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Instructions for Non Verbal Communication College Essay Examples

Title: Non Verbal Communication

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Essay Instructions: A Reasearch Proposal --- Commuinication Theory

Topic : Non verbal communication and its affect on obese and overweight people in their career,employment and social lives.

With this paper , I need a annotated bibliography related to thje theory or area of theory.

The paper must include an explanation, evaluation, and proposed application of the theory.

The paper should be 6 pages which includes the annotated bibliography.

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Title: Interpersonal Non Verbal Communication Observation

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Essay Instructions: Interpersonal Non Verbal Communication Observation

Assignment: Observe people passing through an airport in order to discuss nonverbal behaviors according to the NonVerbal Communication Chapter. Each of the observations must be related to a theory in the text or elsewhere that exemplifies the behavior. Incorporate these theories to the observation, explaining why this person reacted in the way they did.
Paper specs: 5pages total, double spaced, Bibliography: 4 sources total. Please follow MLA guidelines for format issues.

Part One: Observe people stake out their territory with objects, and what happens when their physical space is violated. This usually involves seats, standing in line, or waiting to get on the plane. Note facials, body stance, and general demeanor.

Part Two: Observe people's reactions to loud noises: i.e. children crying, others being loud, someone playing music, or a conversation that EVERYONE enjoys---the nonverbal factors involved in noise violation.

Part Three: Relationship observation regarding the greeting of passengers getting on or off the plane---are they relatives, friends, business related travel---body stance, facial, vocal expression, use of space, etc. ., -

Part Four: Observe people's reactions to arrival non relationship related (this is the hard one). Are these natives to the city, or is this a new place to them?? Watch facials, body reactions to signs, carriage of self. You may only find one or two people during the course of the day that have a reaction---visually looking around like they have never been to a place-explain their physicality and facials when disembarking.

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Title: Non verbal commucication

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Verbal communication, the spoken word, is something that most of us can decode rather easily. The problem comes in when we throw nonverbal signals into the mix. Research tells us that the majority of communication is done nonverbally, whether it is a shrug of the shoulders, a wink or the way we smell. In this assignment you will use television as your window into verbal and nonverbal behavior. Your assignment will be to observe the verbal and nonverbal communications of the characters portrayed in a popular television program.
The first step is to make sure you have some way to record a television program or view a movie that is at least 30 minutes in length. A television program is probably the best thing to watch, but a video can work as well. Some online sources for movie rentals (these sites have membership fees) include Netflix,, Blockbuster,, or Walmart, You may also be able to obtain videos or DVDs from your local library. Once you have made a selection, post your choice to the Discussion Board under "Lesson 5 Project," where your instructor will give you feedback on whether the program is a good choice for this project.
You may choose any television program you desire as long as it is not an animated program. The animated programs are fun, but the nonverbal communication is not coming from "actual" humans. Reality programs are especially good for this project.
You may also use this same program for your Lesson 7 project on analyzing stereotypes in the media.
Check out some program choices that should give you a place to start:
Everybody Loves Raymond
The Apprentice
The Real World
King of Queens
Dawson's Creek
Gilmore Girls
7th Heaven
The Dead Zone
American Chopper
Law and Order (any of them)
After you have chosen your program, simply watch it. You will need to take notes on the communication that takes place between the characters. For example, is someone arguing, eating dinner or working. Also, note which characters are involved in the communication. The more notes that you take now, the easier the second part will be. These notes are for your benefit only and will not be submitted to the instructor.
Once you have viewed the program normally, you are ready for the second part of the assignment. You must watch 30 minutes of the program with the sound off. It may sound strange to you, but we miss so many nonverbal cues when we are listening with our ears. Now the challenge for you is to use your other senses. Check out the same scenes you viewed before. If people are arguing, do their expressions show their anger or are they smiling and sending mixed signals? Look for all of the interesting nonverbal communication that you can find. This is another time when you will want to take notes. These notes are for your benefit and will not be submitted to the instructor.
While viewing the program, you are to assess the relationships between at least three characters in two separate scenes. You should take notes on the communication patterns between the characters. For example, what characters lead the conversations, which characters are shy and reserved, how are problems resolved in the program, etc. Also, include breakdowns or successes that you detect in the communication process. For example, identify situations where noise interrupts the flow of information.
Project Guidelines:
1. The entire paper must adhere to APA style (found in the Online Communication Guidelines or at The University Writing Center at Western Carolina University at
2. Make sure you include a cover page, running head, and reference page.
3. . The project must be double-spaced using 12 point font.
Specific information to include:

Name of the program
Characters included in the paper
Presentation of Information:
The situations. In this section discuss what happens in the scenes you viewed.
Implications for interpersonal communication. This is where you need to discuss what happened verbally and nonverbally in the program. This section looks at the behavior and not the scenes.
How did the nonverbal and verbal communications complement each other?
How did the nonverbal and verbal communications contradict one other?
Your assessments concerning the communication in the show.
How you would improve the communication process for these characters?
Any other worthwhile observations.
you can use a senable TV show and remember APA style

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Title: Transforming Conflict Non Verbal Communication and Stereotyping

Total Pages: 2 Words: 910 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Two prompts, one page response for each prompt. Please divide each prompt by page.



Prompt (1) -Transforming Conflict: Non Verbal Communication

Who is Marshall Rosenburg? Please talk about this person.
Describe the basic premises for genuine dialogue and discuss why it cannot happen in a professional relationship.
Explain the basic differences between dialogue, debate, discussion and deliberation (thought and reflection)
The way we communicate is based on jackal language or the game of who is right. Explain this.
Nonviolent communication is life-seeking expression. What are some important communication techniques used towards this effective style of communication?
Write a dialogue between two people in conflict. Then rewrite it where one person is using non-violent communication methods and see how the direction of the argument changes.

Prompt (2) Stereotypes:
Stereotyping comes from a deeply rooted survival mechanism for self-protection that helps us to identify friends from foe.
It is based in the synthesis of sensory awareness. There are three sub-process of perception that help us to understand what our senses are telling us.
Impressions lead to an implicit personality theory. Describe.
Stereotyping leads to totalizing. Describe
Stereotypes create several communication barriers with diverse peers. What are they?
How is double consciousness affected by stereotyping?
What is the best way to talk in freedom from racial bias?
How do ethnocentric and cosmopolitan dispositions affect our stereotyping behavior?


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