correct terminology about oppression, as covered in my first lecture.

General Instructions: Your essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Before writing your essay, take a little time to plan what you are going to say. Your essay should have a thesis statement and an interesting title. Remember to use topic sentences and transitions when moving between paragraphs. It should be at least 800 words, but that is the minimum! Write your name in the upper left corner of the email message. Be sure to proofread your essay when you have finished writing. You may use your notes, text, and dictionaries.. Your essay must be pasted into an email. I will not read it if it's an attachment. Please make sure your email subject line says "Final Exam and your name."

It is due on Wednesday, May 22nd by 8 a.m, Pacific Standard Time. I will not accept it any later than that. No exceptions!

you can watch the movie in

The final exam will be based on the film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You will need to watch the 1939 version of the film, starring Charles Laughton. No other version will do! Of course, since it's an online course, it's open book, so you will be able to refer to your text and your notes to help you write the essay.
The film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, is based on the novel of the same name, which was written during the 1800's by the French novelist, Victor Hugo. While it tells the story of the conflict involving royalty, the Catholic Church, and the poor people, (including the gypsies) of Paris of the 1400's, you should try to see the ways in which the conflicts in the film apply to the theme of oppression, or the problems of the present. Remember, too, that the film was made in 1939, just before the beginning of World War II, when the Holocaust in Europe had already begun.
Just so you'll know, I have ways of knowing whether you have actually watched the film or not, based on how you refer to the film in your essay, so be sure that you start, immediately, to locate a copy to watch. Remember that if you can't get a copy or stream it, you can go watch it in the Media Center on campus. I hope you'll enjoy the film!

this is my book throughout this semester, it is from rereading america seventh edition
Malcolm X
“I Just Wanna Be Average,” Rose, p. 161+
“The Banking Concept of Education,” Paolo Freire,
Social Class….”, Anyon
‘Ragged Dick’”, Alger
“Horatio Alger,” Dalton, p. 278+
“Stephen Cruz,” Terkel, p. 353+
“Class in America,” Mantsios
“True Women and Real Men”, p. 371+
“Becoming Members of Society,” Devor,
“Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt”, Kilbourne
“Appearances,” Vasquez,
“Talking about Racism,” Wachtel
“Causes of Prejudice”, Parrillo, pp. 504+
“C.P. Ellis,” Terkel, pp. 519+

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Essay Instructions: Compare the Expressionists’ view of German cities to the Surrealists’ vision of Paris in visual arts and literature and film (give examples of artworks).

--German Expressionists’ cynical view of modern German cities: Emil Nolde and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

German Expressionists’ art works*
Emil Nolde, In the Café, 1911
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, The Street, 1913
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Self-portrait as a Soldier, 1915
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Women in Street Dress, 1906
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street, 1907
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Berlin Street Scene, 1913
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Five Women in the Street, 1913
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Café Garden, 1914
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Leipziger Street with Electric Train, 1914
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street Scene: Friedrich Strasse in Berlin, 1914
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Two Prostitutes
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Women in the Street, 1915
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street Scene, 1914-25
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Women at Potsdamer Platz
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street Scene
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Bordello Scene, 1927-31

--The Surrealists’ concept of a city perceived as a human body: Paris seen as a woman
Strong connection of the Surrealist artists to the city and fantastic visions of its transformation
Andre Breton’s Nadja, Louis Aragon’s Paris Peasant, Philippe Soupault’s Last Nights of Paris, Raymond Queneau’s Zazie
Louis Malle’s zazie in the Metro (1960): tribute to Surrealist fantasies about the chaotic world
Agnes Varda’s Le Lion volatile (2003): connection to Max Ernst’s collage book a Week of Goodness

Surrealist Paris*
Main places for Surrealist:
View from the window of a hotel
Saint- Jacques tower
Café Le Palmier
Belfort Lion
The Eiffel Tower
Notre-Dame Cathedral
Passage verdeau
Saint-Queen Flea Market

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