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Instructions for Nicotine College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: Paper for intro to psychology, 3 pages, double spaced, times new roman font, 12pt size, APA style, min 3 sources.

Topic: Nicotine
-General Info
-Street Name
-Medicinal Use
-Effects... Mental & Physical
-Typical Users
-Cultural Aspects

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Title: nicotine

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1400 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Answer the two questions. Be sure to answer all parts of the questions, identifying each individual segment of each response by its number and letter: for example, 1a, 1b, etc.
If possible use the following as a reference: Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior, 12th ed., by Charles Ksir, Carl L. Hart, and Oakley Ray (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2008).
Question 1
Previous textbook readings (Chapter 2, pp. 39-42) questioned the underlying causes and nature of drug dependence. A discussion of nicotine dependence (Chapter 10, pp. 254-255) presented other important observations on a complex, incompletely understood, and remarkably controversial condition. Currently, there are several significant implications about nicotine dependence emerging from recent court actions against the tobacco industry, following charges by various states' attorneys general and selected private trial lawyers as well as by the federal government. In this context, answer the following questions:
a. Compare and discuss the two somewhat contradictory views on the nature of nicotine dependence.
b. Describe your understanding of the major social, political, and economic ramifications associated with findings of deception perpetrated by the tobacco industry and cigarette manufacturers.
c. Would American society be better off if the tobacco industry was completely destroyed? Explain your viewpoint.

Question 2
a. Describe the major concerns voiced about caffeinism and the potential toxicity of caffeine, including risks associated with its use during pregnancy. In your opinion, how serious are those risks?
b. Would the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) be justified in establishing some sort of control and/or regulatory policy with regard to products containing caffeine? Provide some examples. Explain your view.
c. Should children be restricted from caffeine use? Why? Is this a matter for government involvement? Parental guidance? Explain.
d. Discuss your own personal intake of caffeine, reporting on any noticeable effects resulting from a substantial increase and/or decrease in the amount consumed. How do any of your mood and/or behavioral changes correspond to those reported in your textbook readings? What recommendations would you make?

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Title: smoking cessation

Total Pages: 3 Words: 851 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Due: October 14 (SMOKING CESSATION)

Description: A complete and concise study and research paper of current techniques to assist patients in quitting smoking.

Complete and accurate research on the effects of cigarette smoking on the body's major organs (e.g.: cardio-pulmonary, renal, neurological and immune systems). include information on the chemical changes and effects of nicotine that reinforce addiction.

Research and discussion of current treatment standards, including pharmacological agents, various behavioral modifications and resources available to the patient for on going compliance.

Describe strategies for educating patients who currently smoke about the hazards of smoking. include how to refer patients to a formal smoking cessation program that is convenient and appropriate to their lifestyles.

References, spelling, grammar and legibility. The student must used at least w current the last 4 years. Web references must be within program guidelines (AARC times or journals or any respiratory cite) NO WIKIPEDIA OR MERCK MANUAL.

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Essay Instructions: What argument can you make for either the prohibition of or the continued legalization of caffeine and nicotine? What are some of the implications of either move? Should a pregnant woman who uses them be guilty of ?fetal abuse? as she might be in the case of alcohol or illicit drug use? Be sure to support your answers with correctly source credited information from the course textbook!

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