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Title: Opinions of News Media

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Essay Instructions: This customer research request is an argumentative essay. It should be written using the FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAY FORMAT (Intro paragraph, 1st paragraph, 2nd paragraph, 3rd paragraph and conclusion), double spaced with 12 point font. You will not need to incorporate any research into your argument; it will be based on your personal experience and judgments.

PLEASE INCLUDE: a strong and clearly worded thesis statement, a good introductory paragraph, effective organization, good support of your thesis and a strong conclusion.

What are your opinions on the News Media? Make it a like a case study. You can use different News Channels CNN, MSNBC, LOCAL NEWS, FOX NEWS. Do you think the media is mostly Liberal? Why or why not? Do they convict people before a trial? Examples: OJ? Coby Bryant? Scott Peterson? Write your opinions in a well thought out way. Write what you think the media is contributing to society. Is it good or bad? Is it both? Why?

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Essay Instructions: 150 words
Question 1.In what ways have you seen educational curricula or the educational environment influenced by news media? By attitudes or activities of educators and facilitators? By community events or expectations? By regulatory or accrediting agencies?

125 words
Question 2. Do you think the influences, in discussion question one, have increased or decreased in the last 20 years? What supports are there for your response?

550 words
Quention 3.
Curriculum term paper
All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way.
350-700 word paper
Explores definition of curriculum
Describes current or future area of curriculum focus
? Definition of curriculum
? Components of curriculum
? Interpretations of curriculum
? Students curriculum focus(my focus is on practical nursing program)

Needs this text to be one of the references.(if possible)
Billings, D.M., & Halstead, J.A. (2009). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (3rd ed.)

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Title: Delinquent cases

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Essay Instructions: Central Question: How does the media effect our view of Juvenile delinquency?
Required Method: Students must find a single juvenile case that has received some media attention--the more the better.Students must then locate and collect as many different media reports of that case as they can. Acceptable sources include newspapers,magazines, and other news sources.
(A) Description of the event. What was the case about? How were juvelines presented by the news media? Did the media-intentionally or unintentionally-report any discrepancies or changes in their presentation of the crime over time?
(B) What were the nature of the tactical maneuvers being used by the media or lawyers? (i.e. "Labeling")? Were there any instances in which the statements of witnesses were perpeptually "altered" to support a particular point of view? How did the case reflect the difficulties involved in applying the law to juvenile delinquency? In the judicial process, is the "truth" a legal discovery? Or is it a social creation of the media and/ or the legal process? Why? Why not?
(C) Evaluate how effective and fair you think the judicial process is with respect to the above issues. How does the media impact the adjudication for juveniles? Does the media effect public and /or legal perceptions of juvenile delinquency? If so? How? What policy changes need to be made to better deal with the problem of juvenile delinquency? In what ways did your experience support or refute the ideas you encountered in class?
(D) Important things to remember: The key to success on this assignment is to start early and to make certain that the case you choose has sufficient information available to cover at least most of the issues in the guidelines provided above. Proper in-text citation and a bibliography are crucial!! Ultimately, you will be graded according to how well you followed the requirements of the assignment, grammar, style, puntuation, organization, and the depth/quality of your analysis.

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Title: Media represenations of youth

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Essay Instructions: Email for the source.

Considering the minority group of ?youth? argue how youths have been stereotyped in relation to current issues in the Australian media in 2005. In your introduction give the reasons for your choice. Then, using a range of media texts including newspaper stories (see email of newspaper articles that will be sent) use notions of social identity and categorisation to analyse the language of the texts and therefore the representations of that group - youths. You need to be careful with Internet texts and to use only those associated with major Australian news media outlets.

In this paper
? study recent representations of a minority group in Australia
? examine closely the language used in those representations
? identify some of the stereotypic assumptions involved in that representation
? apply the theoretical concepts we have been discussing
? understand the impact of group identity on representations of minority groups

Analyse the language of the texts to show how the group is constructed and represented in terms of the issue. This involves close textual analysis. For example you should consider paradigmatic and syntagmatic lexical choices and binations; stereotype construction; categorisation; concepts relating to social and group identities; along with concepts related to media discourse and language analysis.

Please find and refer to at least 10 references, including both books and journal articles for this assignment. The news media texts you use for the analysis do not count towards the 10. The research literature you should consult is broad but should include work on:
? The history of your chosen minority group
? The background to the issue you are focusing on
? Representations of minority groups in general
? Group identity, social identity
? Categorization
? Stereotypes
? Media representations
? Language analysis, especially Discourse Analysis
? Media language

Marking Criteria
The criteria for this assignment are:
? understanding of the situation surrounding the minority group in Australia
? understanding of the issue and its interest to the media
? evidence of research and its incorporation in your findings
? application of theoretical concepts (incl. stereotypes, categorization, social identity etc.)
? selection and use of examples from your texts
? ability to use language analysis to critically appraise the texts
? style, structure and presentation

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